Who first invented fire and how did this happen?

Fire is one of the most significant discoveries of mankind, which has greatly influenced the development of civilization. But who was the first to invent fire and how did it happen?

It is known that the first traces of the use of fire were found in Africa. Scientists suggest that primitive people began to use fire to cook food and heat about 1.5 million years ago. However, it is not known how they got it.

There are several versions of how primitive people could create fire. One is the use of friction. They had to take two wooden sticks of different hardness and start rubbing them against each other. The friction created a high temperature that could cause dry grass or leaves to catch fire.

Another method was to use flint and a piece of flint. It was necessary to strike the flint piece with the flint piece to cause sparks. In doing so, the sparks could fall on the dry grass and cause a fire.

There is also a theory that primitive people could use lightning. They might have noticed that there were embers and ashes on the ground after a thunderstorm and began to use this method to create fire.

Regardless of how primitive people created fire, this discovery was of great importance to the development of civilization. Fire made it possible to cook food, keep warm during the cold season, illuminate the darkness, and protect ourselves from wild animals.

Today we cannot imagine our lives without fire. We use it to cook food, heat our homes and illuminate our streets. Fire is not only an important element of our lives, it is also part of our culture and history.

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