Tutankhamun died as a result of a fall from an ancient bicycle

Egyptian archaeologists conducting excavations in the province of El Minya, discovered a unique artifact that speaks in favor of a new version of the death of the pharaoh of Ancient Egypt Tutankhamun, who ruled the state in 1332-1323 BC.

The Flying Throne

“With the discovery in El Minya, the scientists had an actual confirmation of the version of the death of Tutankhamun, which until now seemed questionable,” said a spokesman for the Office of Antiquities of the province of Abdallah al-Hems. He said that near the town of Tel-el-Amarna, where the ruins of the ancient capital of the reformer Akhenaton – the city of Ahetonon – were preserved, the burial of his closest adviser was responsible for the security and internal order of the royal family.

Next to his basalt sarcophagus, decorated with colorful murals, archaeologists found a box, which was made of Lebanese cedar, in which an ancient “apparatus” was separately placed, in its shape and design, almost completely replicating a modern two-wheeled bicycle.

The fact that this mechanism of the era of the pharaohs was used for driving along a hard surface is confirmed by one of the inscriptions on the sarcophagus of a high-ranking nobleman, who at the court of Akhenaten was considered a follower of new ideas and an experienced designer. “And he created from a chariot a throne flying on the earth, setting the wheels one after another, and turning sandals into the spinning wings of a galloping runner,” says the hieroglyphic fresco. It also mentions that this object was designed “for accelerated movement, as well as for entertainment and fun as the most radiant pharaoh, and his wives and children.”

Confirmation of the hypothesis

All the elements of the unique “aggregate”, including several fragments of the triangular frame, which have been preserved to this day, the leading sprocket and the saddle, supposedly made of the skin of an African buffalo, were sent to a special laboratory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt. There, the origin of the materials from which the bicycle was invented in Ahetatone more than 3 thousand years ago will be clarified.

It is believed that Tutankhamun, the son of Akhenaten, who took the throne of the ruler of Ancient Egypt after his father, died of blood poisoning after he broke his left leg. Now experts have received evidence of the root cause of this disease: with almost 100% certainty, it can be argued that the young pharaoh fractured leg happened as a result of the fall from the ancient bicycle, which at that time was the embodiment of the design genius, but was still imperfect and was considered extremely dangerous and traumatic means Movement.

Pharaoh XVIII dynasty of the New Kingdom Tutankhamun entered the royal throne at the age of nine. He ruled Ancient Egypt for about 10 years and died before reaching 20 years. On the walls of his tomb, located in the Valley of the Kings near the modern city of Luxor, the main events of his earthly life are indicated. Among others, the fact that “the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1330, on the 12th day of the month of Pahen for the first time independently rode a bicycle around the palace in Ahetaton”

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