Interview with Artem Dragunov

Today we’re talking with Artem Dragunov, it was under this alias, he was known as a person supposedly making lots of accurate predictions about events of the near and distant future. He does not consider himself a prophet and always says that he only says what he sees in his dreams. About the prophecies, the dreams and the aliens, as well as many other things, Tom said in an exclusive interview to “the Earth Chronicles of Life”.

THE: Start with a simple question, why did you decide to use a pseudonym, and did not go “to the people” under their real name and surname, especially because they have long been known to all. Is Artem Dragunov sounds better than Georgy Litvinov?

Do tell our readers a little about yourself and about where it all began. Not all know your appearance and the twists and turns of your path to glory “seeing in a dream.” Anyone know about you when in mass media there was information that you had predicted the earthquake in Japan, the most powerful and destructive in its consequences. When you wrote that it happens, day, month, year of publication of this forecast in your LJ and how much time has passed since the forecast before the actual event?

Dragunov: what About the pseudonym… It is not so. This is just my other self. People consist of different entities. Some in sight, some are suppressed. This is a complex issue, rooted in different…

I write books, so far only for myself. As a hobby. As the diary and sketches of thoughts, descriptions of fantasies. Roughly speaking – create a fictional, and sometimes not a fictional world. Which is closer to me than for example the real. And Tom – one of the characters in these books and this world. Lives that did not have time to live, George. Or what I would like, but it never worked out before.

Artem – one of the “Avatars” of me. I don’t want to divide the world into real and virtual. Because you know for certain that there’s NO separation. And different realities – much more than we think.

It all started quite a while ago. I was like all and lived all. In a big country. Nothing strange or Vice versa. But fundamentally, my life changed that day when I met on a walk alien probe.

THE: About entities, please explain their understanding of this concept. I think you know that there are different opinions about it. For example there is a hypothesis that we are all bio – machines created as our planet with only one purpose – to be a vessel for disembodied beings, entities of higher order, which are thus created for themselves the opportunity to explore the pleasures and sorrows of the material world. After all, the ability to feel physically, olfactory, tactile and spiritually given only to beings endowed with a physical body.

There is another hypothesis suggesting that the Earth is nothing like a prison, again, for incorporeal beings from other planets who are placed in our world for purification.

Well, another theory is that extraterrestrial beings of a higher order – incorporeal, energy created our world and us (perhaps virtual as in “the Matrix”) only in order to be able to experience life, relationships, in fact we are all children of these highly organized creatures receiving training in “the Earthly manger. Well, or, alternatively, all created with a simple purpose.

Maybe somewhere in the infinite vastness of the Universe is hanging out someone’s an alien ship – “the Ark”, where in cryo-sleep chambers the crew of the Ark, and our virtual world allows them not to die of boredom. They live here life after life, until the life-support system on their ship decides to Wake them up. Or maybe it glitched, and their sleep will last forever:)

There is another hypothesis about the egregores, parallel worlds and many others, so which one do you prefer?

Dragunov: I am inclined to believe that our planet is an incubator of souls. And the soul is that fancy operating system, are able to create information. Information is the main element of ether. The information creates an information field, in turn, the ether, the ether creates matter, matter helps to build up the air. Like any OS, we are able to manage multiple shells, which appear to us different Avatars or entities.

THE: as for books, I’ve read your stuff. Of course it’s not a bestseller intended for the General public, rather the piece goods for the chosen reader. But as far as I know, in your plans for writing over 100 different literary works. Actually, I noticed that you are always present “Napoleon’s plans”. If books some hundreds, if music, then immediately to the Grammys, if video, then certainly for an Oscar:) This is your life credo – committed to everything at once or attempt to do, as much as possible for your life?

Dragunov: long Ago I noticed that cool down quickly if you do something for one. It ceases to be a hobby and becomes a job. But a job working for a salary, and Hobbies – they are for the soul. So I’m taking a bunch of parallel projects, so as soon as podnadoest one switch to another. And do a bunch at once, slowly. No one hurrying, as done to himself. In the work I, like everyone else.

THE: in General, how do you manage to keep the ability to dream, to create fictional worlds? Because the age, you have long been not youth and it’s time to “dream” it would seem left behind. What helps to maintain interest. Due to the dreams you kept it “pipe dreams”?

