Unknown Yakutia: the Granite city Ulakhan-SIS

The expedition traveller Sergei Karpukhin in remote and almost unknown region of Yakutia — ridge Ulakhan-SIS.

It is a low hill, which in a narrow strip from West to East stretches between the rivers Indigirka and Alazeya. Right in the middle of the tundra, smooth crests of hills stretched rows of stone sculptures of various shapes.

When you are among the granite sculptures of Ulakhan-SIS, I always catch myself on the fact that it is perceived by all as man-made wonders. What can I say, there’s just like you’re in some stone cities, where even the streets are veiled and other urban architecture.

But this landscape of natural origin and made him such a force of nature like wind, water, frost and temperature gradients just. And the material for this sculptor put the underlying forces and processes of the Earth. And this material is very good for creating just such forms. Granite and similar crystalline rocks in it some of the sculpture thanks to its properties and structure.

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