In the ocean live representatives of ancient civilization

Now the world’s population is already 7.520 billion people, and with further increase it will be deprived of food and energy sources, so scientists have long been thinking about using the underwater territory of the seas to live. But only representatives of ancient civilization do not want to see earthlings in their possessions and arrange a communal flat on the bottom.

Projects of specialists of this direction were developed since the 60s, when even experiments were conducted on the survival of groups of volunteers in special skyscrapers. It’s really safe with respect to weather conditions, because energy reserves can be obtained from temperature changes or hydrostations, and the oceans occupy most of the planet. They can accommodate humanity, but only reasonable representatives of the underwater world are negative about such attempts. As you understand, dolphins or whales do not belong here, although it is difficult to believe in the existence of these representatives of other worlds. But scientists noted that the ancient people described them in sacred texts, as evidenced by the Indian epics.

They mention strange inhabitants of underwater depths, dressed in shells, which are hostile to the earthly world, and their number has already exceeded 300 million. If our ancestors managed to survive in the harsh winter conditions after a global catastrophe, then the civilization of the oceans also had all the chances to preserve its existence to the present day. It is worth seeing the records of Columbus, where he talks about mermaids accompanying the court, and 100 years after this event, American fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico pulled on the dry land a strange monster, reminiscent of a man. It had gills and bulging eyes, sharp fangs were ready to stab in the hand of their invaders, and the body was covered with dark bumps. On the neck hung a metal plate, but this monster showed aggression and immediately killed one person, and then was destroyed himself.

The body was taken out with the military, and then the story of the find became a secret, the echoes of which seeped into the media. A new case of the emergence of the inhabitants of the underwater world was recorded at Baikal, when 3-meter individuals were shown from the water in shiny clothes and negatively treated people. Then in the 80’s, soldiers during the exercises saw them after diving and decided to catch a mysterious opponent for further research. But the abandoned iron network shuddered violently and threw the heroes ashore, inflicting serious damage on them. More attempts to find them no one showed, and the plot was shown on TV. Further Tobolsk farmer Kuzma Morokov told reporters about his acquaintance, who saw how these creatures were dragged ashore after the sinking of several ships. They had webbed extremities and fish tails.

When the American researcher Sanderson in his book on UFOs described extraterrestrial civilization under water, many considered his work a fantasy. It’s only now that scientists have reconsidered their opinion after deciphering the texts of the Sumerians, which refers to the gods who emerged from the abyss who taught them crafts and science. Contacts between them and earthlings ceased due to human jealousy, lies and aggression. But some people managed to encounter such creatures during the sinking of the 60’s, when in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle at a depth of 12 meters the diver noticed a strange creature with an outstretched neck and a monkey’s face looking at the person attentively. While resting on the sea shore of Anapa, a Riga tourist decided to go on an underwater hunting, but he encountered large individuals without aqualungs, having fins instead of limbs. They waved their tails and disappeared into the depths.

Often submariners notice vehicles of extraterrestrial origin, which belong to these residents. In 1902, a British sailor carrying a watch on a ship noticed the red lights visible in the water, and then examined with a binoculars a 180-meter object slowly sinking into the depths. The Argentine military, after discovering the submarines near the coast of the country, bombarded them with bombs, only they rose abruptly to the surface and disappeared from the people. Then everyone was shocked by the strange shape of the ships, made by unknown technologies, which were not afraid of guns and developed tremendous speed. During the exercises, the Americans observed an object that could not only move in different directions, but also go a long distance under water. Near Indonesia, the military managed to lift some of the debris to the surface after a collision with a ship of aliens, but immediately the instruments were fixed by a number of 15 workers’ analogs, and then the finds simply disappeared, like traces of a catastrophe.

In the 90s, during the exploration of the Mariana Trench, silhouettes of mysterious inhabitants of the depths were visible, which nearly damaged their instruments with equipment. In the hollow of Bellingshausen, too, luminous objects with oval shapes are also seen, but new attempts to find them have not yielded any results. Tour Heyerdahl, during his voyage, witnessed the appearance of round heads looking with glittering eyes at travelers, and also in the sea, several meter long balls resembling light bulbs flashed in the sea at night. Recent research scientists have discovered underwater cities with ladders and walls, where ancient civilizations can live, the level of technology which is even difficult to imagine. Also in the 70’s, scientists were suddenly banned from conducting experiments with underwater shelters, but there could be a huge battle with the true masters of the World Ocean.

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