Aliens changed human DNA

Daniela Fenton, author of Hybrid People, claims that the alien mind has changed human DNA to make us wiser. And as a proof brings the second chromosome.

Approximately 800,000 years ago, the human ancestor’s brain grew quite large in size, which was the prerequisite for the emergence of Homo Sapiens – that is, us and you. Australian Daniel Fenton is sure that this is not an accident, and sees in such an evolutionary breakthrough the “aliens’ hand”.

Fenton is not limited to loud statements, but is trying to find serious scientific justification for his words. In her opinion, the alien mind left a kind of “signature” in the human DNA. This is the miR-941 gene, which plays an important role in the development of neurotransmitter systems, and ARHGAP11B is the gene responsible for the formation of a new cerebral cortex.
In addition, the result of the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations Fenton considers the appearance of a second chromosome in the human genome. It was formed as a result of the fusion of two chromosomes of the human ancestors. “Instead of a small number of people who had a fusion of chromosomes and a much larger group that did not have a fusion, we see that there has been a complete replacement of the genetic set of all people. Instead of 48 chromosomes, 46 became, and this made it possible to dominate the Earth, “says Fenton.

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