Giants as first people

Too it is much recorded messages on finds of remains of giants. It is a lot of so that the explanation of this phenomenon simple “duck” is represented absolutely unconvincing.

The Hebrew historian Iosif Flavy described giants in due time as having “an enormous body, their persons surprise people, and voices cause fear”. The Ancient Greek writer Pavsany living in the 2nd century claimed too that in Syria perfectly remained skeleton of a giant, about more than 5 meters in height has been found.

Arabs also have similar records. The Arab traveler Ibn Fadlan living 1000 years ago somehow time contemplated a skeleton about 6 meters in height. According to him, the skeleton to him was shown by citizens of the governor of the Hazaria khaganate. Two Russian classic, Turgenev and Korolenko, in due time in the museum of the Swiss city of Lucerne also saw a skeleton of such growth. According to them, bones in 1577 have been found in a cave by the doctor Felix Plater.

In the Russian chronicle it is told that in 1380 in Battle of Kulikovo on the party of Mongol Tatars the four-meter giant battled, however the Russian athletes headed Oslyabey have won against him. According to Grinevsky, on Earth there are prints of feet of the huge sizes, the most known of which is in South Africa. He at the beginning of the 20th century was found by the owner of a local farm Stofel Kettsi. It is considered that it “a trace of the left leg”. He is left in almost vertical rock and has 12 cm in depth. Length his 1,28 meters. As it is supposed, the trace belongs to the person about 10 meters in height. Hundreds millions years ago when the giant has come there, layer of breed was still soft. Subsequently breed has stiffened and owing to geological processes has risen vertically. The scientist considers that the print of a leg is simply similar on human, but there are no indisputable proofs. Such trace could remain also from a stone which has dropped out later, and it is possible, it is a trace of a dinosaur.

Grinevsky is convinced that in the world there is no museum where bones of a giant would be exposed. However the author of the book “The FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY” which has caused a sensation the historian Michael Beydzhent supports in due time the point of view that proofs of existence of giants would raise doubts in correctness of nowadays standard theory of an origin of the person at scientists, and certain people on purpose not to allow a denial of the evolutionary theory have hidden skeletons of giants and other rare objects.

Too there is a lot of zafksirovano messages on finds of remains of giants. It is a lot of so that the explanation of this phenomenon simple “duck” is represented absolutely unconvincing.

Here incomplete list of mysterious finds:

In 1821 in the USA in the State of Tennessee have found ruins of an ancient stone wall, and under it two human skeletons of 215 centimeters in height. Huge vertebras and bones of a skull of “the improbable thickness and the size” as a note in the newspaper testifies have been found in Wisconsin during construction of the granary in 1879.

In 1883 in the State of Utah several sepulchral hills in which there were burials of people of very high growth – 195 centimeters were revealed that at least is 30 centimeters higher than the average height of Indian natives. The last didn’t do these burials and couldn’t give any information on them.
In 1885 in Gasterville (Pennsylvania) in the big sepulchral hill the stone crypt in which there was a skeleton 215 centimeters high On walls of a crypt has been found primitive images of people, birds and animals have been cut out.
In 1899 miners of the Ruhr region in Germany have found fossilized skeletons of people from 210 to 240 centimeters in height.


In 1890 archeologists found a stone sarcophagus with a clay coffin in Egypt inside in which there were mummies of the two-meter red-haired woman and the baby. Features and addition of a mummy differed from ancient Egyptians markedly Similar mummies of the man and woman with red hair were found in 1912 in Lovloke (Nevada) in the cave which is cut down in the rock. Body height of the mummified woman made two meters, and men during lifetime – about three meters.

In 1930 near Basarst gold prospectors on developments of a jasper often found petrified prints of huge human legs in Australia. Race of huge people whose remains were found in Australia anthropologists called megantropusam Body height of these people made from 210 to 365 centimeters. Megantropusa are similar to gigantopiteka which remains are found in China Judging by the found fragments of jaws and a set of teeth, body height of the Chinese giants made 3 to 3,5 meters, and the weight of 400 kilograms Near Basarst in river deposits there were stone artifacts of huge weight and size – bludgeons, planes, chisels, knives and axes. Modern Homo sapiens could hardly work with tools weighing from 4 to 9 kilograms. The anthropological expedition which was specially exploring this district in 1985 regarding existence of remains of megantropus carried out excavation at a depth up to three meters from the Earth’s surface the Australian researchers found in addition the fossilated molar 67 high and 42 millimeters wide. The owner of tooth had to have body height at least to 7,5 meters the weight of 370 kilograms! The hydrocarbonic analysis defined the age of finds which made nine million years.


