UFO Chronicles

We used to claim that the official history of UFOs began on 24 June 1947, when an Amateur pilot Kenneth Arnold saw over the Rocky mountains Stroy clear shining disc, according to his description, “flying, like running someone of the plate.” But according to the extant Chronicles, we can assume that approximately the same unidentified flying objects have been observed around the world and always.



In one of the most bureaucratic countries – China – in the year 557 was meticulously described the appearance of zigzag moving unidentified objects.

In 905 UFO suddenly stopped and hung out for a while, and in 934 year in China there was a strange object repeatedly changing shape during flight.

UFOs in medieval Japan Aponina in 989 several flying objects were United in one, and in the year 1015, on the contrary, two small flying objects flew several luminous balls of a smaller size.


In 1133, the year over Japan was observed flying objects in the form of shields.

In 1235 General Yoritsune with his army, saw appearing above them luminous objects in the shape of saucers, all night describing in the sky, circles and loops.

In 1423, a few flying objects moved in zigzags, and were combined into one, and in 1606 the long objects stopped and hovered over the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto.



In 1104 in the skies of England there was a large cigar-shaped object around which circled a few glowing disks.

In the manuscript Ampleforth Abbey (England), written in Church Latin, tells that “one day in the year 1290 over the heads of frightened monks appeared a huge silvery oval body, similar to a disk. It slowly flew over them, causing great horror”.

In the summer of 1355 a lot of people watched over England the emergence of a large number of objects that shone blue and red. The objects moved across the sky in different directions, and it seemed that they attack each other. Then “army” red objects began to win over blue, which quickly fell to the ground.

In 1461, an unknown object flying over the city of Arras (France), suddenly began to move in a spiral.

In 1490 in Ireland over the roofs of houses flew a silvery disc-shaped object, leaving a long trail. During its migration in the bell tower broke the bell.


In 1520, the German Erfurt, accompanied by two small balls flew big ball, this big ball came rotating beam.

In April 1561 over Nuremberg, a large number of flying “slabs” and “crosses” and two huge cylinder, of which flew groups of balls. At the same time there were numerous spheres and discs, painted in red, blue and black colors.

They are all arranged in the sky kind of air combat, citing the horror of the city’s population. An hour later the objects began to decline and fall to the ground, destroying each other (looks like some kind of computer game).


In August 1566, on the Basel (Switzerland) was observed in the big sky “flume pipes”, of which there were balls. At the same time close it was noticed a large number of black spherical bodies, flying at great speed towards the Sun.

After a while they made a half-turn and began to collide with each other, as if depicting the battle. Some of the facilities was fiery red, and “ate each other”.


In the same 1566 glowing spherical objects were sighted over Munster, Germany.

In 1646 in Cambridge (England) in the eyes of the audience rotating fireball first landed outside the city, and then “took off and sped away with great speed”.

8 APR 1665 about two days the fishermen have Barchetta (then the territory of Sweden, now Germany) saw the celestial ships, fighting each other in the sky. After the battle hung in the sky a dark object.

“In the sky came a flat round form, like a plate, resembling a large man’s hat… she was the color of the darkening of the moon, it hovered over the Church of St. Nicholas. There she remained motionless until the evening. The fishermen were frightened to death, they didn’t want to look to the side and placed his hands over their faces. The next day they all got sick. The fishermen felt the tremors and pain in the head and limbs. Many scholars have pondered this event,” wrote the German author Erasmus Finks in 1689.

There is a report of the XVII century, sent to the authorities of the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery “about meteorites appearing in the Belozersk district”. It States that on 15 August 1663, above the village of Robozero Vologda province in the North appeared a luminous body with a diameter of about 40 meters, which with strong noise at low altitude, moved slowly in a southerly direction from the front was sent to located near the village of lake in the two beams.