Dragunov: I wouldn’t say I fantasize. I just open new worlds that haven’t noticed before. They have each. And they are so interesting, that capture the full.

Here you say you don’t divide the world into real and virtual, that different realities are much more than you can imagine. You mean parallel worlds? By the way, a very famous American scientist Donald Hoffman stated that we in fact live in the matrix. The world which we see, hear, smell is not the world that surrounds us really is.

In fact, in the real world, we are surrounded by a complex matrix, which create well-established images loomed in the consciousness of man. All around us, on Earth and in near-earth space actually consists of a very complex matter, which in turn consists of complex matrices, which present us with a picture of the world around us, that which we are accustomed to see and feel since the birth of man – loading it with the required picture of the world.

According to him, in the world there are people able to see the difference between illusion and reality, able to see the matrix. What do you think, maybe you’re one of those people? Maybe your dreams are what allows you to distinguish between illusion and reality?

Dragunov: I’m familiar with this theory and say that I agree with that. The world is multivariant, polysyllabic. And the rest is our subconscious mind. But the mind is a Navigator in a particular one.

THE: Let’s talk more about that historic meeting with the alien probe. I think our readers will be interested to know more details about this important event for you. Where, when, what happened, what looked like a probe, what was he doing, and what has changed for you or in you, after meeting him?

Dragunov: Just to quote a piece from the book:

Was my favorite month, August. It seems he entered the Polytechnic, it was necessary to continue the dynasty. Five minutes to the student. Everything was great. A couple of days before my birthday, my friends and I walked home after the rural evening movie session. Path in the woods, sometimes of a clearing, fireflies, bright stars. Then they were brighter, the city is not so dazzled the sky. I’m a little behind the group lit up a cigarette. About a year since I started Smoking.

Stand in the middle of a glade bathed in moonlight, is quite light, it is possible to go without lights. Lowered his head, struck a match, lift up your head, be delayed. Out the smoke, trying to build a ring. He hung about three meters. Metal, more bronze or brass, sometimes aluminum or steel. Light shade, quite thamizhan, not shiny, but it is clear that the metal. And you will notice that the workaholic, not just decoration. The size of a basketball or disco ball mirror. Let me remind you. It was a cigarette. And only.

I even felt a slight vibration of the hull. It wasn’t a vision, glitch, nonsense. It was more real than real. I could even feel it, just scared. I did not drink alcohol in quantities that may provoke such. And only smoked Opal or The Bulgarian, and then – a couple of cigarettes, while their parents were out of reach. He hung in the air, a meter above the ground, just below your eye level, well lit by the moon, and it was evident that it is quite heavy. Although it hovered in the air. It somehow felt. I immediately realized that it’s the probe. Bui.
And unearthly.

Like the current flying surveillance cameras in modern movies. But 30 years before them…. So we stood against each other, about 10 minutes. Then I suddenly said “hi”. Loud. Clearly. Aloud. Without fear, though everything inside was compressed. He responded in kind, but right in my head. Silently. But answered. Telepathy. Just – Hi. In my head, something like my dreams. Clearly loomed conscious. The fright passed. While I was thinking what to say next, the ball swung and soared, off steam 100 meters above the ground. Well as in computer games. Whack….And no…..

I understand why he ran away is back my friends, looking for me. At first I wanted to tell them, but then changed his mind. Then come to this place several times – but to no avail. Then began the students ‘ everyday life and this episode crawled into the depths of memory, though he never was and is not lost.

THE: OK, but let’s go back to your main activity, which is for you may not the main, but you got famous because his predictions “dreams” and not books, music or something else. I return to my question – anyone know About you when in mass media there was information that you had predicted the earthquake in Japan. When you wrote this prediction: day, month, year of publication in your LJ and how much time has passed since the forecast before the actual event?

If I’m not mistaken the gap in time was pretty big. Maybe it was just a coincidence or you had such high-profile predictions than this? Do you think you are. what are your predictions there are some, so to speak is the practical benefit?

Dragunov: I believe that sleep is the plate of air, waves of information. And the larger the event, the wave, the farther it can be seen in the air. Therefore, the major events, people feel much earlier than smaller ones. In my case the maximum is approximately two years. Fukushima I felt for about a year before the events… Coincidence of course possible. Even probable. But regular – it is mathematics. And not an accident.

