Soon there will be inversion of Earth’s magnetic field

Be very careful apparently we are destined to live in a unique period of time associated with the inversion of Earth’s magnetic field, and the set of inversions of all objects in the solar system. Necessary process to ensure the existence of life on Earth, stimulating the evolution of the entire biosphere.

All information resources intentionally give false information about the process and by all means hide the algorithm of the flow inversion cycle of the precession of the Solar system relative to the Zodiac during the period Platonova.

Deliberately distorted system letoschislenii intends unraveled many dates of the end of the world to create a skeptical view of the majority to this subject. Deliberately created a negative image of end of the world this process is extremely necessary for the existence of the biosphere.

Intends unwinds the global scenario of a third world war involving the local nuclear strikes, thereby ensuring the following legend, future concealment of the cause of the shifting of the magnetic poles with the future of their location at the contemporary equator, with the coordinates of the first polyinosinic seconds Z 1.3 g. S. S. 58,87 gr. Z. D, N, 1.3 g. Y. S. 121,13 gr. V. D.

From the moment it entered the Solar system in the age of Aquarius takes a 90 degree inversion of the geomagnetic field relative to the initial coordinates of the poles of the previous inversion. The transition in the two previous era was accompanied by a 30 degree inversions, two subsequent era of Capricorn and Sagittarius will also be accompanied by a 30 degree inversion, the subsequent era of Scorpio again 90 degree inversion. When each the inversion of pole describe a sinusoidal trajectory of one period to future coordinates within one day.

Thus in the cycle precesie in Platonov period of the year are four 90 degree inversion and eight 30 degree inversion. Accordingly each of them is accompanied by global events and global changes of climate and landscape and by the changes of the physical world and its properties that actually provokes the disappearance of previous civilizations and the emergence of a new.

Ninety-degree inversion accompanied by an equally important event as the intersection of the solar equator one of the planets of the Solar system the existence of which so deliberately hide the media and official science.

The only planet with the ability to cross the solar equator Nibiru, aka Charon, aka Anubis crossing the Equatorial structure of the Sun moves in the visible range, what is the secret of appearance and disappearance in the sky. And this is only a small part of the hide, and distort information.

So deliberately distorted model of the Solar system, in fact it is not discoid in shape, and hourglass shape where the center is the Sun Equatorial structure is perpendicular to the conical orbits of the planets both North and South in their own hemisphere of the magnetosphere.

Respectively on the other side of the solar equator located the same planetary system is inversely proportional to the cycles of rotation and all the processes. And one planet directly to the Equatorial structure of the Sun, the Equatorial structure and the function of differentiation visible to humans range. It is the function of differentiation in the visible range of the solar equator, and provided science with the opportunity of concealment and distortion of important information.

An important process is happening today with the Earth’s magnetosphere, associated with a drop in the intensity values of all components of the magnetic field and desire them to zero, the true sign of close inversion. The principle preinversion reset is required to re the following polyvariance momentum of all the constituent variables of the magnetosphere. Reset the values needed to create harmony, not allowing values to resonate.

The second condition is the emergence of a new momentum gubernskoi frequency with new features of its components once again provides conditions for the existence of the biosphere in the next era. Making various adjustments of the physical world, a new climate, new continents, ocean currents, Caldera, mountain and river systems, the wind rose, and other environmental changes that encourage all living things to a new round of evolution.

Accordingly, this process will be accompanied by a mass of destructive consequences associated primarily with the reorganization of the geoid of the body of the Earth, shifting tectonic plates sea level change in many landscapes, followed by a giant tsunami and storms.

The trajectory of the poles to new coordinates instantly freeze, as the territory of the newly formed polar systems. For this reason, has repeatedly been discovered the bodies of animals in the permafrost. Frozen in polar glaciers were many representatives of tropical flora and fauna. Paleontologists are constantly finding perfectly preserved in the permafrost, the remains of ancient plants and animals – mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, palm trees with green leaves and ripe fruits, etc.

