Under the market in Norway found a funeral rook

Under the market square of the Norwegian city of Trondheim, a burial was found with a funerary boat. The tree has not survived to the present day, but from it remained nails and remains of heavily rusted metal objects. Their location clearly indicates that there was a ship here.

It reached a length of at least 4 meters. The vessel was oriented from north to south.

During the excavations, archaeologists found bones. Because of their poor condition, scientists will need to conduct a DNA analysis in order to make sure that they belong to a person.

Near the bones was found a small bronze fragment, probably belonging to the deceased.

In the middle of the vessel, scientists found a piece of a spoon and part of the key from the chest. Specialists suggest that the burial refers to the VII – X centuries.

According to researchers, a boat of the same type as the ship in Offorda, found in the late XX century. The boat had a flat bottom. It could be used for swimming in shallow water along the river Nidelven. This is the first such burial in Trondheim.

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