The explosion of the star Betelgeuse is threatening the Earth destructive cosmic radiation

The explosion of the star called Betelgeuse located in the constellation Orion has already occurred and the Terrans have to prepare for the negative consequences of this event.

Yes, what we care about the explosion of a star that is from our planet at a distance of 160 light years, you say, but I will simply remind you that the disappearance of the dinosaurs, a fully prevailed on Earth in the Jurassic period and suddenly became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period was likely to be associated with the flash close to the supernova that caused the increase in the level of cosmic radiation for hundreds of thousands of years.

Dinosaurs are extinct and their place was taken by people, but what makes us different from them, because cosmic rays can we kill the same way as the ancient dinosaurs. However the extinction does not threaten us, but disable all forms of communication, all telecommunication networks, a failure of the power substations and the lack of electricity, to put it simply will turn off all what You’re used to all the things that you consider mundane, but without which Your life will almost stop.

When the consequences of the explosion of Betelgeuse to reach Earth, then the sky will be visible even during the day the brightest star of comparable brilliance of the full Moon. When this happens, try not to go outside unless absolutely necessary, not to expose himself to the influence of detrimental UV radiation. Ultraviolet radiation from the supernova will be hundreds of times more intense UV radiation of the Sun.

Flashes of auroras will cover the entire night side of the Earth and the night sky will be covered with fancy fibrous clouds. The emergence of powerful cosmic rays at the Earth’s surface would have an important influence on the fate of living organisms. The average radioactivity of the air in the surface layer will increase at least 30 times, For the health of people, this dose is not dangerous, but it will last a few tens of thousands of years and cause mutations that are dangerous to future generations.

The preparation for this event at the level of governments of leading world powers, started in 2011. Has built various ARKS doomsday which is securely covered with the seeds of all plants, and DNA samples of all living organisms. Prepared shelter to save part of humanity to save humans as a species.

The major systems are trying to protect from the coming wave of cosmic radiation, with information about not even hiding, really justify all these preparations preparing for a powerful solar flare. In the UK, Germany and the United States for warehousing in various areas of these countries, stored transformers and other equipment intended for replacement of failed as a result of cosmic cataclysm.

I urge you to build bomb shelters urge to buy sugar and cereals, but I urge You to have a supply of water at the rate of 2 liters per day per person and food shelf stable for a period of 15 days. Approximately as much time will not be anything – electricity, water, communications. So do not be lazy to create for themselves and their loved ones a small emergency reserve.

Maybe this information will save someone’s life and even if it is one life, so all was not in vain. In any case, I fulfilled his mission – he warned You, and consider for yourself what I wrote or not – You decide.

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