What was the Earth like before the Flood?

Let’s try to look back in time and combine ancient historical sources and artifacts such as: the Sumerian epic of the Anunnaki, the Bible and the golden ruby glass, and more, to try to understand how things were before the Flood.

The ruby glass, exemplified by the famous artifact “the cup of Lycurgus,” was, in my opinion, most likely what was above the heads of the celestials in Egyptian lore. And a special object of impressive power is the object of the battle of Troy.

The cup of Lycurgus. It is famous mainly for its unusual optical properties. In ordinary light, the goblet appears yellowish-green, but in the passing light it acquires a deep wine-red hue.

Only in 1990, using an electron microscope, scientists finally realized that it was all about the special composition of the glass from which it is made. For a million particles of this glass was three hundred and thirty particles of silver and forty – gold. Moreover, the silver and gold contained in the glass had the size of nanoparticles. Only in this case does the glass have the ability to change color, which has been observed.

Of course, the question immediately arises – how ancient antique masters were able to perform the work literally at the molecular level, requiring both the most complex equipment and the highest level of technology?

Or perhaps the cup of Lycurgus was not made by them at all? And, being much more ancient, it represents the trace of some unknown and fallen into eternity highly developed civilization that preceded ours. Or maybe it is made of fragments of the “heavenly dome”?

Physicist Lu Gunn Logan of the University of Illinois, working in the field of nanotechnology, suggested that light or liquid falling into the goblet interacts with the electrons of nanoparticles contained in the glass. Those, in turn, begin to vibrate at a certain speed, and that speed determines what color the glass will be

Razes (about 865 – between 923 and 935) apparently thought he had found a magnet for finding gold. In his formula, the earliest known written evidence for gold ruby glass (For a translation and commentary on manuscripts in Göttingen, Leipzig, and Escorial in Madrid, see Sheybany 1967; cf. Kerssenbrock-Krosigk 2001, pp. 13 and 21.), he stated that “this glass attracts gold and silver like a magnet and that it can turn gold 1000 times its weight.” Doesn’t that sound like the legendary Sorcerer’s Stone?

The problem is the “sunscreen” particles in the palate. Today we usually use sunscreens that include a combination of two to six of the following active ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. Mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

The home planet of the Anunnaki (deities from Sumerian lore) needed gold in the atmosphere of their planet (Nibiru), which was disappearing and that threatened to make their planet uninhabitable, so they came to Earth (as the story goes) to mine gold and deliver it to their home planet.

The moon could have been a transshipment point for transportation. According to the theory of the ancient aliens, the Anunnaki genetically altered primitive humanity and created a workforce that allowed them to mine gold without using their own people. They simply grew tired of such conditions and rebelled.

Or perhaps it was a rewritten version of an earlier story that was something along the lines of “The gods created/hired humans to mine gold for their planet’s atmosphere, or maybe gold was needed not for Nibiru but for Earth?”

If we go to the Hebrew/Phoenician history books, they also repeat that there was no rainbow in the sky before the “flood.

The Bible describes the earth as a very different place before this catastrophe (the Flood), which was exactly – worldwide. To paint a picture of this terraformed planet based on the Bible, one must extrapolate from the various statements it makes and combine them together.

It was a lush planet, richly filled with plant and animal life of all kinds, a far cry from what we see around us today, a veritable Garden of Eden?

The temperature difference on the planet was very slight. Also, what the Bible calls mountains were actually very long hills. There were no jagged mountains rising into the air. If one stripped the land of vegetation, one would see a gentle hilly landscape, and I am sure there were many openings, meadows, plains, etc. This makes me think that at that time the dinosaurs might have been, in fact, lawnmowers for paradise.

The Bible says that the earth was watered with fountains of fresh water that splashed from the ground high into the air, and the water then fell like rain, but we are talking about a decent level of moisture in the air that would have allowed dew to form.

