Aliens warning earthlings about the danger

15 may 2015 by the Russian astronomers for the radio telescope RATAN-600, Special astrophysical Observatory RAS, was recorded the signal coming from the star system HD 164595 from the region of the constellation of Hercules from a distance of 95 light years.

The heritage of the Russian public information was the August 29, 2016, with the filing of Western astrophysicists.

Russian astrophysicists have preferred to remain silent about the receipt of a signal and decided to consult with their Western colleagues by sending them targeted information. Perhaps the waiting would have lasted even longer if one of the Western colleagues decided to demonstrate awareness and to inform the public about an ordinary reception of an extraterrestrial signal.

Despite the fact that while waiting for reviews from their Western counterparts Russian astrophysicists were convinced in an extraterrestrial origin of the signal, on the second day after entering the information in the media Observatory, received the alarm, rushed to release an official comment in which one line dashed the hopes of all mankind. “Processing and analysis of the signal revealed that with high probability, it is still a signal of earthly origin” was the official response for to the public. From the situation it follows that Russian astrophysicists for more than a year waiting in vain for the opinion of their Western colleagues and just one day after being hit in the media, “processed, analyzed” and gave the conclusion on the received signal?!

Having in mind the exceptional gravity of the statement about reception an extraterrestrial signal, we would like to see the detailed analysis from astrophysics on the basis of which they made a mutually exclusive conclusion.

In connection with the receipt of this signal, in the comments of astrophysicists again was mentioned WOW Signal, fixed within the framework of the research program SETI in 1977. Once again the view was expressed that the nature of the Signal WOW, and how about the next signal HD 164595 that “to draw a conclusion about the artificial origin of the signal is possible only in that case will be able to decipher and detect some semantic content in a particular set of variations: gloss, radio, optics, etc.. (to quote astronomer Grigory Beskin – the head of the group of relativistic astrophysics).

Faced with similar circumstances in today’s astrophysics can specify the reason for this rapid change of opinion. It lies in the lack of methods of decoding signals, it is not at general! There are methods of screening of received noise signal from the Earth is, but the methods of deciphering no. Therefore, having insights on classification of signals, astrophysicists can not say anything in their deciphering. And to keep face, not to mention the lack of methods of deciphering, not to repeat the least that we can say, they’re just delaying the unlocking signal for “then”. And why astrophysics silenced about the signal year? How many of the received signals are not known to the public?

In all the articles, 29.08.16, with the first appearance information of the signal HD 164595, there is no question to astrophysicists about “how are they going to decrypt the signal.” But there is quite a clear answer that they do not know how to do it.

The complexity of the situation is that astrophysicists don’t want to know how to decrypt received signals. When you have questions like these, they are, at best, able to Express only their own view of the evidence of the extraterrestrial nature of the signal and do not want to know about the other.

We, as the authors of deciphering the WOW Signal, know about this a problem from the inside, declare that the “decryption Algorithm” found. It is based on: on the one hand, the fundamental laws of the construction of information common to any civilization, and on the other fundamentally different from the expectations of astrophysicists supply determine the artificial space of the signal. The transfer of messages via the radio signal based on the analogy of the two sources, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, and the basic intelligence of the recipients of the signal.

Method of analogy is a key and in the process of astronomical observations, for example, in determining the existence of planets orbiting stars observed cyclicity close their shadows. The same method applies to the establishment of other astronomical features. There is a developed earth model, according to its analogy can equate astronomical discovery.

The way analogy underlies the definitions of an extraterrestrial signal in it artificiality and rationality. The first is the assumption that the signal can come from Another civilization, and then attempts to prove or disprove this hypothesis. If the evidence is consistent with the scientific method, the assumption becomes fact. This consistency is similar to the school problem with variables X and Y, instead of which substituted different values.

These approach has one precondition, which is a priori shared by the researchers of the SETI program: the Other stellar civilizations that can get in touch with the Earth, its evolution is far ahead of the earthlings. We, the authors of deciphering the WOW Signal, on the basis of their experience supplemented by this premise the assertion that Another civilization, trying today to get in touch with the Earth, aware of our planet ! So sends a signal at the specific point of Earth from the same specific point of the stars coordinates.

The term “decoding” has its own set of methods which are United the scientific concept of Cryptography. These methods have an entirely different essence than astrophysical methods. The basis of Cryptography are letters and numbers – elementary graphic signs. This is the only that combines Cryptography with the received extraterrestrial signal.

This suggests that it is in the letters and numbers of the signal, i.e., in the recording of the characteristics and circumstances of receiving an extraterrestrial signal, is searched for reasonable information. And for the adoption of the results of such analyses already meets the reasonableness and fairness of the responsible person.