Once above the lake, the body suddenly disappeared, then reappeared half a kilometer to the South-West, and soon disappeared again. Finally, it emerged in the third time at the distance of half a kilometer West of the last place of occurrence and, pomerko, disappeared completely. When you try to approach him on the boat peasants felt an intense heat, and the lake bottom was covered to a depth of 8 meters. The total duration of the observation of the body was one and a half hours.

2nd April 1716 the collision of two celestial objects were observed in the area of St. Petersburg. His description was made on the orders of Vice-Admiral cruys and is contained in the report of the Dutch envoy at the court of Peter I – the Baron de Bi stored in the archive of Navy fleet of the USSR. At 9 o’clock in the evening on a completely clean cloudless sky from the North-East appeared a thick dark cloud, with a pointed apex and wide base, with tremendous speed, rushing across the sky, reaching three minutes to half of height to the Zenith. At the same time in the North appeared the second is the same dark “cloud”, moving to the East and podletevshego to the first “cloud” on the West side. When approaching these “clouds” between them formed light “column” that existed a few minutes.

Then both the “cloud” collided and crashed, as if by a strong impact, and at the point of collision there was a vast flame, accompanied by smoke, which in all directions pierced the rays of the flame. Along with this there were many small “clouds” moving with incredible speed and spewing bright flame. In addition, there are a lot of bright arrows below them to the height of 80 degrees from the horizon. According to the description of witnesses, the whole picture is reminiscent of the battle fleets or armies and looked scary.

The description also mentions that at this time in the North-West there was a huge shiny comet”, had risen to 12 degrees above the horizon. An abnormal phenomenon lasted for about a quarter of an hour to 10 p.m., the sky again became clear.

11 December, 1741, at 21:45, in London, England, Lord Beauchamp saw coming down from heaven of the little fiery oval. Descending to an altitude of about 800 meters, he stopped and headed East, leaving a trail of fire with smoke.

Also in London on March 19, 1748, at 19:45, sir Hans Sloane was seen in the Western part of the sky dropped a blindingly bright blue-white object for which were drawn red and yellow tail. Half a minute later the object disappeared.

In 1783 the Italian Cavallo saw over the sea a brilliant oval body, moving jerkily. After some time it rose vertically and flew to the East, then abruptly changed direction and increased glow, illuminating the entire area. Then it became round, oblong, divided in half and disappeared.

Italian ufologist Alberto Fenolio found documents about a very unusual story connected with the landing of a UFO incident near alençon (France) on 12 June 1790 about 17 hours. To investigate from Paris were sent to a police inspector by the name of Libya. Witnesses, local farmers told the inspector saw a large spinning ball the size of a carriage, surrounded by flames and flying with great speed. He began to fall over their terrain and crashed on the top of the hill, destroying the whole plantation of vegetables. From them radiated the heat burned the grass and bushes, but peasants be put out. A huge ball was so hot that it was impossible to touch.

“Witnesses to this incident, wrote in his report, Libya, were two mayors, a doctor and three other very competent people, not to mention the huge crowd of peasants. They can, if necessary, to confirm my report.”

When the crowd surrounded the mysterious object in the wall opened like a door and out came a creature that looks like us, but dressed in a strange fashion, completely tight fitted clothing. Seeing the crowd, the creature muttered something incomprehensible and ran into the forest.”

The peasants in horror shied away from the ball, and a few minutes later the object silently exploded, leaving behind nothing but fine dust. Was the tracing of the mysterious man, “but he seemed to vanished into thin air…”.

In 1812, in Bukovina appeared in the sky a big star, followed by the beam, and flew in the direction of Russia. Then she came back and appeared regularly for four months, while in Russia, went to war with the French.

In September 1851 over Hyde Park in London during the world Expo appeared more than hundreds of glowing discs that flew from the East and North, and then gathered together and flew away.

In the Madrid newspaper in August 1863 appears that “the day before yesterday evening over the South-Eastern part of Madrid, appeared the glowing disc of reddish color with a ball of flame. After standing a long time motionless, the disc started to move rapidly in horizontal and vertical directions.


