Free will: a New look

The perennial philosophical question of free will. Decided to speculate on this topic and comb the old thoughts and the information that I found very credible*.

Part 1. Or the homunculus and frog legs

From the times of ancient philosophers to the present day people are “curious” and not very changed. Changed scientific instrumentation, has accumulated a database, empirical and theoretical. In the 21st century we condescending glance at the distant predecessors, who believed that lead and get the gold, the clay Golem will come to life, and with the opening of the electricity and completely forget the word death. Now we are waiting for that and there will be artificial intelligence, and immortality is not far off. A number of in General long.

I will not be original in thoughts that modern technology for research, is still the continuation and strengthening of our primary senses: sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Somewhere even tactile sensations. Well studied the man, his reactions to stimuli and, as many believe, have been well acquainted with the brain. Its structure, excitation of certain areas of the cortex responsible for different aspects of what we call the simple life. So. But how many it gives? Imagine yourself an observer with a microscope for the unknown life of any town in a long time.

We also note the patterns: at a certain time of day on the streets becomes much more of any objects of different sizes and parameters, purposeful somewhere moving in different trajectories, not always coincident with the control segments observation, but allows us to average the data. Out in those huge, compared to other buildings in the flood biped practically stable. And out that when like. To an external stimulus, in the form of thermite checkers”, is required to manifest a reaction in the form of some object of a red color with blue lights.

But the main question-what is the purpose of these objects fall into different buildings, that the buildings and what’s the point in all of this, do not get an answer, even in the presence of a more powerful microscope. I will say invalid example? You will be right. Sloppy, but, in my opinion is available.

Part 2. Or, what if they do?

So still, who are we? A hologram? A bunch of “hammer-toe “convinced that it was not. Programmed bioavtomat? Maybe. I am inclined to the other version, not even inclined, and almost certain.

Will start from afar. The phenomenon of symbiosis has long been known and well studied. The man himself of the symbiote, what I think will agree, at least in its gastrointestinal tract, or rather its tiny inhabitants. And are not we, in the likeness of similar to a tiny inhabitants beings of a different order of development? Funny? Clericalism?(Well at least the days of D. Bruno has passed, yet at least in the area of my dwelling). Let me remind you, we are limited by our senses, as our smaller counterparts in relation to us. We have even compared to the ones we mammals perceive by vision frequency range. Drawn man, if he was alive and was not a mathematician, the concept of “height” would be just as clear, like most of us, the theory of quantum entanglement.

Now the theory itself.

Someone thinks its a compilation of ideas of the great thinkers and world religions, so be it, I’m more important than those who will react to it.

Man, like everything else, an integral part of a single organism. You can call it a Deity, the Noosphere, can Logo.As someone comfortable. The body of this growing and require energy for growth. A food chain simplified: photosynthesis – herbivores – predators does not end there, relatively speaking, scavengers. Before the scavengers have one more link. Let’s call it energy consumer from the nerve (mental,emotional) activities.

That’s part of what we are and what, in fact, serve. One of the main suppliers of it-mankind. One of the main but not the only one. No one is surprised by the discovery that plants can experience pain, some beginnings of emotion. But where there burned hectares of forest to the little sorrows of war or the joy of surviving it.

We also love the variety of dishes. Thinking are divided into several categories. Or rather, four. Creators of reality, the producers of reality artists reality, living in reality. Figuratively speaking, the first – dreamers, not only creative people, but also, say theoretical physicists; the second, engineers ( and not to build me that beautiful submarine, which is so beautifully described Jules Verne); the third – everyone else (peasants, businessmen, etc.); the fourth is what we call flora and fauna.

The boundaries between the first three categories only exist in the reality of the Noosphere, and not the understanding of men, hurrying to divide people into castes based on social status. All communications between the four groups occur during sleep. Sleep is not primarily for relaxing the body, and it carries the function of information exchange between parts of a single organism, planning his life, including expanding food supply. The whole world is a giant, so to speak, a computer network (by the way, we are not original, just brought to the mechanistic view).

And in General, humanity is not so simple came to their discoveries and achievements. Directly people, as a separate unit to connect to a shared infopotok can’t burn. People with great spiritual(?) potential, unable to and get hints in the form of “prophetic” dreams, inspirations, etc. It was, is and will be, because it is necessary to the main body.

Depriving any human or animal sleep, we will kill him, not because of physical exhaustion, and inability to just be in this network and be useful to the whole and are thus excluded from the system. This does not mean to disappear forever. The last information packet in the system does. How is it with him next is unknown. So in a sense, we can speak about immortality.

Does this mean that people only livestock, devoid of the will choice and is programmed for certain actions? Yes and no.

Be aware that the Body of a growing, powerful, but there are limits, I guess. Yes, and humanity with the rest probably sits in an enclosed “stomach” in the Body. Can we still have additional features, such as eyes or hands.

So assuming we all move coherently in a given direction, after each sleep session and adjustments, at some point, the required exhaustive search in this direction. Who knows, maybe this is embodied in the fragmentation of the parallel worlds, can search options – and if you do it this way?, cyclic time shift.

In any case, the person is simply obliged to be the research function. And it presupposes freedom of choice.

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