Nostradamus predicted an alien invasion in 2017

Nostradamus, famous for his accurate predictions, left behind a creative legacy-the quatrains, which has for centuries commentators see something quite amazing that goes beyond simple coincidence. Time passes and a new generation discovers a new understanding of the previously described phrases.

It happened at this time, there was a Mr. chase, who saw in the book of revelation the great Nostradamus, the alien attack in 2017. In the opinion of the interpreter of the quatrain, the aliens are preparing for a major assault on Earth within the next year. Mr. chase claims that he was able to decipher the prophecies of Nostradamus the book of revelation.

According to the author as soon as I start the third world war, then come to Earth by aliens. This event is timed in prophecy for the second coming of Christ to be true until 2020. Putin will win the alien army and take over the planet that people lived peacefully. Aliens, posthouses on the Ground will change our DNA and make us more relaxed, for a long and happy life. Putin is described in prophecy as the man responsible for starting world war III.

Mr. chase, said, “In revelation 19 speaks about UFO invasion – “I saw the heavens open and the armies of heaven followed on white horses””. White horses could well be a UFO or Christ and his fleet arrived to defeat the Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon,” muses Mr. chase. He also says that “the description of the creation of the new Jerusalem in revelation 21, most likely, a giant alien city, who came to earth from another dimension as base.

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It’s not an invasion,it’s harvest time,they come for the gold,other precious metals ,minerals,sugar and mostly humans as a Labour force and to be hooked up into there ships like batteries by the millions this is why they’ll make us better so we last longer,similar to the movie matrix,as in the bible the chosen ones will ascend to the heavens to be taken to the new world,because their existing supply of beings have become genetically corrupted through inbreeding and they need a new supply based on our multicultural countries for there diversity of genetics and why multiculturalism exist,we have been genetically manipulated by our Alien beneficiaries known in the bible as God and as it is written we’re created in his image,but not totally we still have our primate side,the missing link was their first intervention I believe, where our eyes were opened and we were separated from all other life on this planet,its when our DNA was spliced with there’s through crossbreeding,in this their program for us to become who we are hence that unexplained genome,our obsession for gold that we’ve extracted so much from this planet and Mars may have been the first in our solar system and was sterilized after harvest time and the beings we were cross breed with, the missing link,the reason is simple and examples can be seen in our endeavours to space travel and how we use gold in a primitive form as to how our creators use it,their ships are made from gold and for many reasons as to why,it’s density creats gravity on the scale their ships are built,it lasts,can distort with gravitational pulls and not stress fracture,it’s so workable and repairable,its conductivity,these are few things I can think of,they’ll manipulate us by using a nuclear war and devastating our planet where they’ll offer us a way to survive(harvest)and we’ll flock like sheep blind to the truth of our destiny with our planet being laid waste to,to eliminate any possible competition and why all nukes are linked to computer systems and why computers have a back door so all nukes can be set off by them ,end of days,we are just workers (miners),a power supply of their ships,food may even come into it,to them we are just like pawns in a game of chess,where the harvested ones go or what becomes of them,would be up to that solar system or systems and planet or planets ready to seed,of course most of this is speculations and we believe what we want.

Lukáš Dohnal

Good novel material.


Nice try Lucererferian…. Try that bull with those ignorant of how you guys operate & what you really belief but hide. But when the Lord Jesus Christ arrives satan, his children (lucererferian, antichrists , atheist, Wiccans, basically all in the army that despise God ( the true God of Holy Bible), will be defeated if they join the in the war with fallen beings (aka aliens) against Christ. So try those lies on those already dammed that reject the gospel unto repentance. Gods elect cannot be decieved by your gnosis lie.


Hello Lynne , if the one you call God turns out to be a highly advanced race of beings , what ever their motive , alien if you must , would you still hold faith to what you believe now to be the truth broken down by Chinese whispers over the ages and be apart of an uprising and revolt against them your creator , would you??? Or would you see the truth and embrace it being then one of the chosen .

Daniela Pavelkova

for sure,i believe you completely


Hello Daniela that’s a nice name , I guess only time will tell as we all plunge blindly into the future .

