Vajra: mysterious weapon of the gods and proof of paleocontact

Recently, the theory of paleocontact has attracted more and more attention of scientists. It suggests that in ancient times, high technologies already existed on Earth, which were lost over time. One of the mysterious objects of the past are vajras – strange products that have reached our days in pristine condition. Vajras are of interest to researchers because they can be associated with spaceships and airplanes.

Interest in the super-powered weapons of the past is not new. Back in the last century, researchers, including scientists from the USSR, actively studied this topic. In 1978, engineer Vladimir Rubtsov published an article entitled “Astravidya – myth or reality?” in the collection “Secrets of the Ages”. In this article, he wondered about strange melting of various structures and suggested that they could be related to the use of high-tech weapons.

Vladimir Rubtsov drew attention to ancient Indian literature, which describes various weapons of the gods. Of particular interest is the description of the use of weapons called Brahma-shiras. The text “Mahabharata” speaks of an arrow that causes a fiery flame and is able to completely destroy the target. Such a description resembles the action of modern napalm. Vladimir Rubtsov suggested that this could be related to the use of radioactive weapons.

Vladimir Rubtsov’s article also mentions the vajra, a mysterious weapon that has an unusual shape and properties. He notes that the vajra may be related to a lightning strike, as its shape resembles lightning. This is confirmed by many archaeological finds that depict vajras together with lightning.

Research shows that vajras were made of various materials such as bronze, iron and even precious metals. Some of them have radioactive properties, which may indicate the use of high-tech energy.

There are many theories about the origin of vajras. One suggests that they were created by ancient civilizations that had advanced knowledge of technology. Another theory links vajras to aliens from outer space who passed on their knowledge and technology to humans.

Vajras are of interest not only to scientists, but also to people interested in the mysteries of the past. Many researchers believe that the study of vajras can help unlock the mysteries of paleocontact and learn more about ancient civilizations.

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