A man in a coma traveled in the year 3906

The prophecies of a certain Paul Amadeus Dinach, who fell into a one-year lethargic dream in 1921 and was carried by the soul into the body of a certain Andreas Northam living in 3906, are not a rally. It’s not even that in 2016 scientists from Greece and other countries will start working on the “temporary diary of Dinakh” (1000 pages!). The main reason for the truthfulness of this mysterious story is this: the “foresighted seer” himself did not want his diary ever to be made public. Moreover – the entire circulation of the book about Dinakh, containing only a few of his prophecies and published in the late 1920s, was someone hastily withdrawn from retail trade and, apparently, destroyed.

Paul Amadeus Dinach, who, from his words, knows that his father was a German-speaking Swiss, and his mother came from Austria’s Salzburg, moved to Greece in the autumn of 1922 on the recommendation of a doctor in charge. A year earlier, our hero became one of the victims of a mysterious outbreak of a rare disease – lethargic encephalitis, whose epidemic spread throughout the world between 1915 and 1926. The doctor, who observed in the Geneva central hospital for a patient who had lost his memory and did not know how to prevent a possible relapse, advised the client “the country with the best climate”.

Paul Dinach followed the recommendations and came to Athens. At the local university, he, a former school teacher, began to teach German students. In 1924, thinking of returning to his homeland, Dinakh called to his office his best student, Georgios Papahatsis, and handed him a plump manuscript, explaining that translating it from German into Greek would allow him to develop in the field of linguistics. With that, and departed home – in accordance with the further approval of Georgios, “probably having died from tuberculosis, during the transfer to his native Zurich from Austria via Italy.”

From this moment the adventures of the mysterious diary, which turned out, to the surprise of a gifted student, a collection of predictions for the period from the 21st century to 3906 began.

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