Wolf Messing: a man of mystery

Unknown, as if the fate of a prominent parapsychologist, psychic, medium and hypnotist wolf Grigorevich messing (1899-1974), if not “mystical” story that happened to him in childhood. Wolf was born in the tiny Jewish shtetl Gora Kalwaria near Warsaw.

According to my parents (all of his relatives later perished in Majdanek) he knew that in his childhood he suffered from sleepwalking, but angry at life, his father quickly “cured” him from walking at night: the full moon put bed had a trough of cold water. Like it or not, and wakes up. And he had a phenomenal memory, made him a model student in school at the synagogue.

The main subject — the Talmud — wolf knew by heart, from cover to cover, and the father predicted him to the rabbis. The boy imagined the famous writer Sholom Aleichem, but this meeting didn’t make the boy any impression. But the speech of a visiting circus just shook and sunk into the soul. Wolf against the father decided to become a magician, not to continue teaching in yeshivot, which trained clergymen.

Beating yielded nothing, and the head of the family decided to go to the trick. He hired a person who is in the image of the “heavenly messenger,” was to predict the wolf “service to God”. One night the boy saw the front porch of the house, a giant bearded figure in a white robe. “My son! — cried the stranger, ” go to the yeshiva and serve the Lord!” The shocked child fainted. Under the impression of “heavenly revelation” and against his will wolf entered yeshibot.

Maybe the world and would get ever outstanding Rabbi messing, but two years later in their home drove for hefty bearded man. Wolf and immediately recognized him as a terrible stranger. The case allowed him to uncover deception “Ambassador of heaven”. At the same moment lost faith in the existence of God, the wolf stole “eighteen pennies, which amounted to nine cents”, and “went toward the unknown”!

From that moment everything turned upside down in the life of the film. The train was carrying a stowaway in Berlin. He was so afraid of the Comptroller that he had first opened the talent of a psychic. When clogged under the bench, the wolf stretched out a trembling little hand controller you pathetic piece of newspaper, then managed to convince him that it’s a real ticket! It took several painful moments, and the face of the controller relented: “What do you do with the ticket sitting under the bench? Get out, you fool!”

In Berlin, life was very difficult. Wolf didn’t even think to use his amazing abilities: he’s just to the point of exhaustion worked, but always went hungry. After five months of hard labour and permanent malnutrition the boy fell from exhaustion and fainted right in the middle of the pavement. There was no pulse, respiration, too. The ALGID body the child was taken to the morgue. From the fate of being buried alive in a common grave saved him zealous student who noticed that that poor man’s heart still beating.

Consciousness wolf came only after three days thanks to Professor Abel, famous in those years the neurologist. Weak voice the wolf asked him:

— Please don’t call the police and don’t send me to the orphanage.

The Professor asked in surprise:

— And did I say that?

— I don’t know, “replied the wolf,” but you thought so.

Talented psychiatrist realized that the boy is “amazing psychic”. For some time he watched the wolf. (Unfortunately, his reports of experiments was burned during the war.) Later this happened again — as if some power persistently and authoritatively concealed everything to do with Messing.)

Professor Abel suggested to the wolf, in which direction to develop their abilities, and he found a job… in Berlin PANOPTICON. At that time, living people paraded as exhibits. There were conjoined twins, a woman with a long beard, an armless man, who deftly shuffled the feet of a deck of cards, and the boy wonder, who for three days per week must have been lying in a crystal coffin, immersed in a cataleptic state. This miracle boy and has been messing. And then he revived to the surprise of visitors at the Berlin panoptikum.

In his spare time, wolf was learning to “hear” people’s thoughts and willpower to turn off the pain. Two years later the film appeared in vaudeville as a fakir, whom the needles had pierced his chest and neck (in this case the blood is not performed from the wounds), and as “detective”, easily finding various items hidden by the audience.

Performances of “the wonder boy” enjoyed great popularity. It profited impresario, he was resold, but in 15 years, the wolf realized that we needed not only to make money, but also to learn.

