The Earth is inside a black hole: What is the confirmation of this version?

Black holes are some of the most mysterious objects in the universe. They occur after supernovae explode and are regions of space where the gravitational field is so strong that nothing can escape from them, not even light. But what if I told you that the Earth is inside a black hole? This theory sounds unbelievable, but is there scientific evidence that it is possible?

The possibility that the Earth is inside a black hole was first proposed by Jacob Becker, a scientist at Leiden University in the Netherlands, in 2014. He proposed a new model of the universe in which black holes are not closed regions of space, but can be passed through. According to this model, the Earth is inside a black hole, but we do not notice it because we are also inside this black hole.

However, the scientific community did not immediately accept this theory. But gradually it began to gain momentum and receive confirmation. In 2015, scientists from the University of San Diego conducted an experiment that confirmed that black holes can be passable. They created a model of a black hole that could be entered and exited, and showed that it was possible.

In addition, scientists discovered that black holes can be connected to each other, forming a kind of “bridge” between them. This means that if the Earth is inside a black hole, it can be connected to other black holes in the universe.

Some scientists also point out that there is a possibility that our universe is part of a larger universe that is inside a black hole. This theory is called the “black hole-matrix theory” and suggests that each black hole is a separate universe that is connected to each other.

Although this theory sounds rather fantastic, it has a scientific basis. At the moment, scientists continue to investigate black holes and look for new confirmations of this theory.

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