The Predictions Of Rasputin

“A Royal friend”, “elder”, “the seer” and “the healer” Grigory Rasputin was actually a farmer who lived until some time in the Tobolsk province. In his youth he was often sick, and therefore turned to religion, many traveled to the Holy places, even went to mount Athos in Greece, in Jerusalem.

There he met many priests and monks, including met with the rector of the theological Academy, Bishop Sergius (Stargorodsky), who came to St. Petersburg in 1900. And in 1903 he had met with the inspector of the St. Petersburg Academy, Archimandrite Theophan (Bystrov), who introduced him to Bishop Hermogenes (Dolganova).

In 1904, Rasputin finally moved to St. Petersburg, where he became a true celebrity, being branded in the eyes of secular society Holy man. Soon it became known about it and the Empress, and a year later he was awarded a personal meeting with Nicholas II.

According to contemporaries, Rasputin had gained enormous influence on the Imperial family, notably the Queen Alexandra Feodorovna that helped her son, the heir to the throne Alexei, fighting with a terrible disease — hemophilia.

However, at this time he had persecuted the Church in Tobolsk Consistory received a report from the local priest Peter Ostroumova that Rasputin strange behavior with women, their “passions, from which he saves them… in the bath,” that young Rasputin “made acquaintance with the teaching of heresy”.

The investigator in considering the complaint and nothing incriminating found, and the case was shelved. The same fate befell in the future and the rest of the wound to Rasputin criminal cases. However, by order of the Minister of internal Affairs Makarov behind him was still installed surveillance, which lasted until his death.

In 1914 Rasputin in the village of Pokrovsky was assassinated. He was severely wounded with a knife Chionia Gusev, who came from Tsaritsyn. The investigation lasted about a year, then Gusev declared insane and released from penal responsibility by placing in a psychiatric hospital, and in 1917, under the personal direction of Alexander Kerensky freed.

Rasputin has published two books: “the Life of an experienced wanderer” (1997) and “My thoughts and reflections” (Petrograd, 1915). These books, in fact, the literary treatment of his conversations as “the elder” was an uneducated man.

Rasputin was murdered on the night on 17 December 1916 at the Yusupov Palace on the Moika. The conspirators were the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, Felix Yusupov, Vladimir Purishkevich, an officer of British intelligence MI-6 Oswald Rayner (however, the official investigation did not consider him as a suspect).

According to the version of the accused first lured Rasputin to the cellar, to treat a red wine and cake, poisoned by cyanide. Yusupov went upstairs and came back and shot Rasputin in the back, knocking him down. The conspirators went out. Returning for a cloak Yusupov checked the body but Rasputin suddenly regained consciousness and tried to strangle the murderer. In runs at this point, the conspirators began to shoot at him, then began to beat.

According to the assassins, Rasputin came to, got out of the basement and tried to climb over the high wall of the garden, but was caught. He was tied with ropes, taken to the pre-selected location away from the Stone of the island and thrown off a bridge into the Neva, and the body was under the ice. However, according to the investigation, the corpse was dressed in a fur coat and no ropes on it was not.

The last act of my stay in Peter[the fence] was quite conscious and deliberate participation in the murder of Rasputin — as the last attempt to allow the Sovereign to openly change course without incurring liability for the deletion of this person. – Letter of the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich’s father, Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich (Persia, 1917)

Information about the murder of confusing how by the killers, and pressure on the investigation Russian, British and later Soviet authorities. Yusupov was changed testimony several times, the police of St. Petersburg, in exile in the Crimea, in his own written book… However, they are fundamentally at odds with the testimony of the investigation from the color of the clothes of Rasputin to the number fired at him bullets. For example, forensic scientists found three mortal wounds: in the head, liver, and kidney. Killer also unanimously insisted on the shot in the heart.

Already the first interrogations of family members and servants Rasputin confirmed that the night of the murder he went on a visit to Prince Yusupov. The policeman showed that night, I heard a few shots. During the search in the yard of Yusupov had traces of blood. On the afternoon of 17 December, passers-by were seen blood stains on the parapet of the Petrovsky bridge. Divers here was found the body of Rasputin.

The original autopsy report was not preserved. However, we know that they found numerous injuries – death was followed by abundant bleeding due to a gunshot wound in the stomach – the shot was almost point blank – there was also a gunshot wound in the back and the wound is point-blank in the forehead. No sign of death from drowning was not — then the water Rasputin was thrown already dead. The poison in the stomach Rasputin was not detected.

In determining the involvement of O. Reiner there are a number of nuances. While in Petersburg there were two officers of MI6, who could commit murder: school friend of Yusupov Oswald Rayner, born in the Yusupov Palace captain Stephen Alleys. Both families were close to Yusupov, and it is difficult to say who exactly was killed.

Suspected first, and Tsar Nicholas II have explicitly mentioned that the killer is a high school friend of Yusupov. In 1919, Rainer was awarded the order of the British Empire, but destroyed his papers before his death in 1961. In the journal the driver of the Compton there are records that he was for the week before the murder brought Oswald to Yusupov (to another officer captain John Scale), and the last time on the day of the murder.

Also Compton directly hinted at Reiner, indicating that the killer is a lawyer and was born in the same city with him. A letter from Alley, written Scale eight days after the murder: “Although not everything went according to plan, our goal was reached… Rayner covering his tracks and certainly will contact you for instruction”.

