UFO in the middle ages

BC in such sources as the ancient Indian Mahabharata and the Bible’s old Testament very often there are descriptions of encounters with unusual creatures and objects. Ufologists interpret them as descriptions of the aliens and their technology.

Curiously, with the onset of ad, the number of more or less reliable information contained in various historical sources, about UFOs and aliens is dramatically reduced. The impression that the aliens in 600 years has left the planet and more openly interfered in the process of human development.

But then some part of them probably decided to go back and in the early middle Ages in the historical sources begin to appear again the mention of mysterious objects.

Perhaps a few such information at the time due to the dominance of the Church: the witness of any mysterious phenomena could be accused of intercourse with the devil, after which the narrator waited for the torture and the fire. Confirmation of this can be the fate of Giordano Bruno, who preached the idea of many inhabited worlds in the Universe and expressed rather seditious thoughts for that time:

“So, I have to say that there are infinite individual worlds like the Earth, which, like Pythagoras, I considered as a star, similar in nature, the moon, other stars and other planets that has no end, and that all these bodies represent infinite worlds, thus forming the invisible infinity in the infinite space, and this is called the infinite universe…”

For such statements, on 17 February 1600 he was burned at the stake.

In those centuries did not exist the technical terms used to describe UFOs, and often in testimonies they look like naval vessels, “flying home” as well as something mystical or diabolical. In some countries of Western Europe preserved the traditions about the mysterious phenomena that are usually called “wild hunt” or “night hunting” (when the mysterious “something” had kidnapped people forever or then returned them, as a rule, horribly disfigured).

Information about extraordinary phenomena and accidents VII—VIII centuries gathered English monk Bede. In his book “the Ecclesiastical history of the English people” provides interesting facts, reminiscent of the UFO:

664. “A night in the cemetery of the monastery at Barking near the Thames, when the sisters sang Psalms at the graves, they suddenly noticed a light from heaven, coming down on them like a huge canvas. Then light rose, moved to the other side of the monastery and went into the sky. Such a bright light can obscure the midday sun. The next morning the young man in the Church said that the rays that penetrated through the cracks in doors and Windows, it seemed, carried the light of the past day” (Vol. 4, Chapter VII).

In the same year, what was stolen corpse of a nun, and quite unusual way:

“…one night, just before dawn, when the nun in Barking named Artigat left the cell… wrapped in swaddling clothes, the corpse, brighter than the Sun, began to rise up from the house, where the sisters put him to rest. She quickly figured out what was that went up. This is seen by her vision of a pious body rose farther and farther on the ropes, which shone brighter than gold, until he became invisible, disappearing in a fissure in the sky” (Vol. 4, Chapter IX).

690. In Saxony “…the heavens were killed and thrown into the Rhine two English priest. Huge, reaching to the sky a beam of light followed their sailing on the river bodies” (Vol. 5, CH. X).

Enlightened monk emphasizes the uniqueness of what happened — “the heavens were killed.” In the description of other cases of death it usually indicates a fairly basic cause of death — “were killed during the storm” or “killed by lightning”.

In “lauryssens the annals” have the following information:

776 year. Saxony has started to build a platform from which stormed the Church.

“But the Lord was good as always. He overcame his pride, and the same day there was an attack on Christians, who lived near the Church, and seemed vision — top of the Church inside the fortress. She was seen and out of these places, and many who live here to this day, say they beheld the likeness of two large red shields hanging over the Church, and when the pagans saw that sign, they were thrown into confusion and fled in panic”.

To the same time period are the events that are described in the ancient Japanese chronicle “Nihongo”:

637. “Big star sailed from East to West, making a thundering sound.”

640. “On the seventh day of the second month of spring, a star entered the moon”.

642. “In the autumn, on the ninth day of the seventh month, in the reign of the Empress AME-Toyo-Takara-Ikasi-hee-Tarashi-Hime, a guest star entered the moon”.

661. “In the autumn, the first day of the eighth month, the crown Prince was at the remains of the Empress… that night on the mountain of Asakura was a demon in a large hat, looking at funerary rituals. All the people saw him, he exclaimed in amazement”.

In the Anglo-Saxon chronicle Gemara mentioned about the fire from heaven that destroyed the whole settlement:

680. At this time, burned coldingham. “He was burned with fire from heaven, which was revealed by the will of God.”

Unfortunately, the details of this tragedy are not reported, but such cases in England, when he burns the forest, farmland as well as cities and villages, have repeatedly occurred in 1032, 1048, 1067, 1078. All these disasters associated with the rotary fire sign in the heavens.