Performing in the circus Bush, he began to attend private teachers, and later for a long time worked in the Wilno University (Department of psychology, trying to understand their own abilities. Now on the streets he tried to “overhear” the thoughts of passers-by. Checking himself, approached the thrush and said something like, “don’t worry, your daughter won’t forget to milk the goat.” And the seller at the store reassured: “the Debt will soon come back.” Gasps “subjects” testified that he really could read people’s thoughts.

In 1915, on his first tour in Vienna wolf “passed the exam” A. Einstein and 3. Freud, clearly performing their mental orders. Thanks to Freud, the wolf broke up with the circus, having decided: no more cheap tricks, only “psychological experiments”, in which he surpassed all competitors.

From 1917 to 1921, and the wolf made their first world tour. Everywhere were waiting for him continued success. But on his return to Warsaw famous medium has not escaped the conscription. Did not save it from service, even services rendered “to the chief of the Polish state” J. Pilsudski: Marshal repeatedly consulted with wolf on a variety of issues.

Then I again went on tour through Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. Toured Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia. Performed in almost all the capitals. In 1927, in India he met Mahatma Gandhi and was shocked by the art of yoga, and although his own achievements were no less impressive. More and more often to him privately appealed for help in finding missing persons or treasures. Wolf seldom took reward.

Once the count Czartoryski disappeared diamond brooch, which was worth a fortune. The culprit messing found quickly — it was a demented son of a maidservant, which, like a magpie, shiny things dragged and hid in the mouth of a stuffed bear in the living room. The award in 250 thousand zlotys messing refused, asking instead, count to help in the abolition of the law, violations of the rights of Jews in Poland.

Such stories multiplied the glory of messing, but there were also incidents. A woman once showed him a letter from his son, went to America, and the seer at the piece of paper determined that it is dead. And the next time I visit the town greeted him with cries of “Cheater! You bastard!” It turned out, pretending to be dead had recently returned home. Messing only thought for a moment. “You wrote the letter?” he asked the guy. “No, I’m not so good with a letter, — he was embarrassed. — I dictated and wrote my friend. Poor fellow, he was soon crushed by the log.” The authority of the seer was restored.

The Second world war. The Fuhrer himself called the film “enemy No. 1”. In 1937 in one of his speeches that inadvertently answered the question and predicted the defeat of Hitler, if he will “turn to the East”, and now his head was promised 200 thousand marks, and the portraits hung in every corner. Messing had to repeatedly “look away,” German patrol, but once it grabbed, beaten and locked up at the station.

Nothing good is not promised, and then I “invited” all the police officers to his Luggage, stepped out and pushed the bolt. But at the exit of the building, too, stood guard, and the forces have left… Then I jumped from the second floor (thus permanently damaging the legs) and disappeared. From Warsaw he was taken on a cart covered with hay, in a roundabout way held to the East and helped to cross the Western bug river in Soviet Union the dark night November 1939.

Any fugitive from abroad in the Union then waited a long checking almost inevitable charges of espionage, and then shot or camp. And the Messing immediately allowed to freely travel around the country and speak with their “experiments”. He explained rather unconvincingly that inspired some thought about the order of their usefulness to authorities, one of whose tasks was the imposition of materialism.

“In the Soviet Union, fighting against superstition in the minds of men, did not complain neither fortune tellers nor magicians, nor palm readers… Had to persuade, and to demonstrate my abilities a thousand times” — so then expounded his version of the film.

And it’s more likely that the fate of the seer emerged in the Soviet Union so happily just because some high-ranking and highly competent people knew about it for a long time.

And apparently it looked like this: without connections and knowledge of the language upside managed to get into the performance team, a touring at that time in Belarus. But during one concert in Hill it on the eyes of the public was taken directly from the scene of two men in plain clothes and taken to Stalin. Wolf messing for “great leader” was neither a provincial stage hypnotist, nor a medium for “new believers in spiritualism.” Because messing was known throughout the world; it “checked out” and experienced people such as Einstein, Freud and Gandhi.

If the power of suggestion (I denied it) or just managing to win the sympathy and all the unsuspecting leader, parapsychologist got away with it. Stalin gave him an apartment, was allowed to tour the Union nipped Beria to get the telepath for the NKVD (but “cap” the KGB did not take off with the seer until the last days of his life).

