Where is the Nazi gold hidden?

During World War II, the Nazis looted and confiscated valuables, including gold, from the countries they took over. However, after the defeat of Germany, many cannot find traces of this gold. Where can it be?

Train with gold

One of the most famous Nazi gold legends is that of a train that was said to be filled with gold and other valuables. It is said that the train was hidden in one of the underground tunnels in Poland. Many people have tried to find this train, but still have not been able to locate it.

Berlin Zoo

Another legend is connected with the Berlin Zoo. It is said that the Nazis hid the gold in the zoo’s basement to hide it from the Allies. When the Allies liberated Berlin, they found only an empty cellar.

Carpathian mountains

There is also an opinion that the Nazis hid gold in the Carpathian mountains. They used the locals to take the gold to the mountains, where it was hidden in underground tunnels and caves.

Reality or myth?

Some researchers believe that the legends of Nazi gold are just myths. However, there are others who continue to search for gold until now. Perhaps someday we will find the answer to this mystery.


The mystery of the disappearance of Nazi gold continues to captivate people around the world. Many researchers are still looking for it, hoping to find the answer to this riddle. Who knows, maybe one day we will discover this golden treasure and learn all its secrets.

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