Aliens steal the stars

The aliens steal the stars, tow them into their galaxies, and then use them as fuel for their giant spaceships.

Scientists do not disclose details of how extraterrestrials move stars, or transform their energy. “It’s like asking a cave man how the car works,” Hooper explains.

Astrophysicist Dan Hooper from the University of Chicago, spoke about how in the distant future, mankind or another supercivilization could survive in the expanding universe. To do this, he suggested “towing” the stars, and then use their energy. According to the researcher, by the time when such a task becomes relevant, suitable for this technology will already exist.

According to the scientist’s assumption, if a reasonable civilization does not destroy itself, in the process of development it will require more and more energy, and sooner or later the only powerful source of it will be the stars. In this case, the stars themselves due to the expansion of the universe will be provided further, and many – to hide from sight. The researcher sees the output as redirecting part of the energy received from the star to its own movement, thereby creating artificial clusters of stars and providing itself with a huge amount of energy in the very long term.

Commenting on the unusual work, Hooper’s colleagues did not agree with his conclusions. In particular, the physicist Avi Loeb stated that a super civilization, capable of traveling between the stars, would rather not create a star cluster artificially, but rather colonize any of the existing structures of this kind. Another astrophysicist, Cathy Mac of the University of North Carolina, shares Loeb’s view, although it does not rule out that the civilization of the future could try to improve its own galaxy from sentimental considerations.

Earlier, astrophysicist Ethan Siegel thought about the question of how the expansion of the universe would affect the cosmic theory of intelligent civilizations, which in the future will only be formed. According to him, because they are not seen by the stars outside their own galaxy, they hardly know that the universe is expanding, and will guess about a big explosion.

This, in turn, pushed the scientist into thinking about what kind of data about the universe mankind can not have, and how objective is the picture of the world, based on the observations of our civilization.

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