However, several major inspections arranged. Once forced to leave the Kremlin without a pass and return, which for me was as easy as taking a “hare” on the train. Then he offered to obtain in the savings Bank of 100 thousand rubles without any documents. “Robbery” was also successful, except that when he awoke the cashier was hospitalized with a heart attack.

Soviet scientists who knew the man told about one experience, organized by Stalin. A famous hypnotist was without permission, and even more passes to get to the country of the leader in Kuntsevo. The district was under special protection. The staff consisted of employees of the KGB. And all fired without warning. After a couple of days, when occupied by the documents, Stalin worked at the cottage, through the gate came a low, black-headed man.

The guards saluted and servants gave way. He went through a few posts and stopped in the doorway of the dining room where Stalin was working. The leader looked up from his papers and could not hide his confusion: that was wolf messing. How did he do it? Messing claimed that everyone present at the cottage telepathically conveyed that included Beria. While messing’t even wear characteristic for the chief of the KGB pince-nez!

Did wolf G. private services to Stalin, not installed. In “close to the Kremlin” circles whispered that the film was almost a personal soothsayer and Advisor to Stalin. In fact, they met only a few times. Hardly “Kremlin mountaineer” would have liked that someone even order a psychological experience read his thoughts…

But it is known that after a closed session before the start of the great Patriotic war, the leader of the banned “broadcast on a vision” of Soviet tanks on the streets of Berlin and ordered the diplomats to extinguish the conflict with the German Embassy. Under the ban came and private sessions. But the last it was virtually impossible to track, and I often helped with their predictions of the future are not only friends, but also complete strangers, especially during the war.

His ability was checked and rechecked countless — and journalists, and academics, and ordinary spectators. Many of the episodes of his predictions were recorded, and then confirmed by the life.

“Don’t ask how I did it. I will say honestly and frankly: I do not know myself. Just as I do not know the mechanism of telepathy. I can tell you this: usually, when I ask a specific question about the fate of a person, about what will happen or no this or that event, I have to stubbornly think, asking themselves: will happen or not happen? And after a while there is a belief: Yes, happens… or: no, not going to happen…”

Tatiana Lungin, who worked in the Institute of cardiovascular surgery of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Bakuleva, many years was a friend Messing with, told me that he was involved in the correct formulation of diagnoses and the outcome of several diseases of senior patients. So, once a patient of the Institute was an old friend messing-General Colonel Zhukovsky, commander of the air force of the Belarusian military district.

Massive heart attack was threatened with a fatal outcome, and the doctors faced the dilemma: to operate or not. The Director of the Institute Professor Burakovsky expressed concern that the operation will only hasten the end. And then called messing and said that it is necessary to operate immediately: “All will end happily, heals as on a dog”. The prediction came true.

When later asked Volf Grigorevicha, did he go on a risk with General Zhukovsky, he said: “I hadn’t thought of that. Just in the mind there was a chain: “operation — Zhukovsky — life…” and all”.

And after these insights messing was listed as an ordinary “entertainer”, although it did not consider himself: “the Artist after all, ready for action. I don’t have the slightest idea about what topics will be discussed, what tasks put in front of me, the audience, and therefore can not prepare for them. I just have to tune in the desired mental wave, rushing with the speed of light”.

“Psychological experiments” of the film gathered huge audiences throughout the Union. Wolf Grigorievich demonstrated his phenomenal memory, holding in mind a complex calculation: extracted square and cube roots of seven-digit numbers, listed all the numbers that appear in the experience; for a matter of seconds he read and memorized entire pages.

But most often performed tasks that the audience gave him mentally. For example: to remove the glasses with nose ladies, sitting in sixth place of the thirteenth series, to refer them to the stage and put in a glass sure glass right side glass down. Similar job messing successfully performed without using suggestive remarks or tips assistants.

This telepathic phenomenon has been repeatedly tested by experts. Messing argued that perceives the thoughts of others in the form of images — see the place and actions that had to make. Has always stressed that in reading other people’s thoughts, there is nothing supernatural.

“Telepathy is only using the laws of nature. First, I enter a state of relaxation, making you feel a surge of energy and heightened alertness. Then it’s simple. Unable to perceive any thoughts. If touching the person who sends the thought and order, I find it easier to concentrate on the transmission and to distinguish it from all other noises that you hear. However, direct contact is not necessary.”

