People are aliens who conquered the Earth

Professor Chandra Vikramasing from Cardiff University claims that 3,500,000 years ago the seeds of life were artificially brought to Earth. Evidence of his theory scientist published in the International Journal of Astrobiology. In her opinion, first the Earth was revived, making it suitable for life, and after that people arrived here who colonized the planet.

Evidence that people did not appear on Earth, like all other organisms, but arrived here from another world is enough. For example, it is generally known that the human body is not at all adapted to the natural natural conditions of the Earth. People do not tolerate heat, cold, strong humidity, eyes are not adapted to bright sunlight and much more that other terrestrial creatures do not cause any problems.

People can not live on Earth without clothes, tools, various mechanisms, residential buildings protected from external environmental influences. People live in harmony not with nature, but with mechanisms that enable them to exist on this planet.

The whole history of the existence of people on earth is the history of wars and destruction, the constant struggle for better places and natural resources. We are not creators, we are destroyers. We captured this world and adapted it to ourselves, destroying all who could prevent it.

You know that people are the only living beings on the planet who are characterized by such a disease as varicose veins, but it is due to the fact that we are not adapted to a strong earthly attraction. Hence all the problems with the musculoskeletal system, the spine, osteochondrosis.

All this is due to the fact that terrestrial gravity is great for us, we are not adapted to it, we have come here from a world where gravity is much weaker than terrestrial gravity.

We are colonialists, we arrived and captured this world, and now we are waiting for the arrival of aliens, but we ourselves are aliens. We are an advanced detachment sent to Earth for its capture and change under itself, and after us, those who sent us here will arrive. So, when the “aliens” arrive, do not be surprised that they will not be gray, not dwarfs, but will be us – people.

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