In 1971 in Queensland the farmer Stephen Volcker, plowing the field, came across a big fragment of a jaw with teeth five centimeters high.

In 1979 in the Blue Mountains locals found the huge stone which is sticking out over a stream surface on which the print of a part of huge foot with five fingers was seen in Megalong Velli. The cross size of fingers made 17 centimeters. If the print remained completely, then would have 60-centimeter length. From this it follows that the print was left by the person of six-meter growth.


Near Malgoa three huge prints of foot 60 centimeters long, 17 – width were found. Length of a step of a giant was measured by 130 centimeters. Traces remained in the fossilated lava for millions of years, still before on the Australian continent there was Homo sapiens (if to consider true the theory of evolution). Huge traces are also in the calcareous bed of the river Upper Maklya. Fingerprints of these traces have length 10, and width of foot constitutes 25 santimpetr. Obviously, natives of Australia weren’t the first inhabitants of the continent. It is interesting that in their folklore there are legends of the giant people living once in these territories.

In one of ancient books entitled “History and antiquity”, which is stored nowadays in library of the Oxford university there is a report on the find of a huge skeleton made in the Middle Ages in Cumberland. “The giant is earthed on depth of four yards and is in complete military vestments its sword and the fighting axe are based near it. Skeleton length 4,5 yards (4 meters), and teeth of “the big person” are measured 6,5 inches (17 centimeters)”


In 1877 near Evreka in Nevada gold prospectors worked at washing of gold in the desert hilly area. One of workers accidentally noticed something sticking out over a rock ledge. People got on the rock and with surprise found human bones of foot and a shin together with a patella. The bone was immured in the rock, and gold prospectors picks exempted it from breed. Having estimated singularity of a find, workers brought her in Evreka Kamen in which the leg remaining balance was walled, represented quartzite, and bones blackened that issued their solid age.

The leg was broken over-the-knee and represented a knee joint and entirely the remained bones of a shin and foot. Several doctors inspected bones and came to a conclusion that the leg undoubtedly belonged to the person. But the most intriguing aspect of a find represented the leg size – 97 centimeters from a knee to foot the Owner of this extremity had height of 3 meters of 60 centimeters during lifetime. The age of quartzite in which found a fossil – 185 million years, an era of dinosaurs was even more mysterious. One of the museums sent researchers to the place of a find in hope to find other parts of a skeleton. But, unfortunately, anything else wasn’t revealed.

In 1936 the German paleontologist and the anthropologist Larson Kohl found skeletons of huge people on the bank of the lake Elayzi in the Central Africa. 12 men buried in a mass grave had height from 350 to 375 centimeters during lifetime. It is curious that their skulls had sloping chins and on two rows of the upper and lower teeth.

There are certificates that during World War II in the territory of Poland during burial of shot the fossilized skull 55 centimeters high was found, that is is almost three times more, than at the modern adult. The giant which possessed a skull had very pro rata lines and height at least 3,5 meters


Ewan T. Sanderson, the famous zoologist and the frequent guest of the American show “Tonight” popular in the sixties, shared curious story about the letter received by it from a certain Alan Makshir with public once. The author of the letter in 1950 worked as the bulldozer operator at a road construction on Alaska He reported that workers found two huge fossilized skulls, vertebras and bones of legs in one of sepulchral hills.

Height of skulls reached 58 cm, and width of 30 centimeters. Ancient giants had a double number of teeth and disproportionately flat heads In each skull in the upper part there was an accurate round opening It should be noted that custom to deform skulls of babies to force the heads to purchase the extended form in process of growth, existed at some Indian tribes of North America. Vertebras as well as skulls, had the size three times bigger, than at the modern person. Length of bones of a shin constituted from 150 to 180 centimeters.

