The remains of white stone walls found in the South of Moscow

Builders when digging in the southern district of the capital on the 2nd Donskoy proezd, building 5, found the remains of an ancient white stone masonry. Presumably, the unique find dates back to 15-16 centuries.

Stone masonry is interested in the all-Russian society of protection of monuments, which appealed to local residents, notice in the pit sufficiently large fragment of white stone walls. They asked the archaeologists and historians to study artifacts and to establish their value.

Perhaps the remains of white stone walls — a monument of history, a fragment of a laying of the Donskoy monastery of the 16th century (the original location, because the monastery was rebuilt) or even earlier time — it could be any white stone building of the epoch of Ivan the Third. The uniqueness of the findings was evaluated by Sergey Yartsev — inspector of the Moscow city branch of the all-Russia society of protection of monuments and culture, who today visited the site.

So deep masonry that goes back four meters in depth, says about the value and ambiguity of this finding. Moreover, it is actually located on the outskirts of Moscow, — says Sergey Yartsev. — The nature of masonry, uneven, rough stone, you can assume that it is the remains of the don monastery Dating back to the 15-16th centuries.

It is known that the Shabolovka and Donskaya streets in the area where work was carried out, some of the oldest in the capital. Already in the 19th century, this place is not buildings, but the gardens residents. So, the construction was done in two or three centuries before this period. Masonry is located 250 meters East of the modern Donskoy monastery.

Now archaeologists Moscow will conduct a thorough analysis of the detected object and to determine the exact date of construction.

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