According to messing, the clarity of transmission depends on the skill of the person, sending her to concentrate. He argued that the easiest way to read the mind of the deaf — perhaps because they think more imaginatively than other people.

The special fame of the wolf Grigorievich brought a demonstration of a cataleptic trance, during which he “turned to stone” and it was set up like a Board between the backs of two chairs. Bend the body wasn’t even a lot of weight put on his chest. Messing-telepath to “read” mental tasks of the public and clearly performed them. How often it looked vulgar and stupid, especially for those who knew this man has a great gift of premonition.

Taking the hand of suffering, he could predict his future, according to the pictures to determine whether this person is alive and where he is. Your gift of predictor messing after Stalin’s ban has demonstrated only in a private circle. And only in 1943, in the middle of the war, he dared to publicly speak in Novosibirsk with the prediction that the war will end during the first week of may 1945 (according to other sources — may 8, without a year). In may 1945, Stalin sent a government telegram with gratitude for precisely called the day the war ended.

Messing argued that the future is explained to him in the form of an image. “The mechanism of direct knowledge allows me to bypass the normal, logical reasoning based on the causal chain. The result is in front of me opens the last link that appears in the future.”

Gives the vigor and one of the predictions messing regarding paranormal phenomena: “the time will Come when people will cover their minds all of them. No strange things. There is only are not for us at the moment is obvious.”

I participated in séances. Being in the Soviet Union, he said he did not believe in the invocation of the spirit “is a fraud”. But he was forced to say so, because he lived in a country of militant atheism and lived very well. Besides, he could practice as a psychic healer, but he did it very rarely, because they believed that, for example, to remove a headache — not a problem, but to treat is the case of doctors. However, not once the sound helped patients with all sorts of addictions, healed from alcoholism. But all those diseases belonged to the sphere of the psyche, and not therapy or surgery.

To control the mind of man messing without strain, using hypnosis. He often thought about his abilities, but was not able to reveal the mechanism of his gift. Sometimes he “saw” or “heard” or just “took” the idea, the image, the picture, but the process itself remained a mystery.

The one thing the experts were convinced: he had a phenomenal gift that has nothing to do with deft tricks or a charlatan, but theoretical justification scientists could not give, as officially parapsychology in those years was not recognized by science.

Say that I was a coward, afraid of lightning, of machines and men in uniform and around the obeyed his wife. Only sometimes, when it came to fundamental issues, menacingly straightened and spoke in a different voice, harsh and rasping: “It tells you not Volvochka and messing!” The same commanding voice he spoke on stage. But foresight is a serious gift. Wolf Grigorievich knew that no treatment would save his wife from cancer. After her death in 1960, he became depressed, and it seemed that even the miraculous gift of his left. Only nine months later he returned to normal life.

Over the years I began to speak less often, for fear that the unbearable burden of other people’s thoughts will destroy his brain. However, the disease crept up on the other hand, denied the injured vessels at once feet. There was a threat of amputation of the lower extremities. He is strictly forbidden to smoke, but to rid himself of the habit he did not want, and why deprive yourself of small pleasures, if he knew the date of his departure? Leaving the hospital, he looked at his photo on the wall and said, “all right, wolf, here you will not return”.

In November 1974, operation of the film was surprisingly successful, and the doctors breathed a sigh of relief. No one still can not understand why a few days later there was a lung collapse (he, too, overcame, and then refused healthy kidneys. The pulse was steady and restful. 8 November 1974 wolf messing died.

When it turned out that the brain of the famous parapsychologist, for which the American scientists have offered a million dollars, was “standard”. Also “standard” the authorities reacted to the dead: in connection with the November holidays, the obituary was printed only on 14 November, the funeral procession half consisted of representatives of the police, the ring is a talisman with a brilliant in three carats, jewelry, many gifts from all over the world had disappeared, a savings book with a Deposit over a million rubles and cash confiscated in favor of the state… Despite the efforts of the famous Soviet citizens, funds for a monument not identified. It was established only in 1990 with donations from foreign friends.

Well, we have to admit: the nature of psychic ability famous psychic messing not defined so far.

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