The prophetic books of the writer Lockwood: Trump, a day without dawn, the end of the USA August 21

In the United States, they suddenly recalled the writer Ralfe Ingersoll Lockwood (1798-1855), or rather his books written in 1868, such as “The Last President”, “The Amazing Underground Journey of Baron Trump” and “The Little Baron and his wonderful Bulgar dog.”

Books by a writer who lived more than a hundred years ago attracted attention by the fact that, for example, the novel “The Last President” states that there will be a “day without dawn” in the USA and then a furious crowd attacks the “hotel” on Fifth Avenue in New York. As you know the skyscraper, the Trump Tower is located just on the corner of Fifth Avenue, and the “day without dawn” will come already on August 21, when a prolonged solar eclipse will take place in the United States.

And in two books about the travels of the boy Baron Trump, not only the name of the son of the US president, but also the consonance of his name Baron-Barron. In these books, the story is about a boy from a rich aristocratic family who lives in the castle of Trump and travels to Russia to search for portals in parallel worlds under the guidance of a mentor named “Don.” The motto of the Trump family from these books: “The path to glory is strewn with traps and dangers.”

The Americans found many coincidences with the true Trump family living in modern America and many began to blame the president of the United States and his family for having technology in time travel.

Will happen described in the book “The Last President” in reality, will soon find out, because August 21 will come very soon …

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