Scientists believe that the Earth has entered a new era

According to scientists, the anthropocene a geological sense.

The earth has entered a new era – the anthropocene. This is an informal geochronological term that refers to the geological era in which human activity plays a significant role in the ecosystem of the Earth, through the influence of humanity on the planet.

According to The Independent, the international working group established to examine this issue voted unanimously that the anthropocene is real in the geological sense.

The announcement was made at the 35th International geological Congress in South Africa. The recommendations of scientists yet to be agreed upon with the International Union of geological Sciences in order to be officially declared and put into textbooks. See also: Scientists first managed to grow in the laboratory two-week human embryo

According to scientists, global warming, sea level rise, waste from the burning of fossil fuels, plastic waste, a sharp increase in erosion, distribution of various types of animals around the world and radioactive particles left by tests of a nuclear bomb will contribute to the ongoing changes in the earth’s rock.

The idea that the world has entered the era of the people, was first proposed in 2000 by scientists Paul Crucena and Eugene Storeroom.

Human influence leaves traces in the stratigraphic chronicle (section of historical Geology covering historical sequence, primary relationships and geographical distribution of precipitation, volcanic and metamorphic formations composing the earth’s crust and reflect the natural stages of development of the Earth and its biosphere) for thousands of years before the beginning of the Holocene (present epoch of the Quaternary period, which covers the post-glacial time) – said in a statement.

According to scientists, changes in the Earth system, which characterize a potential epoch of the Quaternary include the marked acceleration in the pace of erosion and deposition, large-scale chemical perturbations in the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements, significant changes in global climate and sea level and biotic changes. Many of these changes is geologically long and some of them are almost irreversible.

The working group, as expected, make recommendations, and now probably will look for a symbolic line that will mark the beginning of the anthropocene.

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