According to modern British explorers, the order of three British agents (Reiner, Alley and Scale) to eliminate Rasputin came from Mansfield Smith-Cumming (the first Director of MI6).

The investigation lasted two and a half months — until the abdication of Nicholas II. The Minister of justice in the Provisional government Alexander Kerensky ordered to stop the investigation, and the investigator was arrested and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul fortress.

Killed initially wanted to be buried in his homeland, in the village of Pokrovsky, but because of the danger of unrest buried in the Alexander Park of Tsarskoye Selo built on site of temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

After the February revolution, the burial of Rasputin was found, and Kerensky ordered Kornilov to destroy the body. Some days the coffin stood in a special train. The body of Rasputin was burned in the furnace boiler of the Polytechnic Institute — it was made an official act.

High powerful figure was wrapped in a white Russian shirt with embroidery on the collar and the clasp, twisted belt with tassels, black pants, untucked and Russian boots. .. Thick black hair, big black beard, dark face with a predatory nose and some Ironi-cally-mocking smile on his lips, the face, of course, spectacular, but something unpleasant.

The first thing that attracted attention — eye: black, red-hot, they burned, coming through, and his eyes on you felt physically, it was impossible to stay calm. I think that he really had hypnotic power to subdue when he wanted it… – From the memoirs of Tatiana Grigorova-Radinovsky

Known hundred prophecies of Rasputin. The most famous was protekanie the death of the Imperial house: “as long as I’m alive, will live and the dynasty”.

The Russian mother and to the Children that they have. If I get killed simple robbers, my brothers the Russian peasants, you, Tsar of Russian, fear not, stay on the throne and rule, and do not fear for their children, for they will reign for another hundred years and beyond that. If I will be killed by noblemen on their hands there will be my blood, and twenty-five years, they will not be able to wash it out. They will have to leave Russia. Then brothers will kill brothers and will kill each other. And twenty-five years there will be nobles in the state. The king of the Russian land, if you hate the ringing of the bell announcing that killed Gregory, you should know it. If your relatives lead to my death anybody from your family — no children or relatives will remain alive after two years. They all will be killed by the Russian people… pray, Pray and be strong, remember your Holy family.

Again I saved it and I don’t know how many times I save… but I’ll save it for predators. Every time I hug the king and mother and the girls, and the Prince, I shudder with terror, if I embrace the dead… And then I pray for these people. ..Iya pray for all of the Romanov family, because to them falls the shadow of a long Eclipse.

I see huge crowds and mountains of corpses. Among them are many of the great Dukes and counts. And their blood stained the waters of Neva… will Not rest living, and will not rest dead. Three moons after my death I will see the light again, and the light becomes fire. Then death will be free to soar in the heavens and will fall even to the ruling family.

Poisons will embrace the earth like a passionate lover. And in deadly embrace, the heavens will gain the breath of death, and the water sources will be bitter, and many of these waters will be more poisonous rotten snake blood. People will die from water and air, but will say that they died of heart and kidney… And bitter waters will infect time, for bitter waters will generate bitter times.

Plants get sick and die one after the other. Forests become huge cemeteries, and between dry trees will aimlessly wander stunned, and poisoned with toxic rain people.

There will come a time in the world, but the world will be written in blood. And when two fires will go out, the third fire will burn to ash. Few people and few things will remain. But what will remain, should be subjected to a new purification before entering into the new heaven on earth.

There will come a time when the sun begins to cry and its tears will fall to fiery sparks, burning plants and people. The desert will attack like rabid horse without a rider, and pastures will turn into sand, and the river will become rotten navel of the earth. Disappear tender grass of the meadows and the leaves of the trees, will rule for two deserts: desert sand and desert night. And under a burning sun and an ice cold extinguished life.

The air that enters our lungs to bear life, will one day bring death. And the day will come when there will be no mountains, no hills, no lakes, no seas, which would not be shrouded in ominous shadow of death. And all people will inhale death, and all the people will die of poisons, which air will be filled.

People go to disaster. The most inept will rule the cart. In Russia, in France, in Italy and in other places… Humanity will be crushed tread madmen and villains. Wisdom in chains. Ignorant and imperious will dictate the laws to the wise and even humble. And then the most part believe in those in power, but lost faith in God… the wrath of God will be soon, but terrible. And it will happen before the end of this century. Then, finally the wisdom will be freed from the chains and people will once again trust God as a child trusts his mother. And in this way the person will come to Paradise on earth.

When a continuous shudder will pass through the land, keep your eye on the East: for there shall come a new prophet. They will prepare the way of the Lord, which Shine also coming from the East…

Sea, as thieves will enter the city, in the house, and the land will become salty. And salt will enter the water and will not water which was not salty. Saline earth will not bring more fruits, and if they bring it will be bitter fruit. So you will see the fertile lands turned into salt marshes. And other land will be dried rising heat. People will be under salty rain, and will roam the salty earth, between drought and flood.

The barns will be full, and will flow streams of cool water, and the trees will bear fruit but who eats that grain and those who drink the water, he will die, and who will eat the fruit will die. Only fruits collected by the previous generation, will not contain death…

In the land where used to grow olives, will be only snow. For all mixes at this time. The mountains are where there was sea and sea where there were mountains.

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