Daniela Pavelkova

Thank you Stephen… Yea.. I’m starting to dig bunker.. Lol colecting cans of food.. Yea.. Or I just stand on a hill with huge sign that says-TAKE ME WITH YOU.. Lol


I hear you Daniela , I prep but for a reason I’ll explain that may be a little off track of conversation , I live in FNQ Australia and we have CYCLONES that hit our coral coast line annually and we all have what’s called a cyclone kit , the smart ones at least , there at the ready for cyclone season , in it is a variety of things but mostly food as I’ve seen with cyclones over the years now how often that the roads leading up here get flooded when we get one that crosses the coast , meaning no trucks can make food deliveries sometimes for weeks and the shelves in the shops get cleaned out bare really quickly (the things we take for granted hay)which is quite daunting hence the reason we prep , in my kit with all these prophesies of what may happen , it is a kit that i can survive on for at least 6 months that is there at very little expense and if in which these prophesies come true it will buy me time to grow a vegetable patch and I’m a very good fisherman and bow hunter providing more food to sustain the ones I care for , if at all possible pending on the out come of things , so I ask you when shit hits the fucken fan in what ever manner and our government’s collapse , society as we know it falls apart and not there for you and your survival , what will you do ? If you think your goods looks will get you over the mark , you’ll want to think again , there is no harm in being prepared in a realistic sense unlike that USA show dooms day castle , what idiots , they build a castle in prepping and show this to the world all their defences and construction , what alarms and even where , their armory and food stores , what an invitation for trouble if shit does hit the fan. You go for a job interview you go prepared , you go camping you go prepared , you go for a road trip you go prepared , you want to live you prepare it’s that simple . What’s your dogs name ? I like the fact you rescued it , we all need a place and someone to share it with that’s safe and comfortable . My dogs name is Whisper Wonder Whitecomment image and she has kit to.

Daniela Pavelkova

Awe,your pup is precious ;-)…My dog Buddy…. Greetings from frozen Rapid City.

Daniela Pavelkova

comment image


Hello Daniela
I like your dogs name , Whispers now 7 years old and her mates name was Bud (Buddy boy) I kid you not , he passed away suddenly (heart attack)October 2015 and we both miss him very very much , he was nearly 13comment image
Your Buddy looks like he’d keep you nice and warm at night as you describe it as frozen there , I’m in the tropics completely the opposite so greetings from well and truly wet Cairns city , we’re in the wet season now and it’s be raining every day this year so far , I like the picture of Buddy with his hat on hahaha he’s a good looking dog .

Kenneth Vorpagel

Or hold a sign up and say, send me a stupid one of you. I want to mount it on the wall with all my other head’s


This is not movie material, its been written in the book Earth Chronicles By Zecharia Sitchin.

Lino Pugliari

Where is original Nostradamus prophecy – not your idea about it but original text??? Btw. if there is gonna be ww3 – USA started it already with their politics.

Chris Marshalk

I welcome our new Alien Over lords. All Hail Goroth !!


Where did you come from dude? ??? First giggle of the day ???


We are definitely in trouble. 🙂

Joe Smith

Aliens are around live on every planet… Were dumb we live outside on planet


Yeah yeah – all alien to me, if you cannot see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, eat it. Then it is not real. One thing is for sure, the sun will rise, and the sun will set. No one mortal on this living planet can predict or forecast, that is fact, we are not Gods, never will be. Some time in the next 72 hours of you reading my post you will go to relieve yourself. So between now and then stop believing in CR&%

Dustin J. Moore

? we are coming! ? Were telepathic! We look at things very differently ? Like -> why do you keep other creatures as pets? ? That’s just weird! ?

Kenneth Vorpagel

We are country Boys, more trophies to mount on our wall, lol


look up images for natural gas pipelines …compare it to maps online of America by 2025… then look up Al Beilek watch his interview (I think it’s over an hour long) then watch the most recent Dr Steven Greer video on YouTube channel Sirius Disclosure… (very important info but a 3 hr long video so take it in sections if you need to) then take into consideration a bit of info I came across that explained that a large arrival of off world intelligent life is expected to happen in September of this yr (2017) (apparently they’ve been watching it approach for a while now) and moving or traveling north on the map might not help because I honestly believe that the Chem trails may be flammable … if gas lines blow and it’s big enough to reshape America we’relooking at the possibility of a wall of fire bigger than we can imagine … put it all together we go from having almost 350million people in America down to 50 million by 2020 and it all starts with a mock invasion that kills off well more than half the population that will begin around September of this year. ..
. on a positive note some are claiming messages have been sent by certain off world intelligence that war of any kind will not be tolerated which is nice to think about but not sure how they’re gonna stop a natural gas line explosion of that magnitude.

