The Mystery Of Acambaro

In the first half of the last century goes Julsrud, German merchant, famous for the fact that for nearly two decades was found in Mexico near Acambaro strange stone and clay sculptures depicting amazing creatures – dinosaurs, dinosaurs together with humans, hybrids of humans and animals, extinct mammals, sea monsters, and a full set of racial types of humanity: Caucasians, Mongoloids, africanoides, Caucasoids, etc. were found about 37-37 thousand of sculptures Dating from the II-V Millennium BC Numerous examination recognized the authenticity of the sculptures, though it is incredible: dinosaurs together with humans! Nonsense!

American John Tierny, nearly forty years studying materials Acambaro, wrote many papers about these findings. Interestingly, near Acambaro was found to be very strange dinosaur bones. By examining these bones, Terni published two articles about the possibilities of cloning (well, in “Jurassic Park”…). His articles have been published in the journal of the World Explorer. Tierno believes that the value of the find can be more important than was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun treasures. Is it really so? Famous Soviet Egyptologist Isidor Savvich Katznelson published a remarkable book, “Tutankhamun and the treasures of his tomb” (1976). Of this remarkable work can be gleaned some information.

November 22, 1922, the day forever known in the history of science, English archaeologist Howard Carter and his companions for the first time in a half century history of archaeological research in Egypt were able to detect almost completely preserved burial of a Pharaoh along with a huge number of magnificent monuments of ancient art. What enriched the science of Tutankhamun’s tomb? The final results, although since its discovery it took almost a hundred years, has not been announced yet. Still lack a full scientific description of how all the found objects and the tomb itself. But something (and even more) clear now. Unfortunately researchers (especially philologists), in the tomb discovered no documents, no new texts. But historians of religion and especially historians of art are difficult to overestimate the importance of all that has given to science tomb. Many items prior to its opening was known only by the images, others at the pathetic wreckage, and some were even unknown to scientists.

The three-volume description of the opening of Howard Carter, which aired for ten years (1923-1933), later reprinted several times and translated into many languages.

On opening the same Julsrud we know very little. Once the objects found in Acambaro, housed as many as twelve rooms, and Packed. Later these items were locked in a special store. But those who saw the exhibits up close, told me things is truly amazing. Many of the found items had a pronounced Egyptian appearance. Some of the exhibits, so the visitors were impressed that at night, the last choked nightmares. Of course, there are Parallels with the so-called “curse of Tutankhamun’s tomb” is not necessary, but Julsrud and he was amazed that he found the items. Especially impressed its an amazing statue, found in a hiding place among the rocks. Amazing it was what unknown ancient sculptor had adorned the head figurines with uraeus – like the ancient Egyptian kings. The uraeus – the figure of the sacred ASP or Cobra on the headdress of ancient rulers of Egypt. Was and tiaras – urin, as the mummies of Tutankhamun, “Watchmen on the forehead of the Pharaoh”… the image of the sacred cobras-Uraev was found by Carter in the tomb of Tutankhamun, and the statue extracted from the cache in Mexican soil, from under the boulders that filled up the burial place of the mysterious objects. Dignitary on this portrait statue was wearing a distinctive beard, and statues found in Egyptian tombs. Historians still faced with the same “beard” on the face of Semitic type, is depicted on the stele at La Venta, on the island “aguara Indians.”

In other figurines of Acambaro clearly mixed Egyptian and Mexican lines, as in those, however, were found in San Juan teotihuacán, where the giant pyramid: and in Tula, the ancient capital of the Toltecs. Miroslav Stingl, Czech archaeologist, said in his book “Secrets of native American pyramids” (1971): “next to the Indian pyramids, I went to Teotihuacan, a very large city in pre-Columbian America located North of Mexico city. The local pyramids are literally stunned me with its gigantic size. No wonder – according to the beliefs of the Aztecs, who lived in these places after a thousand years after their construction, they were built by giants-kinama. Teotihuacan “giants” was erected in his magnificent three main pyramids: the biggest “Solar”, with the perimeter of the base at a thousand meters, the opposite to her “Moon” and a few away from the “Street of the dead” – the main thoroughfare of this great Indian capital, a beautiful pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, decorated with the heads of the feathered serpent. I’m not going to describe in detail here the palaces and pyramids of Toltec Tula. I want to draw attention only to how the monuments of the city can help to clarify the question that I first asked myself in the mysterious “Cave of the wizards”… Go only the steep stairs of the pyramid, which – as it seems – was the real heart of the city. In Tula on the “Mountain of treasures” was still open for two of the pyramid – South and this is North. The Northern pyramid of Mexican Indians called Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli – “Venus” or “Morning star”. The cult of this planet local Toltecs borrowed from their Northern nomadic neighbors. For them later and for talansky Toltec – Venus was a representative of the mighty Mixcoatl – God requiring human sacrifice.

