There were real Giants in the Canary Islands.

In 2016, the scientific community was shocked by the news of the discovery of mummies of Giants in the Canary Islands, in particular on the island of Tenerife. This sensational discovery raised many questions and speculations about the past inhabitants of these lands. However, a few years later, this information turned into a mystery of history, as no additional data and research results were published.

Spanish scientists conducted a 3D scan of one of the giant mummies, which belonged to the ancient representatives of the people of Guancha – the aborigines of the Canary Islands. The mummy for the study was provided by the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. Through the scanning, experts hope to learn more about the lives of these people, the reasons for their deaths and the funeral rites they underwent.

The mummies were taken to the Hospital Universitario de Quirónzalud Madrid (HUQSM), where a team of doctors including Vicente Martínez de Vega, Javier Carrascoso and Silvia Badillo Rodríguez, Carmen Pérez Dí, Teresa Gómez Espinosa and Esther Ponce are ready to study them. The group was accompanied by a film crew from the national channel RTVE during the study of the mummies.

The low-radiation but high-resolution scanner allows X-rays to penetrate through the object and obtain a large amount of information. More than 2,000 cross-sectional images were captured and then used to create a three-dimensional and three-dimensional image that will be studied by the team of scientists.

However, questions about the origin and growth of these aborigines remain unanswered. Drawings of contemporaries who have seen living Guanches do not fit the conventional view of natives and aborigines. The hands of this “aborigine” speak for themselves – the Canary Islands were indeed home to people of impressive stature.

Scientists still do not know the origin of the Guanches. In the north of Tenerife lived people with dark blond hair, and in the south – brunettes. According to Spanish and other conquerors, in the 15th century, Tenerife was inhabited by light-skinned people of Caucasoid type, including those with gray and blue eyes and brown or reddish hair. The French Norman Jean de Betancourt described in detail the strange language of the Guanches, which, according to him, only tribesmen could understand without uttering a sound, only moving their lips, and could communicate by whistling at a distance of up to 15 kilometers.

There are hypotheses about the connection of the Guanches with the ancient myth of Atlantis. Maybe the Guanches are representatives of the disappeared Atlantis civilization?

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