The mysterious death of miners in Pennsylvania in 1944

The story was described in the newspaper News Extra in the July 14, 1974 issue. In a note it was reported that in 1944, a certain Glenn E. Barger, who is an inspector of mines, claimed that 15 miners were eaten alive by unknown predators.

It happened allegedly near the small town of Dicksonville, Pennsylvania and that officially to the families of miners it was announced that all of these 15 people were killed during the collapse. Barger himself was summoned by the mine managers after the collapse occurred, so that he helped find the missing miners. When the passage was partly cleared, the inspector, along with his partner Ted Walters, entered the zone where the miners worked and the bodies of the dead were found first.

According to Barger, the very first corpse, on which they stumbled, looked injured not by the fall of stones or masses of earth, but as if a strong beast was tormented by it. In addition, the corpse lacked part of the body, as if the beast devoured it. The bodies of the other victims looked similar. It would seem that it could be worse than seeing such a spectacle in a dark mine and not knowing who could do this to a man.

Only get stuck there for a while under the ground next to these corpses, which fell to Barger and his partner, as they had problems with their return. While the inspectors were waiting for help, Bardzher fell asleep from fatigue. He woke up from the fact that someone was very near him and this one was not his partner, but an unknown humanoid being. “I fell asleep for a while, not for long, maybe only for a few minutes.” I woke up from the fact that someone was breathing hotly into my face. This creature was not from this world.

Then (when the creature was gone) my partner and I sat and thought about what would happen to us here. I swear, at any moment, I was waiting for this terrible creature to drag both of us away. “Later, the inspector suggested that the crash was specifically caused by these creatures in order to lure miners into the trap.” Rescuers came for the inspectors only a few hours later and this place It was closed so that no one else bothered these creatures.

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