The pyramid – at the base of about 40×40 meters, has five steps. It is decorated with stone reliefs – images of jaguars and eagles eating human hearts… the Eagles and jaguars were symbols of certain knightly orders of the warlike tribes of Central Mexico. Between each pair of eagles that adorn the lining of the pyramid, each time was a symbol of Venus, which was the subject of a pyramid – the gaping jaws of the serpent. And in the snake’s jaws is a human head. On top of the pyramid, obviously, was a sanctuary, on which was now only a gigantic human figure carved from stone, a kind of Atlanta a height of 4.6 meters. Eight of the Atlanteans, which I believe Toltec warriors, likely propped up the roof of the sanctuary, which collapsed long ago. Next to Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli I visited another noteworthy tolansky construction. In the language of Nahuatl (Nahuatl) common to several native Indian tribes of Mexico, it is called Koteputli “Wall of snakes”. As “Eagle pyramid”, and here on Koteputli, snake, namely rattlesnake), devour people, actual human skeletons. Skeletons symbolically represent the Toltec warriors fallen on the battlefield. The serpent two pillars like a snake’s body – I saw, and on the North pyramid. Their scaly bodies, hewn out of stone guard the entrance to the sanctuary. Snake connect floor and ceiling of the main sanctuary of the Toltecs and thus connect the earth (the world of the Toltecs) with heaven (the abode of Indian gods)”.

Incidentally, RA in ancient Egypt – the name of the Sun God. In the Ancient Kingdom, in the era of the pyramid builders (2780-2100 BC) “state” God was the sun God RA who was worshipped in Heliopolis, near the capital of Memphis. “The great seer” – the title of high priest of RA. “The sacred – ancient Egyptian for “towers”: hence the “pyramid”. Head of Tutankhamun, hidden in several layers of bandages, wraps tiara – a gold ring decorated with circles of carnelian. In the center of each is placed a Golden cone. Behind her attached Golden ribbon and bow, and the front – head of the snake and the vulture, symbols of goddesses Boots and Nehebt. Latest with buckles can be removed and worn. Such tiaras is one of the oldest symbols of power of the king – three times already found in burials of the pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom and the Seventeenth dynasty. Under the next layer of bandages wrapped around his forehead wide (ear to ear) ribbon of polished gold. At the back were the same emblems – the vulture and Cobra, made up of gold plates. All the same symbols, birds and snakes… In ancient Sumer the word Laham – the name of the planet Venus meant “mistress of battles”.

I must say that, according to many historians and researchers, our civilization is rooted in ancient Sumer, not Egypt. Appearing on hundreds of years later the Sumerian civilization, the Egyptian have done a lot for Sumer: its culture, architecture, technology, writing and even their deities. But the statues of the caches near Acambaro similar to ancient Egyptian. And yet, we will from time to time to return to the annals of Sumer.

Perhaps the most bizarre of found near Acambaro items reminiscent of the pyramidal object that was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of the spaceship (“solar barque”, where the sun God RA descended to Earth. Zechariah Sitchin (Israeli archaeologist, writer, polyglot, scientist, esoteric, author of “the Earth Chronicles” gives us a detailed description of such an object in his wonderful work “the twelfth planet”: “…thanks to the ancient monuments, which were called “poison” and are still in the Holy Land, we learn that they were characterized by the tops in the shape of a pyramid… it began as an imitation of the “heavenly chamber”, vehicle of the gods to raise into Eternal Dwelling”. In ancient Egypt the pious believers make a pilgrimage to a particular temple city of Heliopolis, to behold and worship the Ben-Ben pyramidal in form the object on which the gods of old came to the Land. Professor Breasted, the famous Egyptologist, argued that the real, the true pyramid was, in fact, the epitome of the symbol of the Sun God who was worshipped in Heliopolis. This symbol was “aspirin”, a small pyramid, called “Ben-Ben”. The pyramid texts contain these words: “For he built the ladder to heaven, that he may through it up into the sky”.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped the bull, which was associated with the solar deity RA. On Bull Hill in Acambaro it was found a sculpture of the bull.

The official science believes and stand firm in your belief that non-indigenous peoples had no influence in the Western hemisphere before the arrival of Columbus in 1492, Opening Julsrud destroys the delicately honed scientific theory. Therefore, the scientific establishment’s hostility took the message of the authenticity of the objects found in the rocks near Acambaro. However, all attempts of skeptics to glue on found objects the label “fake” to anything nor led. “Cheaters” have searched, but not found. Did pseudoanalytic ceramics, manipulated in a lab the process of determining the age of the found objects – but all this is revealed. Terni have used FOIA law on freedom of information, and learned some interesting details. Officials existing on the money of American taxpayers famed “Smithsonian Institute” disseminated false information about the found items, passed the official dossier of the main accusers, the opponents of the authenticity of found objects.

