The Mystery of Nefertiti’s Tomb

Now the Egyptian head of the Supreme Council for Ancient Affairs, Zahi Hawass, managed to obtain permission for centuries of litigation with the German authorities, who in 1913 collected a unique bust of Queen Nefertiti, now stored in the Berlin Museum, but the mystery of her tomb is still troubling the scientific world. Where this mysterious person, who has extraterrestrial origin, can be buried, according to many experts, which can also be dangerous for scientists.

A unique artifact showing the beautiful image of the wife of Akhenaten was discovered in 1912, when the German scientist Ludwig Borchardt was engaged in excavations of Ahetaton. Then the ruins of the palace, belonging to the sculptor Thutmose, were found, where among the many figures of the ruler, along with the approximate ones, there was such a bust. Pharaoh left behind an unusual legacy, which was later fiercely destroyed by the priests and new rulers of the country, who returned to the cults of the former gods. Scientists were then amazed at the security of the image, which lay here for 3000 years, after which they even thought about forgery. Recently, under the layers of paint, corrected forms of the nose were discovered, which became the standard of female beauty of the Egyptians, so it is difficult to say what this queen was like during her lifetime. Perhaps, her image was embellished for descendants or eliminated inaccuracies. Only a mummy is able to answer these questions, which has not yet been detected by specialists. The very secret of the burial of the adoptive mother of Tutankhamun is also wrapped in a veil of mystery, as Egyptologists tell of a strange procession of local residents in the 19th century carrying a gold sarcophagus, after which the antique dealers received unique items named Nefertiti.

Pharaoh himself, born of the second wife of Kia, died at the age of 18 and did not rule the country for long, which is also strange for a civilization whose medicine along with food was considered the best in the world. He was also the heir to the contradictory and hated by many enemies of the individual, and the tomb itself struck archaeologists with its incompleteness. This was proof of the sudden and violent death of a young ruler whose body was also damaged during embalming. To his mummy, too much incense was poured to cover up the traces of the crime, but in the sixties during the research, scientists from the University of Liverpool found interesting details.

In the skull of a young man was found a fragment of bone and a seal, indicating a strong blow to the back of the head, which became deadly for him. The eye sockets also damage that he fell after this event to the ground. The fused cervical vertebrae are the Klippel-Feil syndrome, so patients with this ailment are unable to turn their heads apart from the torso, and so they knew perfectly well about the Tutankhamun problem at the court, sending the killer to him, after which everything was presented as an accident. But most of all the questions of scientists are connected with the origin and burial of the greatest ruler of the country, whose birth is also shrouded in mystery. Amenhotep III, along with the priests, was amazed when his wives found a strange boat in the Nile, where there was a beautiful girl with a crown on her head and a staff of the power of the pharaoh. Then she was called by that name and adopted, so Nefertiti became a sister to the future wife of Akhenaten. But historians did not find references to such an event in the annals, after they assumed that the woman could be the daughter of the noble Ey, or even come here from other lands.

But there is another version of the origin of the beauty associated with Nibiru, whence came to another planet Gloria Anunaki. They were creatures of the dark cosmic world, seeking to seize new lands, so that they could destroy Atlantis and Hyperborea, planting a cult of black gods and magic. These creatures learned about the future revival of the solar cult by the new pharaoh, so they decided to prevent him from fulfilling his mission, for which they decided to create his messenger, but only their appearance was so terrible that the Egyptians immediately destroyed such a guest demon. Then the priests decided to make a girl by cloning, but the first gene experiments ended in failure. Only the DNA of the dark-haired dwarf, who lived on the Nazca plateau and also conducted such experiments, helped the aliens get the right hybrid. Because the head turned out to be huge and elongated, and the hair could not grow on the back of the head, but the baby had a swarthy skin, and therefore it was decided to make for her a special crown that Nefertiti never removed from her head and only the most approached persons could see the true appearance of the ruler.

The power of this woman, who had an elegant figure and a long neck, was boundless, since she was always with Akhenaten, playing an important role in politics and religion. But only she could not give birth to the wife of the desired heir, and therefore only bury her daughters, suffering epileptic seizures. This became after 12 years the cause of her disgrace, after which the name of the wife of the pharaoh was forgotten. Further historical data about the widow of the ruler almost did not remain, as she led a boring life within the walls of the palace, and no one knows the cause of her death. Although the researchers have a version that after the murder of Pharaoh Horemheb and the poisoning of his last wife, it was Tutankhamun’s turn, and then Nefertiti herself began to rule Ahetaton in male form. Then her tyranny led to the conspiracy of the priests and the deceived warlord who was about to become the wife of the woman, after which he himself killed the evil genetic creature and did not even leave her tomb.

Let’s return to her search, as many experts are sure that she can be in the secret room of the untouched grave of the adopted son, found in 1922. This discovery became a sensation among Egyptologists, after which the British scientist Nicholas Reeves recently suggested that it could be hidden behind the northern wall. The entrance there was masked with frescoes, but instead of the queen in this room may be the remains of the spouse of the pharaoh. Laser scanning of the model simply led him into a dead end, as there were doubts that the tomb was intended for the ruler because of the size and negligence in the design, indicating the burial of an official whose name was in haste replaced. Now a new research using modern space technologies will be carried out, and the collected data will be processed by Japanese colleagues building models of this place, that’s just whether humanity needs to disturb the peace of this person, taking into account all the versions of her birth.

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