Is the universe a simulation?

Scientists are discussing the possibility that our world is just a computer program created by a highly evolved civilization. The idea is not new, researchers have long considered it as one of the possible hypotheses. But what would happen if we really knew the truth?

Rich Terrill, a computer scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, believes that our universe may be a simulation created by inhabitants with artificial intelligence. He claims that we live one generation away from the gods who create these universes.

Similarly, mathematician, philosopher and physicist Nick Bostrom of Oxford University thinks. He proceeds from the “Copernican Principle,” which states that our planet is nothing special. If aliens or humans of the future created one virtual Earth using a supercomputer, there is no reason why they could not make a million of them.

But what if we really do live in a simulation? Harvard astronomer Abraham Leb says that if we confirmed that our “reality” was not real, nothing else would matter. All laws and the system itself would immediately begin to collapse. The disintegration of society would begin.

Preston Green, associate professor of philosophy at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, goes even further. He argues that if scientists could find a way to confirm that our universe is a simulation, the game could be over.

Thinking about the “creator” of the simulated universe brings modern science very close to theology. The new theories bring us closer to humanity’s earliest conceptions of a world in which the creator watches over us from outside the universe. What he created us for, we can only guess. And maybe it would be better if we never understood it,” scientists say.

I’m closer to the idea that “All life is a game!” and when we find a way to confirm it, the game is over. After all, any game without an ending is meaningless.

So, what do you think about it?

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