All reasonable evidence points to a truly ancient age items. Luminaries of the state of Mexican archaeology has admitted that the excavations they managed, was conducted in good faith, the items were recovered by scientific methods, from untouched soil. But being people of the state that Mexican scientists have argued: because found on some dinosaurs images someone has played a joke on Julsrud. Well, thousands of years ago kinama – Aditi-the divine Anunnaki and the jaguars have prepared a great joke in a free from building, fighting and fun with girl time… And then another earthquake arranged, so that the ground near Acambaro became more untouched, strewn with boulders.

Charles Hapgood, Professor of anthropology and author of the famous works on Geophysics and geography, personally excavated, removed dozens of items. He denied all allegations of the “fake” nature finds. Several experts of the Ohio state University announced that samples of objects found at the site, was really ancient. Knowing where items were brought in, scientists from Ohio immediately stopped… Laboratory Deabreak Archeometrics Services”, using the process of termomecanica, determined the age of the items, about 2 thousand years. And the laboratory where the research was conducted for age determination of subjects according to the degree of decay of radioactive carbon, gave a different age of the items – they were made 4500 years ago. Researched coal, deposited during the firing, arrived from Hapgood. Thus, says Terni, near Acambaro was buried the oldest ceramic objects in the New world. However, let’s not jump to figuring out the exact age of the items. Apparently, says Terni, we are dealing with a kind of “dump” or stock of items made by sculptors of different civilizations, in different historical periods and in different places. Visual AIDS for “shower of RA in the repository (or branch) of Thoth?

Lewis Carroll once remarked that there are things that are “impossible to understand”. If we can understand the meaning of the huge “dump” (or library?) items which are unknown to us, the people depicted in the portraits of the long-extinct giant lizards and strange hybrids? Even Michelangelo claimed that “people are eager to see the unseen and seemingly impossible is well known.” But those who have seen pictures of clay objects four thousand years ago, saw the dinosaurs, Asians, etc. and didn’t come up with the “unthinkable” explanation.

Arthur League, which paid the expenses of the expedition, Hapgood, and together with popular author Earl Stanley Gardner to pay the costs associated with chemical analyses to determine the age of found objects, founded the Foundation for the study of consciousness. The Foundation has been investigating the circumstances of the burial finds and also drew and psychics and mediums.

So the hypothesis of the Egyptian origin of the statuettes and other objects buried near Acambaro, deserves attention. Terni vague mentions of researchers of antiquity, which published the book, which defends the hypothesis that the visit to the ancient Egyptians of Mexico. At the time P. Stonehill published in the Israeli magazine “Aleph” (1990) article “the Sailors of ancient Israel” and also bring arguments in favor of the hypothesis about the journey of the ancient Israelites in the New world during the reign of king Solomon, and was convinced that much later there were random ship of the Jews, whose passengers and crew managed to escape death from the hands of the Roman executioners: the ship accidentally fell into the waters of the great Arc and got to the New world. The researchers, whose works mentions Terni, argued that ancient Egyptian ships were more seaworthy than the ships of Columbus. On the wall of Queen Hatshepsut in Deir-El-Bahari one can see the famous sculptural relief in which all the details are depicted expedition to punt. Egyptologist A. Erman described the terrain: “In one of the ports of the red sea is the Navy, which should carry soldiers of her Majesty in a distant country. Length of vessels 65 feet. On each ship for thirty rowers. Huge sails like the wings of birds are on the sides of the ship. The rowing boats ferried to the ships giant pots of food. On the beach, in the shade of the trees, which are linked to the ships, bring a sacrifice to the goddess Hathor, mistress of punt, so she sent a fair wind”. But these ships belong to a later era, to the time of the New Kingdom (1580-1085 BC).

Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor was ‘borrowed’ from the ancient Sumerian deity. Ninhursag, or “Mother-goddess”, “Mother of gods and men” – as it was called wise children of Sumer. I wonder what it is the ancient Egyptians was the mistress of the mysterious punt. “Miss peaks” – as it is also called. Several Chronicles of ancient Sumer tell us that when the gods divided among themselves the territory of the Earth, Ninhursag received Land Dilmun – “a pure place… a pure land… a serene place.” There, using formulas and processes received from Enki, she created Homo sapiens? Another was the name of this goddess, namely NIN-Ti “lady of life”. The word “ti” had two meanings: “rib” and “life”. Adam’s rib… Among the common people of the Sumerian nickname for her was such – “mother”. Here, by the way, it went: “mom”, “ima”, “moms”, “Imam”…