Joffrey Gamer wrote in 1067:

“This year, indeed many people saw the fiery sign. During the year he violently burned and burned close to the Ground for some time, it became the highlight of her. Then, turning, he went up, and then sank deep into the sea. In many places it burned woods and fields. No one knew neither what it was nor what this sign had predicted. In the County of Northumberland this fire was aired for two seasons”.

The brothers Grimm in “German legends” lead a strange history, which occurred in 1125. From the description we can conclude that someone (not people) with flamethrower, why it was set fire to forests and fields in Germany:

“This year’s fire man wandering in the mountains, like a Ghost. It was at midnight. People went from one birch to another, and lit them. The guard said that he was like a flaming fire. He did it in just three nights. Georg Miltenberger… said: “At the first advent Sunday night between 11 and 12 hours near my home people set fire to everything around. He went from a lane to the hedge, and after midnight suddenly disappeared.” To many people he inspired fear, because the nose and mouth, he was the fire, with frightening speed razletevshihsya in all directions”.

There is a description of an unusual object in “the history of England” written by Mathieu of Paris (XIII century):

1077. April 9. This year on palm Sunday, about 6 hours, in a completely serene sky J . around the Sun appeared a huge star.

1104. In the sky of England was a large cigar-shaped object around which circled a few glowing disks.

1200. They say that “God has inscribed in the heavens warn message Earth… and all fell down, praying that it is not predicted no trouble. Down over Jerusalem, it hovered over the altar of St. Simon at Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified Christ.”

1234. “At midnight of the Circumcision of the Lord in a clear cloudless sky, where the light from the star and eight-day Moon, suddenly appeared a large ship, wonderful colors, elegant shapes and a good snap. Some monks of the monastery of St. Alban… watched it in a long time, it seemed that his wainscot painted. Then it started to disappear”.

In 1235, the Japanese commander of Yoritomo and his soldiers saw appeared above them luminous objects in the shape of saucers, who throughout the night was described on the sky circles and loops.

In “Chronicle Lanercost” (XIV century), depicting noteworthy events in England and Scotland during the reign of Edward III (1312— 1377), described the controversial incident:

1289. Old shepherd John Frauncis, instead of going to Church, herding in Maltanskim forest near Richmond (UK). Were the spirits of the air, misshapen dwarves, who were stabbing him, from which he fell ill the whole body. They tried to raise him up, but he firmly clung to the ground, drawing their thoughts to the Passion of Christ until the spirits finally realizing the futility of his efforts, did not fly away. He made it to the house, spent a week in bed and told them what happened to all my friends.

1295. July 27, in the skies of Scotland, there were red shields with the arms of the king of England… there are a great many took the entire sky.

The Belgian monk-Jesuit albert d’orville observed an unusual phenomenon in Tibet, in Lhasa:

“November 1661. My attention was attracted by something moving in the sky. At first I thought it was a bird of unknown species that used to inhabit this country. But when approaching it took outline dual Chinese hat, flying slowly revolving, as if weightless, on the invisible wings of the wind.

Surely it was a miracle, magic. This object, passing over the city like in order for them to admire, has made two circles and disappeared into the mist. As I strained my eyes, but to see it was gone. I wondered, did not with me joke the height at which I was, however, noticing the nearby Lama asked him whether he had seen it.

Sakinaw head, he said to me: “Son, what you saw the affliction. Beings from other worlds for centuries through the oceans of space. They brought about bleaching of mind to the first people who inhabit the Earth. They forbade any violence and taught love to each other. However, their teaching was like the seeds, bro chennym on the stone, and had not sprouted. Well we welcome these bright creatures, and they often come down near our monasteries, teaching us and revealing things lost centuries ago during the cataclysms that changed the face of the world.

The same object observed on 5 August 192Б year during an expedition to the mountains of Tibet, a famous painter and Explorer Nicholas Roerich. In the “Heart of Asia” he wrote:

“And we notice that at high altitude something brilliant moves in the direction from North to South. From tents brought three strong binoculars. We observed large spheroidal body, glistening in the sun, clearly visible among the blue sky, □but moves very quickly. Then we notice how it changes direction more to the South-West and hidden behind a snow chain Humboldt”.

