The religion appeared because of the aliens who visited the Earth in ancient times?

Giorgio Tsukalos is a well-known TV presenter, he is considered an expert on everything connected with aliens. On American television, he broadcasts “Ancient Aliens.”

Tsukalos repeatedly stated that he is convinced that in ancient times our planet was visited by intelligent beings from other planets, who are still looking after people and this explains the phenomenon of UFOs.

The other day Tsukalos spoke at a conference devoted to UFO issues and made an interesting statement about how religion and veneration of God appeared at all.

In his opinion, ancient people perceived aliens as higher beings, celestials possessing incredible abilities and technologies. When these aliens left our planet, a cult emerged, which became the basis for modern religions and the very understanding of God.

High technology of aliens, ancient people perceived as a manifestation of magical abilities. If it were not for a visit to the Earth by beings from other planets, today we have no religions at all, I am sure the TV presenter.

We are not even now able to understand the level of these technologies and do not simply refuse to understand it, but ignore a lot of evidence pointing to extraterrestrial interference in the course of human history.

Archaeologists simply reject and ignore a lot of artifacts indicating that in the past it was the aliens that created on our planet many magnificent architectural structures, whether they were Egyptian pyramids or mentions of encounters with higher beings in ancient books, treatises, bas-reliefs, as well as the discovery of alien artifacts, found in different parts of the world.

These “gods” thousands of years ago explained to people that the Earth was round and said that someday people will go beyond the limits of their planet. There is evidence that these are not divine entities, but astronauts, since they used space suits for their flights, as well as modern cosmonauts. And what for a spacesuit to god?

Giorgio tried to bring his theory to the public on the historical channel History Channel and its broadcasts gained great popularity despite the denial of the official science contacts of people with aliens in ancient times.

The very idea expressed by Tsukalos is not new. Many before him wrote that the emergence of religions is associated with the phenomenon of the so-called “cult of the Cargo”, when backward civilizations deify advanced technologies can not give them a reasonable explanation.

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