Thus, we know that volcanic heat drove this sprinkler system. For this to work, the ground had to be very porous beneath the surface to allow water to seep down, heat up, and then rise up the shafts and set the fountains in motion. This is similar to the observation of Old Sluzhaka (geyser) in Yellowstone National Park. It is quite possible that rivers and streams also rose from the ground, flowed for some distance, and then washed back into the ground.

It was this porous nature of the earth that the Bible speaks of that was destroyed when the whole earth was shaken, and it was the destruction of these underground cave systems or percolation systems that caused enormous volumes of water to burst to the surface.

But this was not the only source of water that contributed to this flood. There was also something called the “windows of heaven” that broke and fell to the earth.

Now we think of water being in the clouds, but no one would think of calling a cloud a window. A window is something that allows you to see through it from either side. Thus, the Bible speaks of something transparent that is far above the atmosphere. What could that be?

Since we know that it is transparent and separated from the atmosphere, it is very likely that in a prehistoric world sunlight was filtered through this window, trapping the harsh rays of the sun that we experience today. I don’t mean to say it was a dim world, rather the opposite, but much more of the harmful radiation was blocked out. Just as it is difficult to get sunburn from sunlight coming through a glass window, perhaps the same effect was at work on the earth before the Flood.

Since we know that the “celestial windows” were far in the atmosphere and, judging by the way they are spoken of, they were made of water itself, which means that the water was somehow suspended above the atmosphere, well, that would require a whole new state of water, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, we have an entirely new state of water, discovered a few years ago. Water as molecular dipole crystals! A different kind of frozen water forms individual molecular crystals at the molecular level. And because they also have north and south ends, like little magnets, they naturally align with magnetic north and south, and their density distributes them fairly evenly around the world, like a protective transparent skin over the atmosphere. It may or may not be quite thick. As long as they remain at their height, they will remain crystals. But if their height decreases, say, from atmospheric currents rising up and falling down, caused by some great cataclysm, they will turn into a downpour that will end all downpours…

As a result, a very large portion of the current ocean we see on our planet may well have been suspended on top of the atmosphere as these singular molecular dipole crystals, and an even larger portion of today’s ocean would have been contained in this planet’s irrigation system underground in caves, etc.

Weather as we know it did not exist on this planet, that is, until everything was destroyed in one fell swoop. Did God use a small asteroid that crashed into the earth?

There is no mention of this in the Bible. But however God accomplished it, the result was the end of the “Heavenly Windows” and then the end of the global irrigation system, both releasing their waters to the earth, earthquakes lowering the plates below the surface of the oceans and raising them from the bottom of the oceans, then lowering them and raising the original above ground areas up, sending mighty currents or waves over and over and over.

This is why the sediments that we calculate should be in the oceans are not there, but instead we find them on land, even on the tops of mountains. This is why we find gigantic amounts of mass extinctions in the layers of the earth, and why we find fossils that extend from one layer, which supposedly took thousands of years to deposit, to another layer, which also supposedly took thousands of years.

Sometimes the evidence extends through many layers of the earth! We even find traces of animals climbing up the deposited layers until the animals themselves get to the last layer they managed to climb into before they were buried alive.

This is why we find swirls that mix the lower and upper layers together into beautiful circles within two completely different layers, which is completely impossible if these layers were deposited during the periods of time that science confidently tells us about, but not impossible and even expected if these same layers are quickly deposited within minutes by huge raging turbulent currents passing through them and dumping their sediment.

I am not saying it has to be exactly as I have described to you, but all of the elements the Bible speaks of play a part in this hypothesis.

The pre-Potomos people had never seen rain, thunderclouds, raging winds, and probably lightning before. They must have been frightened to the extreme when the dark clouds formed and covered the sun, leaving them in ever increasing darkness, while the rate of rainfall steadily increased and the ground beneath them burst open and jets of continuous water shot into the sky with explosive force.

But shortly before, they declared with confidence that the world went on as it always had, confident in their knowledge and science that God, whoever he was, had no power to destroy them or their world.

We modern humans are like them…


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