The painting by Leonardo da Vinci found a picture of an alien

In the famous painting “John the Baptist” painted by Leonardo da Vinci, the researchers found a hidden image of an alien.

This painting has long attracted researchers with their uniqueness, for example John the Baptist is depicted on it, is very different from the canonical image and does not depict an old man with a beard, and a beautiful and young man.

In the background of the picture is not usual for Renaissance paintings of the colorful landscape, and painted a mysterious dark mist created in the technique of sfumato. Long known that the great painter, was hiding in his paintings hidden images using the technique of mirror images, is no exception and the work of the great masters.

If you divide the picture into two parts and put them in a mirror, manifested a mysterious image of extraterrestrial beings. Currently, the painting “John the Baptist”, which is considered the last work of the great artist, is in the Louvre. Perhaps it is in this great Leonardo left to posterity a coded message announcing the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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