Steven Elliott

Some people must be smoking some serious shit here. Lol !


I believe wholly in people’s ability to have visions of the future , be it in the near or afar future , many people have this gift and some don’t always get it right but it’s still an ability we have , visions may come clear as a bell , these are the ones that fall true , then other visions come fragmented and get miss interpreted failing to be seen as to what it was truely and in relation to or when , I say this from experience , I have had this ability from as young as 5 years old and has been witnessed by others with some mixed results , my first was in sydney 1971 when my father was using an old circular saw cutting timber on a bench out in the yard , my younger brother Geoffrey and I were playing right up the back yard and mom was inside , as we were playing I suddenly got a sharp pain in my left ring finger that really hurt yet I’d done nothing to hurt it and I couldn’t understand why , so I ran down to tell dad but he was cutting the wood so I ran past on inside to mom to show her , she looked and seen nothing wrong yet I was in a lot of pain when dad yells out “Marie hospital” my father had cut the exact same finger nearly clean off with the saw , my father and mother were astounded by this , my next demonstration of this ability was at 8 years old our parents had separated and my brother and I were visiting our father , we went out in a hire boat being our father and his mate Max with his two children Johnny and Mary , we were out all day , that was a really good day out and on returning we ran out of fuel not far from being back when a big cruiser going by seen we were rowing and offered to tow us back so they threw a rope , my father tried to tether it off to the bow but there was no where at the front to do this , so he tied it off to starboard side oar mounting bracket and went up front to hold the rope at the centre of bow , they proceeded to tow us , dad was hanging on tight then they powered on more , causing to much strain for dad to hold the rope , then he lost his grip and the rope pinged tight to were he tied it off , this then spun our boat sideways and capsized it instantly , Max and i got high sided , he was tangled in the rope that I felt drag over my right shoulder , that I swam for watching Max being dragged away from me , so I turned back to our boat seeing dad at the stern calling me frantically , it’s winter , I’m in a parker and jeans struggling to get there , when I finally reached the boat with dad yelling “where’s Geoffrey?”, dad looks at me in desperation and asks me in a way to question my ability , I focus and I see Geoffrey sinking with his arms out , I say to dad “he’s under you , he’s down deep” , my father dives down then comes back up saying “where is he? where is he?”, I say again “he’s down really deep , right under you” then dad dives down again and a lot longer this time as I begin to worry , I see bubbles and he has Geoffrey with him , dad pushes him up onto the capsized boat where he throws up a heap of water and starts breathing , Johnny and Mary were both under the boat and we had all survived but my father kept asking me later “how you know he was down so deep as he could of been just under the boat with the others”, I told dad “I could see him sinking with his arms out” and that “the water was dark so I knew he was deep”, dad said “that’s exactly how his arms where and it was dark , I could only just see him”, I still can’t answer it but my brothers alive because of my ability , Ive continued having premonition of many kinds and I’ll fast forward to 2001 with my now x girlfriend Jodie , we were at home and started watching a movie with Bruce Willis that started with the world trade twin towers , I had seen them in a vision that I told Jodie of as they appeared on this movie , I said “their going to come but it’s how and why that will shock the world”, “it’s not clear how though but it’s a horrific act that causes them to come down and I could see them imploding collapsing in on themselves like a house of cards coming down”, a few weeks later it happens and stuns Jodie let alone the world .
2004 Jodie and I were with another couple Cameron and Azumie , we were celebrating Xmas day having a few drinks , a very enjoyable day , when Cameron brakes out this Japanese whiskey aged for years and gives me a shot , I shoot this shot and it’s strong , it takes my breath away so much so that I passed out momentarily nearly falling of my seat with Cameron catching me and in this brief moment I have a premonition , that I straight away proceeded to tell them , I say “I seen a place that was Asian and there’s water everywhere and a lot of people drowning”, Azumie is Japanese and she looks at me concerned , I say “don’t worry it’s not Japan you won’t have to worry about that for a few more years yet”,
(a premonition in its self) I say “it’s south and further around from Japan”, Cameron starts saying names , I’m saying “no no further” untill he says “Aceh”, I said “that’s it , it’s Aceh”, I continue and at this point I’m shaking , sweating profusely and Azumie gets me a damp towel , I say “there’s water everywhere but it’s not from rain , I can’t work out how the water got there , there’s so many people drowning , there’s going to be over a 100,000 dead people and it’s going to be today or tomorrow , it’s really close to happening” being good friends they tried to calm me down as we went onto enjoying the rest of the day but not ignoring my prophecy , then the next day it happens exactly where and it was revealed where the water came from being the tsunami also the death toll , we meet up a few more times after this and they drift away from Jodie and I because of it , I could see they could never be comfortable with me again as the good friends we were .
2006 Jodie and I were watching tv and Steve Irwin was featured , I say to Jodie “you watch what happens to him , he’s going to be killed but not by a crocodile or snake bite like everyone’s opinion , it’s going to happen just north of here being Cairns we’re in and it will be the last thing that anyone would expect it to be!”, a few weeks later it happens , by this time Jodie had witnessed my ability a number of times and others , like I said , so yes I believe in the ability of premonition or prophecies but it’s the accuracy that counts!
With this ability my question is what am I to do with it , like if I tried to warn the people of 9/11 or Aceh and the surrounding area , people would of laughed me off yet there would of been a small amount of people that would of paid heed to it , so of what good is it ? Yes it saved my brother and could of saved a lot more lives , you may be sceptical about prophecies / premonition , but put yourself in my shoes and see how it feels .


