Predictions and prophecy for 2017

The predictions of astrologers, clairvoyants, psychics, scientists, saints and famous prophets of the past. Clairvoyants and astrologers of our day and the famous prophets of the past who saw through the veil of the past, I know what awaits us in the coming 2017

The Predictions Of Nostradamus

The most famous of all who lived in the Land of soothsayers, Nostradamus left a lot of puzzles of his descendants, to solve which under force far not to everyone. In his quatrains or centuries contain information that applies to 2017.

Around the prophecies of Nostradamus, specifically relating to 2017 there are numerous differences. Some argue that Nostradamus never wrote about our time, and all this attracted “for ears”. Others vehemently insist that there are quatrains that describe events of the present day and near future.

The first prediction about the inevitability of a Third world war, which touched all the major countries, including Russia. To end the standoff between the two countries should in 2017. During the war, will be tested new chemical weapons, the implications of which will result in severe skin diseases. Most of the war, Europe will suffer. The population is significantly reduced and the European continent will be empty.

The second prediction of Nostradamus for 2017 confirms serious confrontation between Islam and Christianity, but in time China will intervene and will be able to resolve the current conflict.

According to Nostradamus, in the near future, the light should appear a freak (an ugly baby). It would be a sign of dark days for mankind. The beginning of darkness coming from the East. People in turbans will unleash a brutal war. Nostradamus wrote about the military conflict between the two Arab countries. Will flow rivers of blood. Other States cannot stand aside and will also participate in the bloodshed. Subsequently, in a deadly battle shlestnutsya two worlds – Christian and Muslim.

And then in the first place will be Russia where Siberia begins to shrink and settle the remaining European population. Russia will take all and become the new “cradle of civilization”. Later it will join China, which in 2018 will become completely independent power aspiring to world leadership.

Acting as a peacemaker, Russia will prevent the global redistribution of the world that will add to the state of serious political weight, given the global economic crisis. This crisis strongly affected the United States. Some countries will rebel against U.S. aggression and at the same time on the planet there will be a powerful coalition led by Russia and the acceding countries may, India and China. This Alliance will become the main military and political force on Earth for the next 50 years.

In addition, in the forecasts it binds 2017 with the rise of the global economy. Energy revolution related to the improvement of methods of gathering solar energy will help to provide people with cheap electricity, for transportation which do not need. The energy will be spread through the air. The population of the planet will begin to actively explore the depths of the sea. Continued active development of cities, and scholars will be transplanted to extend the life of the cloned human organs.

And finally, in 2017, the humankind will face in direct confrontation with an alien civilization.

The prediction of Leonardo da Vinci

About Leonardo da Vinci and the genius of his paintings known to all people without exception. But few know that the great artist was also quite a talented inventor, but also a predictor . He left to his descendants “Prediction”, which contain many interesting puzzles, many of which remain unsolved to this day. Predictions are, most likely, it was written as entertainment, not as serious study. You can find a lot of humorous moments

Leonardo da Vinci left a legacy to the descendants of some striking prophecies , among which is mentioned and the upcoming 2017. Man, has a unique versatile ability, and passionately fond of astronomy, in its distant past foresaw a serious threat to the planet on the background of significant climatic changes. To suffer the consequences of the neglect of Land and nature resources happen to many countries.

The Predictions Of Edgar Cayce

One of the most esteemed visionaries of all times is Edgar Cayce . American medium lived and worked in the first half of the last century, but interest in his prophecies has not dried up still. Casey failed to foresee two world wars, the economic crisis of 1929 and the coming to power of Adolf Hitler.

In his prophetic the medium is rarely tied to specific dates, especially so remote as the beginning of the 21st century. So all the articles on the prophecies Casey for 2017 are an invention of scammers. However, these predictions of the medium seem to be quite realistic and are worth our attention. One of the themes that have preoccupied Casey – climate change occurring on a global scale. Medium was sure that in the new century coastal America, Northern Europe and Japan will go under water.

From the face of the earth will disappear, new York and San Francisco, as well as most of Greenland. Destruction doesn’t pass and Central regions of the United States. Around the world there will be faults in the Caribbean sea to form new land. From devastating earthquakes affected a large part of South America, which will also redraw the map of the world. The struggle with the elements will radically change the political and economic situation in the world.

Earth is threatened by global warming. Regions with moderate and subtropical climate will become tropical. At the beginning of the new Millennium, the world will be Fifth Root Race. Its members will have a more perfect form of DNA, high level of energy and ability to heal itself. Also in their body will contain high amounts of phosphorus. The name of this item is translated from Greek as “luminous” which alludes to the special mission of a new race.

