The mystery of huge underground tunnels

Underground tunnels stretch from Europe to Turkey. They are 12000 years and no one has yet discovered who built them and why. There are a variety of hypotheses, such as that built them, instead of roads on the surface that would travel under the ground, but it remains a mystery why it was necessary to travel between cities not on the surface and in underground tunnels.

German archaeologist Heinrich Kusch suggests that large underground tunnels were found under dozens of settlements since the Neolithic age on the European continent. These huge tunnels still exist, even after 12,000 years.

“Across Europe there were thousands of these tunnels. In Germany, we found hundreds of underground tunnels. In Austria we found hundreds more. These underground tunnels can be found everywhere in Europe and there are thousands like around the world,” — said the archaeologist.

Throughout Europe there are thousands of tunnels stretching from Scotland to the Mediterranean sea. Some of the tunnels are small and have about a meter wide, but there are others – is huge. It is possible to drive on the carts and they found the underground room and storage space. Most of the tunnels are connected to each other,this is a huge underground network.


However, the official science is not in a hurry to explore these underground roads and generally trying to forget all about them. Perhaps these ancient structures too fall out of the generally accepted official history.

How 12,000 years ago, the ancient people could build such a network of underground structures. What tools and most importantly why. the answer is no. And then there is the underground city. For example Cappadocia in Turkey, which is an incredible example of perfection of construction techniques of our ancient ancestors.

The underground city of Derinkuyu is one of the greatest achievements in underground construction along with a huge network of tunnels. Features of stone in Derinkuyu are that it is very soft and ancient builders had to be very careful in the construction of underground rooms. They developed this underground architectural structure that allowed the city to fall it exists today.


Interestingly, the Church carefully concealed and destroyed all evidence of the existence of underground tunnels. Archaeologists say. many temples were built at the entrances to the underground tunnels.

In some of the tunnels on the walls were discovered inscriptions tells that these tunnels – the door to hell. Maybe they are in a unknown underground world, hidden in the depths of our planet?

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