Statues found near Acambaro, indicate that the embalming in ancient Mexico was not a secret. If the ancient Egyptians colonists left not found yet embalmed remains, the mummies have been well preserved. Egyptians feared darkness and uncertainty of death and the otherworld populated by fantastic monsters and obstacles that had to overcome each deceased towards eternal bliss in the fields Yalu, as they called their Paradise. To become worthy of heavenly bliss, who died first of all had to preserve the body – the seat of the soul. Soul seemed to consist of two started the Ka and the BA. Ka – genius of man, the life force, given to him at birth. It’s invisible but has the look of someone dowry. After death the Ka though and leaves the body, but still continues to take care of him and comes by heeding the supplications, to help him. Therefore, the tomb was considered the dwelling place of the Ka, and he ought to offer sacrifices to blagotvoreniya of the deceased and ensure that his posthumous well-being. BA – concept is less certain: the soul survivors of a man and leaving his body at death. Therefore, it is presented in the form of a bird with a human head. To BA able to return, it was necessary to save the vessel, i.e. the body. That’s why the Egyptians cared so much about the dead. In the deepest antiquity they buried bodies in dry sand surrounding the Nile valley desert. Later, when the dead were buried in tombs, their bodies were protected from corruption with the help of natron and special bandages and dressings. As a result of long experience embalmers in the end have reached such perfection that learned to preserve the bodies of the dead for millennia, however, in an extremely dry climate of the country. However, all these measures could be insufficient, if the body, repository of the Ka and the BA, was killed. Then it was to replace carved from solid stone or wood portrait statue. In the tomb of Tutankhamun two such statues stood at the sides of the bricked up entrance.

The Mexican state of Guanajuato Acambaro where has the dubious distinction of being the first city populated by the Spanish, is located on amazing grounds. In the state capital city, also named Guanajuato, is an old cemetery in Rome. More than a hundred bodies have been recovered from the graves and exposed body was embalmed, but not men, and nature! Some elements in the soil, coupled with a dry climate made what was described at the time of the historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in the middle of V century BC Arrived here the ancient settlers of Egypt because of nature? Isidor Savvich Katsnelson told that nowhere in the world except permafrost, climatic conditions are not so conducive to the preservation of ancient monuments in Upper Egypt, where the Valley of the kings. The reason is dry air in combination with very rare rainfall. He didn’t know about Guanajuato…

Another strange coincidence between the recesses of Acambaro and Egypt is that the ancient Egyptians hid the entrances to the tombs, covering them with boulders. Whether people, nature, but someone, or something similarly filled caches near Acambaro boulders. Most likely, during the earthquake, the boulders fell to the caches, hiding them even safer. However, those who built the pyramids and Ben Beny, certainly knew about the explosives, dynamite, and many other things… the Local population is of the opinion that in places where there were hiding places, haunted by ghosts. Among the items hidden in the recesses near Acambaro, was found a human skull.

Tierny wrote that only large excavations and cooperation of the Mexican government will lead to the discovery of the tombs (he is convinced that the tomb exists. Most likely, it is situated in the cliff, and the entrance is clogged with boulders. The same is argued and brought to research Dutch psychic Peter Churches.

Died of Gulsrud, but found items are stored in a special storage area. Need a real scientific approach to the study of geocaching, a new excavation, the study area. However, professional archaeologists are afraid to investigate the recesses of Acambaro not because of ghosts but because of the pressure of the same resistance to rigidity and ignorance of the scientific establishment. But you can understand and professional archaeologists. One of the indisputable laws of modern archaeology says: nothing can be taken or moved from the place where he was at the time of opening until it is accurately recorded and photographed, and, if necessary, and plotted. Especially fragile items should be immediately subject to pre-preservation – otherwise there might be irreparable damage. The work of an archaeologist is reminiscent of the work of the investigator and technical expert of the criminal investigation at the same time: as the last in the smallest traces and omens restore the picture of the crime committed and skilled archaeologist makes you say things that, as a rule, tell about the events, separated sometimes by thousands, and even tens of thousands of years ago. But the story will be true only if all items will remain in the same place where once the last time you touched those people. Or mentors people. Knows that the average laborer archaeologist’s finds near Acambaro? Dark rumors. No one wants to have a tarnished reputation. But…

Who would want to spend energy and money to produce over thirty thousand of fake stone and clay objects? For what purpose? What a crazy millionaire in the 30s or 40s of the last century would deal with the counterfeiting of figurines, and then to bury them in the ground, fill up with boulders?

But if these objects were indeed created by the sculptors of antiquity, as they were in caches near Acambaro? There are more questions than answers, but maybe the official historical science still longer be brushed aside and seriously deal with the area of Intercontinental contacts in ancient times?

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