In his “readings”, the medium often affects the fate of Russia. Due to its geographical position, the state will suffer from natural disasters is smaller than the rest of the country. According to Casey, the expanse from the Urals to lake Baikal will become Noah’s ark for their inhabitants. Western Siberia, the medium calls the place of accumulation of the net energy, which will protect the region from natural disasters.

Casey was sure that it was in the Slavic countries will arise a new world based on freedom of each person and mutual assistance. The seer emphasizes that this philosophy will not be communism or Bolshevism. The main task of the Slavs Casey sees a change in the essence of human relationships, the rejection of pride and passion for material goods.

The Prediction Of Vanga

The prediction of Vanga in 2017 for Russia and more negative psychic predicts new war, which will be able to destroy many. Initially will be a struggle for power, but over time it will grow into a struggle for food — as in many countries in 2017 will be hunger.

People will forget about what justice and the law, and will win in an unequal fight against those who are stronger. But quality purchased at this time will help Russia to get up off his knees, as many people will develop strong personality qualities that will help them in the future.

Vanga predictions for 2017 do not give a comforting predictions. For Russia, this year will be a bloody and short war will be, and in some regions of Russia it will be a long one. But as the great clairvoyant, that Russia will lead the country out of the warring relations and achieve peace on earth. And it means a lot because world want a state, and to achieve this is far from over.

Wang said that in 2017 there will be religious conflict, which may not subside for several years. Wang never hid the fact that he loves Russia and her happiness in 2017 this country will become a main government all over the world. But the country will not gain power, the world will come to this, as Russia will change dramatically by 2017. Also on the territory of this country should be unification of the Slavs from all over the world. The psychic talked about that in 2017 Russia will help many countries, including America.

Also, by this time the country should unite with India and China. This is today some debate, and experts say that there are all prerequisites. Wang believed that in 2017 Russia will not pass the global crisis, which affected many States. But the crisis country is suffering used to, and it will not be to her such a blow as the other prophecies of Vanga in 2017 for Russia. As for the government, then, said Wang, will be in power again Vladimir.

The Prophecy Of St. Matrona Of Moscow

Matrona predicted on hard times. This woman was canonized. In her visions she saw for Russia a huge test, which will occur on February 10 next year. A clear description of the event is not the presentation of a Matron. We can say that the Saint predicted the end of the world, which should supposedly happen in February. Most likely she meant that it lost the morality of people who are becoming angry and desperate. Mankind is exterminating each other, no morals, terrible addiction devour more and more of the population.

According to seer, the coming period is destined to become decisive for all mankind. To say exactly that means is left to the descendants of the prophecy, is difficult. Meanwhile, experts in the field of secret knowledge came to the conclusion that we are talking about a global catastrophe or epidemic.

The Prediction Pavel Globa

Famous astrologer since Soviet times, Pavel Globa forecasts pays more attention to the economic and political climate on the planet. According to his authoritative opinion, the global crisis will go on recession and many countries in 2017 will quietly begin to strengthen the domestic economy. However, ordinary people will still have to face the consequences of decline and neglect, which will affect far from a decent standard of living.

Paul says that Russia with the countries of the former USSR will sign a new trade alliances. From the Commonwealth, the EU will be the major countries, it will gradually disintegrate. This means that the position of Russia on the world market will be strengthened and coalitions, the EU will weaken. Globa claims that starting in 2017 thanks to new unions, trade and political ties, Russia will gain great influence in the world community. It will become a powerful force and she had no one to present sanctions, as it’s pointless.

The prediction of a famous scientist and climatologist James Hansen

James Hansen, specializing in natural anomalies, draws information about the future from more mundane sources. Professor predicts rapid melting of glaciers, which would entail terrible consequences. According to the American researchers, part of Australia, and the coast of Denmark and Italy is in danger to go under water. Many countries with territory adjacent to the seas and large rivers, could face massive flooding of human settlements because of heavy release of water from the banks. The Siberia in a heat wave overwhelm the fires that destroy everything in its path.

The Prediction Of Tamara Globa

Tamara Globa 2017 promises to be a turning point in the development of many countries, including Russia. In General, its predictions are more optimistic. Expected stable economic growth, giving rise to improving the well-being of many people. As for the negative phenomena of bloodshed, catastrophes, natural disasters, natural disaster – they will not become less. However, coming to humanity’s understanding of the fragility of life and the planet, will allow more to prevent disastrous and tragic consequences.