In South Africa on diamond developments in 1950 the fragment of a huge skull 45 centimeters high was found. Above the nadbrovnykh of arches there were two strange ledges reminding small horns. Anthropologists into whose hands the find fell determined age of a skull – about nine million years. There are quite authentic certificates on finds of huge skulls in Southeast Asia and on the islands of Oceania. Practically all people have legends about the Giants living in the ancient time in the territory of this or that country. Armenia isn’t an exception, but unlike other areas from local stories it is impossible so just to wave away.

So, during the scientific and practical expedition which took place in 2011 a number of certificates from which it followed that people, growth 2 and more than a meter inhabited some regions of Armenia was built. Artsrun Ovsepyan, the director of a historical complex Goshavank told that in 1996 when making the road through hills bones of such size that when they were put to themselves were found, they reached throat level. Komitas Aleksanyan, the resident of the village of Ava says that locals found skulls and bones of legs of very large sizes, almost from the person. According to him: “Once it was last fall (2010) and 2 years ago, (2009), in the territory of our village where there is Saint Varvara’s grave”.

Ruben Mnatsakanyan, found bones which were very big, length of all skeleton constituted about 4 m 10 cm. “I carried a skull in hands and could don’t see closer before myself than 2 meters. Such is there was its size. The shin constituted about 1 m 15 cm. This bone was difficult too”.


In 1984 near the city of Sisian there was a construction of the new plant. Tractors dug the base. Suddenly one of them, having rejected earth layer, has stopped. Before observers ancient burial where remains of very large person lay has opened. Burial in which the second giant lay from above has been filled up with huge stones. To the middle of edges the skeleton has been covered with the earth, along a body there was a sword, he held with two hands his handle which has been made of a bone. Before I thought that giants lived in immemorial times. Perhaps, I would also not pay attention to it, but the sword has been made of metal because along all body the layer of the rust which has remained from iron has remained, Ruben Mnatsakanyan has told.

Pavel Avetisyan is the director of institute of archeology claims that in the territory of Gyumri, around Black fortress, huge skulls and even the whole skeletons of the antique period which showed him have been found. “I just was taken aback because, probably, the thumb of such person would be thicker, than my hand. I participated in excavation and often met remains of people which were much above me. Precisely, of course, I won’t call their growth, but it is more than 2 meters. Because the found tibial bone or a coxofemoral bone when I put her to my leg, was much longer”.

Movses Horenatsi (the representative of the Armenian feudal historiography, lived at 5 beginning of 6 centuries) wrote that the cities of giants also were in the gorge of the Vorotan River. It is the Syunik district located in the southeast of Armenia. Here in the mountain settlement of Jotas in the 1968th year built a monument to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. When leveled barrow top, ancient tombs with unusual remains have opened.

Vazgen Gevorgyan: “All population of the village of Jotas speaks about the skeletons of giants found there. In particular Razmik Arakelyan many years ago during earthwork personally saw graves of two giants. Also the head of the village to whom his father showed the exact place told about it. All who saw, have been very surprised to what enormous people here once lived. There probably was their cemetery”.
In the neighboring village of Tandzatap there are also witnesses who told about huge bones — tibial reached a belt of the highest of them. It has happened in 1986 when did terraces for fruit trees. Tractors have dug up a mountain slope on many meters in depth. Thanks to it, very ancient layers were available. The bucket of the tractor has demolished the lower plate, and then burial from which have taken a bone of the real giant has opened. Mikhail Ambartsumyan, at that time personally directed work.


Mikhail Ambartsumyan, the former head has sat down: “Has seen that the small opening which on each side is laid out by flat stones has opened. There I have found a leg bone: from a knee to foot, about about 1,20 cm long, I have even called the driver, have shown him, and he is a high guy. We have tried to look what else is in this hole, but it was too deep and was already dark, it isn’t visible. And left. Then I have found in the same hole карас, that is a huge jug, but, unfortunately, in attempt to pull out him, it has broken. In height карас reached about 2 meters”.

Besides, there is national folklore which never arises from scratch. In legends, myths and legends of all people memories of race of giants have remained. And the people say that “smoke without fire doesn’t happen”. Pichyom not only ы Russian is such saying, British speak: – “There is no fire without smoke”. In Latin it sounds as “I Flamrnafutno estproximo” — “The flame follows smoke”.

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