The mystery of the ancient airfield Yundum

On the territory of a small African country of the Gambia is a mysterious airdrome Yundum, which in recent years has already been written. What is the mystery of this airfield? The fact is that its main and most expensive component – the runway (runway) – here no one built, because it already was. The runway consisted of monolithic stone slabs, carefully fitted to each other. As local residents assured, these plates were in this place from time immemorial.

During the construction of the airfield, it was only necessary to load asphalt onto these slabs, apply marking, and a magnificent runway with a length of 3,600 meters was obtained, capable of accepting any modern aircraft, regardless of their weight or dimensions. It should be noted that NASA took an active part in the creation of the Yundum airfield.

The US space agency chose it as a spare airfield for landing its reusable ships – Shuttles. With the help of the Americans, Yundum installed the necessary radio-electronic control and navigation systems, and in 1996 the building of the international airport, built on a joint US-Gambian project, was put into operation.

It is curious that with the impressive length of the strip asphalt, not all the ancient plates are covered and some of them can be seen both in its beginning and in the end. And then it turns out that the ancient runway was much more impressive than the modern one. But who took off from it? It is still difficult to answer this question – from the available publications it becomes clear that no studies have been conducted on this topic.

Uncoated asphalt sections of the strip are carefully sandwiched light-colored plates fitted to each other. The age of the plates has not yet been determined. According to one publication, their surface is roughly ground, while others state that the grinding is close to ideal. Judging by the published photographs, the first is closer to the truth, but this only speaks of the antiquity of plates, whose ideal grinding could be significantly damaged by prolonged weathering processes.

Attempts to explain the presence of such an impressive runway in the African wilderness led to the hypothesis that it was built in the 1940s by German Nazis who allegedly exported uranium from the Black Continent during the Second World War. However, it is completely unclear why the Nazis needed to build a strip long , which significantly exceeded all available at that time. Opponents of this version note that the Germans at their secret military airfields built runways with small metal plates, which have a number of holes to reduce weight.

To build this strip, the Germans would need to open a large-scale stone-cutting production, use powerful machines and cranes. But local old-timers insist that nothing like this has ever happened, and the plates have always been there – with their grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-grandparents, etc.

Thus, to explain the presence of this runway can only be the assumption of some ancient earthly civilization that built it, or to connect it with aliens. As for the latter option, it seems less convincing, because the extraterrestrial ships must have the ability to land on any unprepared, albeit fairly flat place.

Of the numerous publications on the Yundum airfield, it can be concluded that no studies of ancient plates have been conducted, they are simply used, and that’s all. Of course, you need to carefully study them. However, it is possible that NASA employees during the construction of the airfield conducted some research, but hid their results.

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