The tragic story of the village of Anatori: warriors walled up alive and the curse that haunted the land

The proud and rugged mountain villagers of Anatori were descendants of wandering crusaders. They were known for their courage and skill with weapons. But the fate of this village was doomed to destruction.

The village of Anatori was rich and happy. The men of this nation wielded swords and bows, and their courage and bravery were the subject of legends. The women were loyal and strong, maintaining a harmonious life in the village.

One of the unique traditions of this people was the practice of szorperi – when an innocent girl and a young male guest were allowed to sleep in the same bed. This was a symbol of trust, self-ownership and hospitality. The Caucasian mountains were full of wild sheep, and the locals always had something to feed their guests.

But the happiness and prosperity of the village was disrupted by a curse that began after the head elder tried to keep the white dove by force. He ordered a blacksmith to forge a gold chain to lock the bird away the next time it visited. However, the dove’s power wore off and a mysterious illness began to affect the villagers.

The disease was terrible and spread rapidly. The villagers fell ill one by one and hid behind the walls of the tombs, walling themselves up inside. They hoped that in this way they would stop the spread of the infection. But even that didn’t work – people kept getting sick and building new tombs.

It is said that as a result, only one boy survived. He was the last witness to the tragic history of Anatori village. Now the village is replaced by simple crypts made of gray stone, where the skulls and bones of the inhabitants, who were walled up alive, are kept.

Today, the history of Anatori village remains a mystery. No one knows exactly how many years have passed since their deaths. However, the story has attracted the attention of scholars and historians who are trying to unravel the mystery of this tragedy

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