The Prophecy Of Wolf Messing

Wolf messing – the great soothsayer, who was born 10 September 1899, in the town of góra Kalwaria (at that time this town was in the Russian Empire). This man is one of the most mysterious puzzles of the last century. The ability to see the future came to him in early childhood.

It messing at the time, foresaw the death of Stalin during the great Jewish holiday, called Purim.

According to the detected information , in 2017 there will be a lot of changes: new types of diseases, the world will be converted and will reach a new level of development. Also, according to the records of the film we can say that in 2017 will be a man who will save all. What this means is unknown. Perhaps all will become clear next year.

But that’s not all. 2017 will be the period that will suit a variety of inspection and test for humanity: if you change government policy, economic structure, power and people. Russia is one of the countries who will play a major role in the execution of the coup. All changes will bring development, prosperity and improvement.

Prediction Paisius The Athonite

Among astrologers and clairvoyants, many people believe in the predictions of the elders, one of those whose vision came true, is paisios the Athonite . One of the most famous seers sees what is coming, a terrible war, which will completely disappear is a country like Turkey, and Istanbul will once again become a Greek city.

He predicted a third of humanity will perish, one third will become Christians, and another third leave their homes and seek shelter. Russia paisios sees as a bulwark of Orthodoxy and the world’s peacekeeper.

Prediction Of Alexander Sheps

Famous psychic Alexander Sheps, is the winner of “Battle of psychics” made his statement regarding the upcoming 2017. According to a promising predictor, the influence of Russia in the geopolitical arena will rapidly increase and powerful countries will begin to seek support from Russia.

According to Sheps, in the summer of next year, the European Union and the United States will completely withdraw its troops from our country, and cease to return to the question of Ukraine and Crimea. These positive changes would have a beneficial effect on the economy of the country. The Russian ruble will gradually strengthen against the dollar, although the previous positions will never reach.

What awaits Ukraine in 2017

The events in Ukraine, very few people indifferent. The inhabitants of the country, and caring citizens abroad cherished early hopes of a favourable change. For this reason, the predictions of people with the gift of foresight, in respect of the development of the situation in various spheres of life in the Ukrainian lands in the coming 2017, has attracted considerable interest.

Turning to the predictions of the great prophetess of Evangelii Andeevo known as Wang emerges is not the rosy picture, however, is not without positive elements. According to Vanga, the upcoming period to Ukraine would be still a difficult time. Radical shifts in the direction of positive change is not expected. To somehow influence the situation only by virtue of honest, conscientious leaders. But try to find them, and unit representatives will be difficult to settle in terms mired in corruption authority.

Difficult to survive in 2017, the Ukrainians will help the belief that this situation will ever come to an end. Tangible improvements can only begin when people stop thinking only about himself and is saved alone, and will act for the good of his neighbor. Historian and astrologer of our day – Pavel Globa, a few years ago made predictions for Ukraine until 2020. As for the future period, according to his predictions, hostilities will cease, the economy will continue to slide into the abyss, and rising prices will take an incredible pace. Calms only one: despite difficult life conditions, people starve don’t have to. To stabilize the situation happens only a few years and when a coalition of Orthodox countries, who will take Ukraine under his wing.

Some of the predictions of Globa echoes the prophecies of Vanga. The astrologer also believes that to resolve a conflict situation, including sweeping the South-Eastern part of the country, can only be a strong leader. People having skills persuasive speaker and negotiator, his good deeds will achieve credibility and trust that will allow Ukraine to take the course to a better future.

Not a very encouraging forecast are the words psychic and numerology Ludmila Zhukova, who believes that in 2017 the Ukrainian people will have to face new and revolutionary unrest. Vague sentiments overwhelm much of the country, which will adversely affect the development of all aspects of internal and external life of Ukraine.

One of the strongest participants of the Ukrainian “Battle of psychics” – Yakov Schneerson, did not do loud statements, limiting some recommendations for compatriots in 2017. He advises firmer hold on their jobs, at the time of “belt-tightening” to start saving and think about the savings. According to the young talent, the coming period will bring some stabilization. However, hope for serious positive changes until 2019.

Speaking about Ukraine, the winner of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps predicts the country another coup, although this time without street clashes and bloodshed. The country’s Parliament will declare its dissolution, and after that, would be retiring and the head of state. A new political force that will lead Ukraine, will begin to establish relationships with Russia and with the European Union.

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