It is the impact of the giant tsunami long in the oceans 90 degree inversions formed the coal basins of sweeping away everything in its path and zahoranova all swept away in the valleys a thick layer of dirt sand and silt. As such the rapid burial provided the conditions of the formations and preservation of fossils of flora and fauna, and other artifacts of previous eras.

It is known that all the dead in our days, living beings decompose. Asleep the fish floats on the water surface and gradually begins to resist the process of decomposition. The corpses of the dead animals on land, or are eaten by predators or decompose rapidly. Dead plants are also destroyed in relatively short periods of time. And how in the past there was a process of formation of fossils?

Is the most logical explanation, according to which living creatures were quickly buried as the result of tidal activities, massive shifts of land, and volcanic eruptions on a global scale. Important factors in the subsequent processes of fossilization was very high temperature and pressure. Sedimentary layers were formed, thus, not gradually over millions of years, and could be a result of the cataclysm.

The fossil record is full of examples confirming this assumption. As mentioned above, the accumulation of fossils in different parts of the world indicate that living organisms when it suddenly died. Developing this idea, see the examples. Fossilized remains of fish Well preserved aggregations of fish, a variety of species discovered by scientists in many parts of the world. As it turned out fish in those areas where, in our days, the water is missing, for example, high in the mountains?

Such a tsunami can penetrate into the continent, the main cause will be the newly formed equator, and rebuild the geoid body of the planet in a new sector. It is for this reason fracture of lithospheric plates occur mountain ranges where giant blocks of lithospheric plates stand almost vertically forming rock shelters of young mountain systems.

Because of the algorithm of inversions all mountain system is diverse in its inception, there are more ancient like the Urals is relatively young like the Alps. But they all occur in a very short period of time almost for a few days and it is absolutely clear. In the process of rebuilding the geoid of Earth’s bodies of previous inversions, many artifacts have been found under the water of the newly formed seas and oceans, ancient cities, and various structures of anthropogenic origin previous civilizations.

The most important property of inversions is that their passing in the moments of equinoxes and solstices, where a mixture of polar and Equatorial structures of the Earth’s magnetosphere, gives rise to the offset property of seasons required for the period all life forms to ensure the conditions of their survival, which also played not the last role for the new little momentum gubernskoi frequency with the maximum amplitude of all components values of the magnetosphere.

No doubt official science will provide this information, a lot of counter-arguments based on General accepted theories, but we must not forget that this is just theory, the majority reasoned only by facts of the mathematical fit, and no more.

But even with a lot of counterarguments on the part of official science they can discredit the obvious facts directly related to the Solar Moon cycle, contrary to the official theories and explanations of the process. Most of our contemporaries are witnessing a natural phenomenon of a Lunar Eclipse during the full moon, gradually emerging and fading Crescent shape evenly lit Lunar surface to complete the shading of the sphere of the Earth, and the newly growing Crescent shape to a full illumination of the Lunar surface, visible full moon.

Please note that in this process we can only see a Crescent of the wrong form for the most part, and not as exactly half of the moon’s surface delineated straight line, similar to the pattern of the first lunar phase. An even bigger issue is lighting the moon the surface of the second moon phase, relative to conventional theory shading of the Lunar sphere the sphere of the Earth, namely the visible light more than half the moon’s surface britneelvideos form.

Striking the scale of blatant outright lies, even with the attempts of the official estestvoznanii to rehabilitate in this puncture, and come up with even more ridiculous theory explanation of the visible lunar cycle, the Crescent-shaped hemispheres and operatorprovided forms, so that the lunar sphere makes one revolution around the Earth in 29.5 days(by the way an average statistical value) and we are given the picture of the Moon lighting spheres with different angles in one cycle.

Each artist and most of the townsfolk know what angle not ASOSAI the field will always be visible unevenly lit spot, in most cases irregular, and never will be evenly lit visible Crescent hemispheres and obratnojajtsevidnye form, for it is a sphere and not a disk. So distort and conceal the essence of the simple obvious things.

