Humans were born in the world of the double star Centauri: the mysterious origin of mankind

Although humanity considers itself to be the most advanced species on the planet, there are some indications that we are not a product of the natural evolution of the Earth. Perhaps we are aliens brought to this planet from another world.

Dr. Ellis, a renowned researcher in the field of extraterrestrial life, suggests that a species of intelligent life “Homo Sapiens” evolved elsewhere and was brought to Earth between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago. His theory is supported by several distinctive features that suggest that humanity did not evolve in conjunction with other life forms on Earth.

One such sign is that humans have an aversion to certain natural foods. This may be due to the fact that these foods are not familiar to our true place of origin. In addition, humans suffer from back pain, which may be explained by the fact that our race evolved on a planet with reduced gravity.

Another interesting fact is that humans cannot be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time without the use of sunglasses. While other species can enjoy sunlight, humans experience negative effects from its exposure. This may be due to the fact that we are not designed for prolonged exposure to the sun.

It’s also worth mentioning that humans have a biological time frame oriented to a 25-hour day, instead of the usual 24. This can cause various health and sleep problems.

Perhaps our origins are due to a race of Neanderthals that were crossbred with another species, possibly from the Alpha Centauri star system. This constellation is one of the closest worlds to the solar system, and in the past the ancestors of modern humans may have lived there.

Many people around the world also claim to be “uncomfortable” on Earth and feel that they belong to another star world. This may be further confirmation that the human race was born on another planet and was brought here as a highly evolved species.

Perhaps Earth is not only a dwelling place for humanity, but also a prison of sorts. Human history is full of conflicts and wars, and we constantly face problems in adapting to our environment.

Ultimately, the question of humanity’s origins remains open and requires further research. We may be aliens from another world who have been brought to Earth for unknown purposes. But, so far, we do not have enough evidence to fully confirm or disprove this theory.

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