Today humanity has descended to such a low level of understanding of the information that is necessary to do extensive basic introduction, before you begin to talk about the main thing. For the same sad reason, the information transmitted by extraterrestrial signals for humanity, is elementary in content and presentation. But even this simplicity of the Earth scientists have not been able to understand for decades.

How does from HD signal 164595 was transferred the reasonable information?

Our deciphering of the Signal WOW in 2010 helped to identify extraterrestrial Algorithm of information transmission. The Other Side to be noted for her intelligence, through the characteristics of its transmitted signal, tries to show the maximum relationship between stellar point of departure and point of the reception signal on Earth.

Earthlings first need to collect all available information on the received Signal.

Then analyze it with the help of cryptographic methods and try to “see” the similarity with the previously obtained similar signals from space or from signals sent into space.

The first and second matches found were may seem accidental, but the third similarity has to be considered a manifestation of finding a reasonable Message, unless, of course, Explorer itself is reasonable in its conclusions.

Next, we show the similarity of the THREE space signals SETI program:

– 16.11.1974 year, the earth the message of Arecibo, in the direction of the constellation Hercules,
– 15.08.1977 year, receiving a response Signal WOW
– 15.05.2015 year, receiving Signal HD 164595 from the region of the constellation Hercules.

What is known about the signal HD 164595?

– were received from accurate aiming on the star system HD 164595
– the SETI program
– received may 15, 2015 (15.5.15)
– 2 seconds, according to the specifications of the telescope,
– 18:01:15.65 GMT
– at a wavelength of 2.7 cm
– in the range of 11 GHz
– point
– from a distance of 95 (94.4) light years
– from the field of star system HD 164595 with exoplanet class “Neptune”
– from the region of the constellation Hercules
– received by the radio telescope RATAN – 600 (the exact diameter is 576м)
– as part of the Special astrophysical Observatory of RAS
– located near the village of Zelenchukskaya, (the second name of – the Observatory “Zelenchukskaya”)
– in Karachay-Cherkessia.
– first signal reception in 1974
– start planning the work since 1977.

The similarity of signals, which can be seen without the use of cryptography:

1. All three signals relate to the SETI program,
2. HD 164595 obtained from the region of the constellation Hercules the Telescope which to take the first signal in 1974. Earth’s message from Arecibo was sent to the constellation Hercules in 1974.
3. RATAN-600 has started planned work since 1977. The WOW signal was received in 1977.
4. The WOW signal and HD 164595 have the same graph of the Gaussian curve.
5. The WOW signal and HD 164595 was recorded once only for its radio telescope, Big Ear in Ohio, and the RATAN-600 in the Caucasus, were not repeated.
6. The WOW signal and HD 164595 have the exact direction of the receiving telescopes.
7. The WOW signal and HD 164595 sent to radio telescopes using the Earth’s rotation.
8. The message sent from Arecibo, and the signal HD 164595 adopted by largest radiotelescopes of the world’s.
9. Deciphering the WOW Signal was detected indicating that the key to deciphering extraterrestrial signals is in the Russian language (alphabet). Targeted signal HD 164595 on the Russian radio telescope RATAN-600 confirms the conclusion.

The similarity of the signals detected by the cryptographic letters and numbers characteristics of their admission:

1. In the Russian letters of the reception signal HD 164595 – ZELENCHUKSKAYA hidden word GERKULES. This Association of names speaks of the focus signal and selecting the place of departure.

2. Through the deciphering by means of the alpha-numeric order of the Russian alphabet where A=1..I=33, the reception time and the duration of the fixation signal HD 164595 – in 2 seconds being equal to the letters of the name of RATAN
At the time of receipt – 18.01.15 just add «2», ignoring the «seconds»:
18.01.15 + 2 = 20.01.15
18=Р, 1=А, 20=Т, 1=А, 15=Н (alpha-numeric order of the Russian alphabet).
The detection of this similarity is the discovery of the KEY to the decipherment of the signal HD 164595 and points to the Russian alphabet and language, which is encrypted transmitted verbal information.

3. The astrophysical term POINT signal has the second name means DISCRETE and continuous presence of the radio source at a given POINT of coordinates. But in the letters of the word POINT to read a direct spelling of the word ACCURATE, which in this case means a FOCUS signal.
So, short and powerful pulse of the signal HD 164595 was created specifically with the purpose of specifying the characteristic POINT and on the understanding that the signal was ACCURATELY aimed at the receiving Telescope.

