“Operation Disclosure”

Not so long ago, NASA unexpectedly announced an emergency conference associated with extraterrestrial life than raised enormous interest and many even thought that it would be announced that we are not alone in the Universe, but as a result of expectations not quite met.

NASA said that a few discovered exoplanets, three of which are possibly suitable for life. The conference was held, many it was disappointing, but perhaps this was an exercise of social consciousness, preparing for the actual Declaration that we are not alone and alien race joined with us in contact.

Stephen Bassett, head of the movement “Disclosure”. He and his supporters believe that on Earth there is a secret society of powerful men that controls the entire planet, collaborates with the aliens, gets from them the advanced technology leads a leisurely preparation of the population for first contact or invasion of an alien civilization on the Earth. Some will consider this contact with another world, and other invasion of aliens on Earth.

Media, literature, cinema, science, UFO and many other operating alien theme, are intentional informational program aimed at preparing the population of our planet to the Disclosure. Without preparation, the population will be very hard to accept the fact that we have long been under the rule of aliens who control Earth, not in vain, even scientists put forward the hypothesis that the Earth is a zoo for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Maybe a historic meeting of earthlings with aliens is really not far off?

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