X-ray helped to read the old text of the ancient treatise

The eleventh-century manuscript, which was kept in a monastery in Sinai, was written on top of the ancient Roman text on medicinal mixtures. The text, written by the legendary Galen, was overwritten in order to save paper.

A medieval book with Christian psalms written in Syriac was found in Germany in the early 20th century. About ten years ago, scientists found the remains of other, earlier records in Latin under the texts of church chants, but during this time they did not advance in their research.

And finally, with the help of a special particle accelerator, they could read the secret text. X-rays generated by the apparatus showed particles of ancient ink. Development of the text took about 10 hours.

Now the experts have entered the business in Latin. At the moment, 26 pages of medical treatise from 200 have already been deciphered. Scientists are already familiar with the text of the work of Galen in a Syriac translation, but the original text fell into their hands for the first time.

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