Elon Musk said that we live in the Matrix

Philosopher Nick Bostrom of Oxford University explained the meaning of the words American businessman Elon musk about the best of humanity in the matrix. With the scientist who recommended to understand the words literally of a businessman, was interviewed by the publication Quartz.

The philosopher respects the point of view of the Mask and said that her unpopularity and literal perception of the inhabitants is due to the fact that “most philosophical works are languishing on dusty shelves in libraries”.

“It is important to understand that what we are in a simulation, is not metaphorical, but a literal sense that we ourselves and the whole world around us that we see, hear, and feel, exists inside of a computer built by some advanced civilization,” says Bostrom.

The application Mask on the stay of humanity in the matrix was performed June 1 at the conference Code Conference.

“We have to hope that we all live in a simulator, because otherwise…” — said Musk. The journalists The Verge Walt Mossberg tried to finish the sentence of the entrepreneur: “They will be able to reload it?” This billionaire replied, “Or we will create is indistinguishable from reality simulations, or civilization will cease to exist”.

Bostrom in 2003, published in the journal the Philosophical Quarterly the study “are you Living in a computer simulation?”

In it a scientist says justice for mankind, one of the three statements. According to the first, almost all of civilization at the current rate of development become extinct before we able to achieve the technological capacity to create ultra-realistic video game. The second assertion is that a civilization with such technological capabilities, are not interested in carrying out such computer simulations. The third statement explicitly says that humanity is a set of characters living in a computer simulation.

Musk is the founder of companies SpaceX (manufactures rockets and space ships) and Tesla Motors (electric cars creates), and also initiated the Hyperloop project (hybrid transport system of vacuum trains and Maglev). He also took part in the creation of companies, PayPal’s electronic payments) and SolarCity (solar power). Firm SpaceX has received a NASA contract to deliver astronauts to the ISS. By 2025, the businessman promised to send the first man on Mars.

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