Tower of Babel: myth or reality?

The biblical story of the Tower of Babel is still a mystery to many scholars. According to this ancient story, people decided to build a tower that would reach the heavens, but God punished them and deprived them of a common language. This legend raises many questions and debates among researchers who are trying to determine how true it is.

One theory links the Tower of Babel to the ziggurat of Etemenanki, an ancient temple that was 91 meters high. This assumption was put forward back in the late 19th century, when the ruins of Babylon were discovered. However, the found structure does not quite correspond to the ideas of a tower – it is rather a pyramid, the width of which is 90 meters. The top of this temple was decorated with a golden statue of Marduk, the supreme god of the Babylonians.

One of the interesting versions says that when building the ziggurat of Etemenanki, King Nebuchadnezzar used captive slaves from the kingdom of Judah who spoke different languages. This diversity of languages amazed the Jews, and perhaps it was this moment that served as the basis for the legend of the Tower of Babel.

The ziggurat found has seven tiers, although Herodotus in his records describes the Tower of Babel as eight tiers. Archaeologists speculate that the missing tier may be underground.

However, the Tower of Babel is not the only structure associated with this legend. In the city of Cholula, Mexico, there is a pyramid, which in size exceeds even the Egyptian pyramids. This grandiose structure, up to 50 meters high, resembles the Tower of Babel and causes similar debates and arguments among researchers. The legend of the pyramid in Cholula was recorded by the historian Duran back in 1579.

The Tower of Babel remains a mystery to scholars. Despite the ruins of Etemenanki’s ziggurat being found, many details of the story remain unclear. Perhaps with the passage of time and further archaeological discoveries, we will be able to unlock the mystery of this legendary structure.

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