What is inside the Sphinx?

The fact that there are tunnels leading into the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt has long been known and there are photographs proving their existence, but for some reason, Egyptologist scientists hide this fact and you can hardly find the pictures on which the Sphinx is shot from above.

There are six passages leading to the statue of the Sphinx.

One of them is on the back of the Sphinx. Another is at ground level on the north side of the Sphinx, near its hip. The third tunnel is known only from a photograph taken in 1926. It is located on the north side near the middle and was covered with brickwork during “restoration work”. The fourth is under the ear of the Sphinx. The fifth is in the center of his head from above. The sixth passage is located between the paws of the Sphinx.

The keeper of antiquities Zahi Hawass personally descended into the tunnel leading to the inner chambers of the Sphinx and located on the back of the sculpture. And there is his interview where he said that this vertical tunnel is carved artificially and leads to the depth where the camera cut inside is, but there is no further passage, it is filled with cement. The keeper believed that the passage was poured with cement by chance during restoration work.

Vobschem is a dark story, but at the same time there is information that Zahi is cunning and he penetrated much further where he found another camera in the center of which, surrounded by water, stood an ancient sarcophagus. But the keeper of antiquities now denies all this.

Zahi’s penetration into the side passage also confirms this in the form of photographs, and he himself said. that the passage was made artificially, and for descending along the inclined shaft in the walls there were made notches for the legs.

Now, the distinguished keeper of antiquities says that there are no passes at all. All these are natural cracks. This is ridiculous, but the official position of the leading Egyptologist has become just that. Saw nothing, nothing was.

Why hide the existence of tunnels and cameras inside the Sphinx?

Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping prophet,” wrote that there is a secret hall with an entrance that can be found between the paws of the Sphinx. Inside is hidden the whole story of Atlantis:

“Chronicles of Atlantis since the Spirit took form, or flesh on this earth, and the subsequent development of people; about the first destruction of the continent and the changes that have occurred; about life and about the various works of the Atlanteans in other countries; a meeting of representatives of all nations, all countries to work out joint actions in connection with the cataclysms in Atlantis; the construction of a pyramid for rituals of initiation; about who, how and where the records will be found, which are copies of the originals resting in the depths of the sunken Atlantis. For this continent must rise again in times of change.

The place of the cache is located where the line of shadow (or light) will fall between the paws of the Sphinx when the sun rises over the waters. The Sphinx was erected later as a sentry or a guard who would not allow anyone into the connecting chambers located behind his right paw, because it is impossible to penetrate into them until the deadlines have been fulfilled and the times of change in this cycle of human existence have come. The cache is located between the Sphinx and the river ”(378-16; October 29, 1933).

Remarkable discoveries within the Sphinx: the temple within its hollow head. Professor G. A. Reisner’s interesting discoveries. A diagrammatic view of…

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CC Low

There must be a reason for the Sphinx to be built. Monuments are all built to for a purpose. So it is mystery why the Sphinx was built. It has got nothing to do with the pyramids because the construction of the Sphinz predate the pyramids.

J.A. Toma

The theory is that the pyramids are 10,000 years old and that Menes, the first king re-carved his likeness on the Sphinx 6,000 years ago. Hard to be accurate when so much is hidden from the public. The truth is that the evidence goes against everything that the Egyptian archeologists prefer us to believe. God forbid they have to admit that they are wrong. How wonderful would it be to know what is actually inside and if there is truly a city of gold beneath the Sphinx and Pyramids.


I think it’s sus that it would have SO many entrances. Do the entrances seal themselves?




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