THE: OK, let’s talk a little bit about your blog, or rather on his style. You can understand the lack of beauty of the flow of the text, punctuation and spelling, but why mate? It is a tribute, of some fashion Ala, – “I Express my protest” or what? It is no secret that the Mat in life and mate in the media are completely different things. You can cuss out the neighbor, but you don’t go to the street with a placard on which is written “the Whole world … and all of you …”. Your blog in fact the media, since he read a lot of people, then why such a style of communication?

Dragunov: Hee:) Good question. I do not think the Mat – outside the law. This is essentially the same language, just richer, its emotional component, just extend through the Mat. As emoticons as emoticons as punctuation. The Mat is not an insult. It’s emotions. Gestures, feelings. I don’t think we should ruin the richest language on the planet just for the sake of what someone thought a certain word indecent, although it is only a word consisting of letters. Make sense – that’s the main thing. It is here necessary to solve it. Mat – specific linguistic emotion. Used for its intended purpose and only where necessary. At home I speak Russian. But without the Mat. Swearing is the spice. Pepper. Does not fit all and not all can be used.

THE: the Mat is a sign of disrespect to the interlocutor, and in Russia in General it is banned in the media. And rightly so. However it is your right to decide how to write posts in your blog, I just want to warn our readers that children in this blog have nothing to do. This blog is for 18+ audience.

THE: You once lived in Russia, but emigrated from it in the 90s. Tell us a little about yourself. How they live, where they work, family, kids, car, Bank account, and actually tell people where the keys to the apartment are:)

Dragoons: In the late ’90s, rather in the notorious’ 98, bankrupt firm where I worked. And the city in which I lived – captured by ethnic groupings. A lot of fights, a little work. First had to sell the house, then to move to Moscow, and shook the country. Then I found a job in Germany. So still here. I live like all other people – family, apartment, job. Nothing unusual or interesting.

SHE: I know you are fond of music. Professionally or is it just a hobby? Whether or have your own band, where they sing, whether produced music albums. Is there any musical education or are you self-taught?

Dragunov: I was a professional in music. But that was long ago. Now I’m a sound engineer in television, and the music is just a hobby. I have a College education. Music no.

THE: Recently you said that now participate in the filming of a project, which removed a documentary film about “the predictors”. If possible, clarify which channel decided to rent a movie and what it is all about. Your role in this project. You wired, put in the pressure chamber and cause current to flow in the hope of getting the right prediction?:) A few years ago, you flashed at some of the gear REN TV where sitting on the bench was told about their “dreams”. But no sequel followed. Did not work out for you with TV?

Dragunov: the German and Argentine documentary film-makers to shoot a movie about modern Castaneda and Wangah, relatively speaking. I shall not have the right to talk about the shooting, except to say that so wired, sleeping under the camera, etc.,

THE: We are at the beginning of our conversation I learned that you think the Earth “incubator of souls” and people “shells and bio-avatars”. How this theory fits the alien zones and the aliens in General. If the soul, this is a reasonable bundle of energy, then who are all these aliens made from flesh and flying on the material ships?

Dragunov: Fly not only alien, but also we ourselves, but in another time or reality.

THE: You’re often on your blog you write that cooperate with various government agencies – the FSB, FBI, NSA? If it were a great secret, you would not have written about it, and just write, then tell me who you work for, “In my eyes, to look where the keys to the motorcycle, where the spare candle!?”:)

Dragunov: Are contacts, but not work. I work for my family, its. At work. And more than anyone else.

THE: Your dreams may reveal the future as it comes? This is a normal dream, just that you learned to remember dreams? It is believed that a person remembers only the last dream before awakening. Possible detail about the process of dreams to tell?

Dragunov: the Technique is simple – interrupted sleep, multiple times in a session. Approximately once 5, 7. I sleep in short chunks, about half an hour. And all that you see – write it down. Decrypting and decoding – is the main thing I’ve learned over the last 20 years. It’s just a technique. Nothing top secret.

Artem Dragunov

THE: Do exclusive forecast for our readers “the Earth Chronicles of Life”. A significant, not an ordinary event. And approximate dates when it will occur. That if happens, then surely nothing will confuse and it will be clear that you really “got”.

Dragunov: Well, that’s my prediction exclusive to your website – November 22, 2016. One of the most important dates in the history of Russia and important for the world.

THE: OK, we’ll check:) thanks for the interview, if our readers would be interested, we’ll talk again. Up to new meetings.

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