4. The numeric designation of the RATAN-600 means the reflex mirror diameter of 600 meters, which is actually equal to 576 meters.
Thus, all the numbers of Ratana – 6576 repeat the number of the WOW Signal, which circled by the operator on the printout – 6EQUJ5+67.

5. Date of reception of the signal HD 164595 – MAY 15 (or 15.5) indicates that the known record of WOW Signal (6EQUJ5) – 6****5 = 1+5****5.
From all the names of the months in the year only the name of the month of MAY in the Russian spelling can be transformed into the English word WOW:
And only one month name AUGUST contains the letters ВАУ, meaning in the Russian language the name of the WOW Signal, received in August 1977.

6. In the set of numbers signal HD 164595 several times to detect the indication at the WOW Signal:
61 – WOW (the result of the alpha-numeric order of the English alphabet)
64 – 6EQUJ5
56 – ОГО-ГО (Russian version of the name WOW Signal)

7. Wavelength, which was adopted signal HD 164595 equal to 2.7 cm
A miscalculation of the individual numbers 2 and 7 have detected a similarity with the WOW signal.
the WOW signal lasted 72 seconds (technical characteristics of the radio telescope “Big Ear”)
– if 2 and 7 to calculate as 27 = 20 and 7, we get an indication of the date of reception of the signal WOW – 15.8 (1977).
158 = двадцать (=89) + семь(=69) (twenty + seven – alpha-numeric order of the Russian alphabet).
This consistency shows the possibility of Other civilizations to broadcast at a randomly selected frequency range and with any power, as explained above by the example of the term POINT.

It was a simple enumeration of similarities signals from Arecibo, WOW and HD 164595 in the open and encrypted versions. He had a purpose – to draw the attention of humans on artificial intelligence and signal HD 164595 and to prepare them for the main information transmitted in the same way using words and numbers.


The term POINT (ТОЧЕЧНЫЙ), which is formed from the word DOT, gives a hint that the signal contains a Message. The word POINT is part of the word NEWS – NEWS, synonymous with the MESSAGE. Second, its value is DISCRETE and contains almost a direct spelling of the word SECRET. That is, point-discrete signal was a hint to search for SECRET MESSAGES.

The main information signal HD 164595 was a warning about the impending asteroid catastrophe, like the WOW signal in 1977, 38 years ago.

Information about the asteroid contains in the name of the receiving telescope and in the characteristics of the received signal.

1. The radio telescope RATAN-600 belongs to the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
In the Russian letters of the word ASTROPHYSICAL hidden two words ASTEROID DISASTER.

The calculations are given in alpha-numeric order of the Russian alphabet.

2. In the name of the radio telescope RATAN-600 hidden words:
– РАТАН = the ТАРАН, i.e. a frontal impact

3. The numbers signal HD 164595:
595 = вас пытаются спасти от глобальной катастрофы (for you are trying to save the world from global catastrophe)
164 = Предопределение. Predestination (the name of Sura 97 of the Quran) (predefined, i.e., is inevitable)

4. In the wavelength of 2.7 cm the hidden word STONE
78 = 9 (два) + 69 (семь) = КАМЕНЬ
78 = 9 (two) + 69 (seven) = STONE.

In numbers the time of reception of the signal HD 164595 – 18:01:15.65 was specified recipient of the star of the Message and an indication on the alphabet in which it is encrypted:
The calculations are given in alpha-numeric order of the Russian alphabet.
181 = Россия + Москва (Russia + Moscow)
115 = Россия (Russia)
65 = Москва (Moscow)
180 = русский алфавит (Russian alphabet)
And it was stated from Whom to expect salvation from global catastrophe:
511 = только Россия спасёт Землю от астероида (only Russia saves the Earth from an asteroid)

The WOW Signal in 1977 was passed in the US, but was addressed to Russia. When the WOW Signal was decrypted, the decryption is not accepted. Therefore, a redundant signal HD 164595, warning of danger, was aimed at Russia itself.

But the chance for salvation is possible only if the only condition that this information will be given due attention. Yet, from the time of reception of WOW Signal in 1977 when it’s first warning, and since the publication of decoding the signal WOW in 2011, the information is ignored, and thus to avert a catastrophe already lost from 5 to 38 years.

If after all these points of similarity three extraterrestrial signals someone else will tell you that decoding fails, then even powerful Friends in Space will not be able to help hopelessly blind to humanity.

In the signal HD 164595, along with a precise indication of the addressee of the Message was information and Contact persons this information must be present. And it is not those persons who, probably, are already selected from the Astrophysics of the Russian delegates at the 67th international Astronomical Congress September 27, 2016.
But, by denying the basic Message, this is not so important.

Yuri Grigoriev and Anna Azhazha

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