Testimony about the kidnapping left Renwart Kisat, the clerk of the city of Lucerne:

“In the summer of 1572, month noemvri the 15th day, my brother called Hans, Buchmann, also referred to as Crispula background Ramishvili, an employee of the Rotterdam office, who had turned 50 years old, was brought to my attention that one day he, having a lot of orders from the authorities, suddenly disappeared to God knows where. Four weeks later from missing came news that he is in Milan. Finally at Candlemas next, 1573 (February 2, i.e. two and a half months after his disappearance), he returned home, having lost the hair on the head, beard and even eyebrows, the face and his head was broken and covered with bruises. As soon as the authorities found out, they held a special inquiry, which I was a witness.”

In a Latin manuscript Ampleforth Abbey (England) says that “one day in the year 1290 over the heads of frightened monks appeared a huge silvery oval body, similar to the disk that flew slowly over them, causing great horror”.

In 1490 in Ireland over the roofs of houses flew a silvery disc-shaped object, leaving a long trail. During its migration in the bell tower broke the bell.

Flying objects in the form of boards or disks were also observed: 1133-m over Japan, in 1209, the Abbey Byland in England, 1553-m over Stockholm in 1676-m over Tuscany.

Objects cigar-shaped noted in 783, over Telionok (England), 848 and 1527, over the years France, in 1619-m — above the lake of URI (Switzerland).

In 934 year in China there was a strange object that is in flight repeatedly changed form, and in 1015 in Japan seen two small flying objects flew several luminous balls of a smaller size.

There are also examples when several flying objects were United in one, as it was in 989 and 1423, over Japan, in 1167-m over England and in 1699-m — near Avignon (France). In these cases, flying objects were emitting rays.

In 1517 in the logbook of one of the ships of the squadron Conquistador Juan de Grijalva, located near the Yucatan Peninsula, it was recorded that over the masts of ships appeared a strange object, which is then hung for 3 hours above the village Coatzacoalcos, throwing bright rays.

In 1520 over the city of Erfurt (Germany) flew some big ball, followed by two small balls, and from the big ball came rotating (!) beam.

The trajectories of the observed objects were different. For example, in 557 year over China in 1423-m over Japan and in 1639 over Boston, they were moving in a zigzag. In other cases, they stayed and hung out for a while, as it was in the year 905 over China, in 1433-m above nice, in 1551-m IV over Lisbon 1571 over Rome, which was watched by Pope Pius V, in 1606-m above the ancient capital of Japan Kyoto in 1636 over Leipzig.

In 1461, an unknown object flying over the city Arroz (France), suddenly began to move in a spiral.

In 1566 glowing spherical objects made of various maneuvers over Munster (Germany).

An interesting case was observed in 1646 in the city of Cambridge (UK), where the eyes of the audience rotating fireball first landed outside the city, and then “took off and sped away with great speed”.

There are many cases when there was a group of flying objects. But especially looked strange behaviour of groups of unknown objects, maneuvers which gave the impression of a confrontation between them. Here are some examples of such “battles”.

In the summer of 1355 a lot of people watched over England the emergence of a large number of objects that shone blue and red. They moved across the sky in different directions, and the impression that they have entered into a mutual struggle. Then “army” red objects began to win over blue, which quickly fell to the ground.

In April 1561 over Nuremberg, a lot of flying “slabs” and “crosses” and two huge cylinder, of which flew groups of balls. At the same time there were numerous spheres and discs, painted in red, blue and black. They are all arranged in the sky kind of air combat, citing the horror of all the city’s population. An hour later the objects began to decline and fall to the ground, destroying each other.

In August 1566, on the Basel (Germany) was observed in the big sky “flume pipes”, of which there were balls. At the same time close it was noticed a large number of black spherical bodies, flying at great speed towards the Sun. After a while they made a half-turn and began to collide with each other, as if depicting the battle. Some of the facilities was fiery red and would “eat” each other.

Preserved image of unknown objects seen in the sky in the middle Ages: in Verdun Museum — object in the form of cigars observed in 1034 year in the Stockholm Cathedral — five disks, which appeared in 1535, in Zurich hall — disc-shaped objects, barrazhirovavshij in 1547 and 1558, years, Hamburg is a big ball of fire, flying in 1697.

Preserved and engravings, which depict the mass appearance of spherical objects in 1561 over Nuremberg in 1566-m on the Basel and Münster.

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