Nostradamus predicted an alien invasion in 2017.

Why don’t they tell the truth about Alien, anyway we have to face one day.

Frederick Brown

True Prophecy is reliable and validated by time/events. The Creator has already determined all things. The aliens so called are both forces within and beyond known human physical reality and beyond known human dimensions. In the bible they are called angels; but those are not the aliens to worry about nor are some tall big eyed grays. The real aliens to look out for are the one prophesied to be revealed… in Romans 8:18-22 and spoken of throughout Revelation as The Sons of God. Jesus showed a preview of what they are like when he was transformed on the mount before Peter, John and James. They are tall, beyond human height, resemble giant man-female forms, they have bodies made of a kind of electronic mist, like an atom cloud, and they are more powerful than “angels” or any aliens that exist throughout the cosmos. They are actually ALREADY on Earth, disguised as mortals awaiting their revealing. They will likely be exposed by their maker near the events as the 3rd world war culminates with nuclear war. They are by prophecy, destined to rule mankind with love and will in some way eradicate evil on Earth. They actually have cherubs, seraphs, and various angelic creatures/forces/aliens that serve as their hand-men. This is what Jesus was describing at the “return”. Or in other words… ALIEN INVASION.

Phoenix the Elder

As humans we have a body, an emotional body, a mental body and a soul body. The mental body also has an astral body, just like the soul body does. Aliens are humans without souls (astral body) and without a soul, one cannot reincarnate. What is left of these ancient humans is a mental astral body only and thus nothing is alien or from another planet. Too bad everyone believed the paranormal, the cia and sci-fi people over the decades and millennium, and not the real shamans and seers.

Joaney Bones

Gibberish. Aliens, just like us, need planets to colonize. Alien introduction of deadly and highly contagious microbes into Earths atmosphere would render the entire Planet void of all Human life within days. A 12 month Human Decompose waiting period would be followed by the biggest baddest Alien party ever seen and Earth can then be renamed Terak.
Remember this one fact….Aliens Never Share…They Kick Azz.

Joaney Bones

Gibberish. Aliens, just like us, need planets to colonize. Alien introduction of deadly and highly contagious microbes into Earths atmosphere would render the entire Planet void of all Human life within days. A 12 month Human Decompose waiting period would be followed by the biggest baddest Alien party ever seen and Earth can then be renamed Terak.
Remember this one fact….Aliens Never Share….They Kick Azz.

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