The explanation of this process looks different, the fact that the magnetosphere of the Earth and moon is that the Earth rotates own body in a relatively stationary self magnetosphere, the Moon rotates around its own magnetic field relative to a fixed own body. In other words, we see the rotation of the Equatorial ring magnetic field of the moon and the delimitation of the Equatorial structure visible to humans spectrum.

Similar is the official theory of the origin of the lunar craters. The official theory of the origin of the Lunar craters brazenly assure us that their nature of occurrence of the result of the fall of many meteorites, fireballs. The first thing you should pay attention to the fact that the Earth’s diameter is almost 4 times the diameter of the moon, and the Moon always facing the Earth on one side of the lunar craters. Second, all of the craters circular forms of different diameters, and this means that all of the meteorite body was to fall on a strictly perpendicular trajectory relative to the surface of the moon, the only way to form craters, rounded shapes.

In the fall of the meteorite body at any angle formed elongated loop is not the correct form especially given the density of the Lunar surface. Third given the difference in diameters of the Earth and the moon, and the relative immobility of the Lunar sphere, a perfect circle craters, most of these craters were to be on Earth. A paradox or the utter bankruptcy of unprecedented estestvoznanii nurtured on lies?

If you try to ask such questions to the Ministers of science, 101 percent that the answer will be like this: – Well it’s because due to certain circumstances, many links to different no combined sections of the same estestvoznanii, etc., etc. until the utopian theory of the singularity, the apogee of Ministers.

The calculation of the astronomical era calendar system.

The calculation of the astronomical era is done according to the algorithm the ratio of full Lunar cycles to one astronomical year. The average of the value of one full Lunar cycle is ~29.5 days, in fact, ranges from 28.07 30.13 to day and is calculated by the formation of one extra 13 th month relative to the astronomical year, as twelve lunar months, 354 Earth days.

The calculation algorithm is based on the ratio of the period of education 13 th month relative to the astronomical number of Earth years. The complete cycle is enclosed in a 45 astronomical years. Looks sketchy empirical relationship of numbers.

Single 1. 365 days : divide by 12 + 1 month = 28.07
Double. 2. 365 × 2 ÷ (24 1) = 29.2
Triple. 3. 365 × 3 ÷ 37 = 29.59
4. 365 × 4 ÷ 49 = 29.79
5. 365 × 5 ÷ 61 = 29.91
6. 365 × 6 ÷ 73 = 30
7. 365 × 7 ÷ 85 = 30.05
8. 365 × 8 ÷ 97 = 30.1
Nine-time 9. 365 × 9÷109= 30.13

The sum of nine results even 266.84 divide by the number of multiple cycles, the result is 29.64 arithmetic mean of the length of one Lunar cycle after 45 years. Full cycle of one astronomical era is equal to forty complete algorithms 45лет, there are 1800 Solar Lunar cycles, which would correspond to 1860 the Earth’s astronomical.

Because the primary function of modifying the earth’s magnetosphere within one astronomical era that is associated with the displacement of the body within the structure of its own magnetosphere and the beginning of the movement of poles from the original polyinosinic points coincide with the geographical, Fibonacci spirals. According to the above-described algorithm, the multiplicities of the Lunar cycle, for each of the nine algorithms have the total shift of the poles 1° sweep of the spiral of Fibonacci.

This means that every dawn the next multiple of the cycle starts 4 minutes early, that’s the difference between the calendar system of chronology from astronomical, which ensures 365 days in one calendar year and need to add one day to every fourth year one day. Another need for the introduction of the calendar system of chronology aims to hide the process of the displacement of the equinoxes and solstices relative to the seasons and also requires the presence of necessary so-called leap-year.

As at the expiration of one astronomical era magnetic poles make one complete rotation on a trajectory of a spiral of Fibonacci which ensures the declination of the Earth’s axis relative to the Ecliptic of the Sun, and winter change to summer regarding calendar months.

The same process explains the fall of the values of all components of intensity of Earth’s magnetic field and increase their frequencies, such as Schumann.

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