The truth about the collapse of a UFO in Roswell was in everyone’s mind

Disputes about the Roswell incident are still being conducted. For many years, the US government has been accused of hiding from the public the fact of the crash of an alien aircraft with a crew on board, and as it turns out these charges are likely true.

The truth is about that. What happened there, all these years was in everyone’s mind – on the photos published by the authorities.

In July 1947, the official US media published a statement in which information was confirmed about the fall of an alien ship near the city of Roswell. But on the very next day a refutation came out, in which it was alleged that not a UFO fell, but an ordinary meteor shower.

Since then, there have been a lot of evidence that a really UFO fell and with the crew on board. And some of the aliens survived and the wreckage of the ship and its pilots were delivered to the military base “Zone 51”.

In the mid-1990s, under public pressure, the authorities conducted an investigation and it confirmed that information about the fall of the meteorological probe was not true. What really happened was not reported again. The authorities referred to secret investigations and refused to disclose any details about the incident in connection with the secrecy of the information.

“At least we forced the US Air Force to admit that the object that crashed then was not a weather probe,” said Congressman Steve Schiff, who filed a request for an investigation.

As the investigation showed, almost all documents referring to the Roswell incident were destroyed by 1990, which made it difficult to find an answer to the question, what really happened and why all the evidence of the incident was so thoroughly destroyed.

Everyone saw this photo. It is still available for viewing, but no one thought that in the hands of General Roger, there is really a decisive document describing the real story of the disaster.

This black and white photo was taken after the Roswell incident at the US Air Force Fort-Worth airbase. The picture captures the moment where General Roger Raimi examines the wreckage of a collapsed unknown vehicle announced by the authorities a weather balloon.

And the general holds in his hand a top secret note that no one has ever paid attention to, but now the technology allows you to read what is written in this document. Enthusiasts have increased the text and were able to read that the note refers to the fall of an unidentified device in the form of a disk and that there are victims of this catastrophe.

Now everyone hopes that there will be a person who will be able to completely restore the text of the document from this photo and then the truth about what happened will find real evidence.

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