One of the first UFO sightings near the American continent was recorded in 1517 in the logbook of the ship of the squadron Conquistador Juan de Grijalva, located near the Yucatan Peninsula. Then over the masts of the ships appeared a strange object hovering then three hours above the village Coatzacoalcos, emitting bright rays.

Several cases of UFO sightings mentioned by the Governor of Massachusetts (North America) John Winthrop in the description of the life of Boston in the seventeenth century. In March 1639 about 10 PM James Averell two people were crossing the muddy river in the Back Bay and saw a bright light coming from a rectangle with a width of about 9 feet in the sky. Powys is at first motionless, the object is then moved down the Charles river in the direction of Charleston and back for 2-3 hours, until she disappeared. Other witnesses confirmed this phenomenon.

18 January 1644, at 8 PM, with the coast in the Boston area on the North-East above the horizon rose the light, the size coinciding with a full moon. In a few minutes like the fire rose from the East. Two of the fire was found above the Harbor, near the island Nodl, then both disappeared behind the hills.

In the forests of the Northern slope of the hill Putney hill, near Hopkinton (NH) from 1750 to 1800-was repeatedly noticed glowing orbs, mostly at night. According to reports, this ball could be a passerby to stop, when the latter stayed and continued the pursuit, as he went on. To the witnesses of the balloon was approaching to a distance of 50 feet.

In July 1868, the inhabitants Kopyago (Chile) observed in the sky a large “bird” with the stairs, and emitting a metallic sound.

There is a theory that the real reason for “the great fire of Chicago on 8 October 1871 was the flight of a giant fireball, destroying on its way a few settlements. The heat emitted from the Orb was so powerful that under its influence were burning, even marble and metal stocks on the river melted into a monolith. Around Chicago after the flight of the balloon was found hundreds of bodies of people killed for an unknown reason.

The same night these balls swept over the States of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois, in green Bay, then killed 1,500 people in Peshtigo 6,000 people.

On the night of 13 April 1879 a Henry Harrison of Jersey city (new Jersey) observed a bell-shaped object moving erratically in the sky. On this occasion Harrison told the newspaper “New York Tribune”, from where the story was reprinted in “Scientific American”.

Starting in the 1880s in the United States began to receive numerous reports about sightings of the so-called “air ships” objects cigar-shaped and equipped with spot lights and an unusual design propellers. Since that time, the reports of encounters with “air ships” have become inherent features of contemporary UFO reports.

In the evening on March 26, 1880, a few people noticed in the sky at low altitude over railway hub, Galisteo (Lamy, nm) an object similar to a fish with some sort of fan at one end. From the object I could hear voices, there was perceptible a few shapes. The object disappeared to the East.

In 1886 in Maracaibo (Venezuela), under the influence of an unknown oval object hovering near the house, the bodies of the 9 residents who were inside the house, there were tumors that disappeared the next day, leaving black spots. For 9 days, these people felt nothing, but on the 10th day on the affected areas, festers, forming open wounds, people have started losing hair. At the same time all the trees that were around the house, dried up, and they also had black spots. All the victims were sent to hospital and survived.

In 1895 over Mexico were observed flying groups of unknown objects.

In the period from November 1896 to April 1897 in the United States was recorded a large number of observations of unknown objects by thousands of inhabitants of individual cities, the Newspapers of the time. In 1896 in San Francisco in 1897 in Chicago, Kansas city and Sisterville cigar-shaped objects hovered over the cities and sent to the earth the bright rays similar to rays of light.


All the above facts can be considered as conclusive, at least for the reason that those witnesses still never heard about Steven Spielberg and “Close encounters of the third kind”. As you can see, on planet Earth, like in the arena, constantly unfolding mysterious events, no matter who was the initiator – aliens from other planets or perhaps our own descendants from the future.

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