Workshop Paleolithic artist found in Kapova cave

Workshop Paleolithic artist was found in Kapova cave, students of historical faculty of Moscow state University.

July 9, 2016, the first year students of historical faculty of the Mikhail Klyuyev and Igor Kopaev, passing practice in the South Ural archaeological expedition under the leadership of candidate of historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of archaeology V. S. Zhitenev’s, found the workplace of the Paleolithic artist.

Place paint storage and a palette were found in the hall of Chaos Kapova cave nature reserve “Shulgan-Tash” (Bashkiria) under a rare picture of the fish is additional evidence of the close connection of the repertoire of images of the Franco-Cantabrian and South Ural regions of development of upper Paleolithic art.

After work the artist has covered your palette of the heavy stone slab. The uniqueness of this findings is in perfect condition working Paleolithic complex of the artist, which allows to reconstruct the stages of preparation, artistic activities and as such the completion of the creative process.

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