Edgar Casey Predictions for 2017


Outstanding American psychic Edgar Casey became famous for his accurate predictions, and there his predictions, which can be traced to 2017. He claimed that Japan, North America and Europe will go under the water and the ocean will absorb the San Francisco and New York, as well as most of Greenland.

Third World War, according to Casey, is not expected, however, the Earth will be covered with natural disasters. Climatic and seismic disasters will affect the entire planet and this will lead to a significant changes.

“Areas with a cold or subtropical climate will become more tropical, and there will be growing ferns. New York, Connecticut and other areas on the east coast will be shacked so that they disappear from the surface. The waters of the Great Lakes will merge into the Gulf of Mexico. The volcanoes will awake in Hawai and it’ll cause such a strong wave, that the southern coast of California will disappear under water after three months. In northern Greenland will appear ice-free waters and new lands will arise in the Caribbean. South America will be shaked from top to bottom, and in Antarctica, near Tierra del Fuego, land will rise from the bottom of the earth and a new strait will appear with raging waters”, wrote Casey.

More Casey predicted that there should appear a new human race more endurant supertough with improved DNA. The prophecy says that this race will be create in 2004, so it already exists and waiting for it’s time to fulfill its great mission.

Representatives of the Fifth Root Race will have:

– more advanced DNA with unique properties of self-healing;
– a higher level of vitality;
– higher content of phosphorus in the body. The word “phosphorus” in the literal translation from Greek means “luminous” or “light bringer”.

If we talk about political events, the famous psychic claimed that greatness awaits China. “More and more followers of the Christian faith will come into politics. Once China will become the cradle of Christianity. By human standards it will take time, but it is only one day in the heart of the Lord. For China awakes “tomorrow,’ wrote great sleeping prophet.

Also Edgar mentioned Russia, which will continue to move confidently in the direction of development and and strengthening. It will be not only material but also spiritual development. And a great nation will help her to become great the people on the bank notes of which reads “In God We Trust.” America and Russia are the two great powers and if they unite, they can save the world,’ considered the prophet.

‘The hope will come from this into the world. From free Russia! It is the religious development of Russia that will give hope for the world. And then, those people who are in close relations with Russia, will live better, gradually changing and finally set the final conditions of the organization of life in the world. The mission of the Slavic peoples, is to change the nature of human relationships, free them from selfishness and gross material passions, restore them on a new basis – on love, trust and wisdom “- Casey wrote.

By the way, Edgar Casey said during his lifetime that he will reborn again in 2100 in Nebraska and personally verify the truth of his prophecy.

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Nina Morozova

I think we should move to Nebraska….anyway Casey promised that in 2100 it would still be on the map)

Nina Morozova

I think we should move to Nebraska…. anyway Casey promised it would still be on the map.)

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