What is the whole world preparing for? Wreckage of comet Atlas will collapse on Earth? Will our civilization survive the cosmic bombardment?

Never before in modern history, human civilization has taken such unprecedented measures as are currently being taken in all countries of the world. The world froze, as if in anticipation of some really massive cataclysm. The population and all services are being prepared for a scenario of action in a critical situation. Falls of meteorites became more frequent, and many reach the surface of the earth. Since March of this year, strange planes have appeared throughout Europe, the United States and other countries, whose movements indicate that they are conducting a targeted search, but what?

Let’s not discuss the topic of the pandemic in this article, especially since at the moment it’s very easy to fall into the category of “fakes” distributed with the aim of creating panic – this specific article is not intended to provoke panic in society.

This article is the personal opinion of the author of the article. if the state of your mental health does not allow you to withstand reading the material in which the analysis of the current situation in the world will be carried out and your own opinion is expressed – a hypothetical opinion about its causes – do not read this material. The article is intended for people with good psychological and mental health who have reached the age of 18 years.

I, as the author of this article, are not interested in the coronavirus, I am interested in events unfolding in outer space and potentially capable of affecting the prosperous existence of our civilization. 2020, before it starts, is already setting a record for the number of meteorites burnt in dense layers of the atmosphere or even reaching the earth’s surface, as well as asteroids that flew close enough to our planet and that were discovered just a few days, hours before they arrived . Here are some examples:

A meteorite fell in India: A mysterious cosmic stone fell to the ground in Ghaziabad, India, March 5, 2020. The meteorite exploded right before it hit the ground, causing panic among the locals. The burning cosmic stone continued to smolder even after it was extinguished by water. Several residents said they saw three objects falling from the sky.

A meteorite flew over St. Petersburg

Potentially dangerous asteroid approached Earth on April 29

Asteroid 2020 FL2 flew past Earth

March 25, 26, 28, 29 – 5 asteroids.

A meteorite exploded over Belgium

Something fell on the back of the sun

Meteorite exploded over Florida, USA

Asteroid 2020 GF-1 crossed the Earth’s orbits

A large asteroid 2020 GH flew past Earth

Two meteorites exploded in one hour over Belgium, another over South Germany a few hours later

A meteorite exploded in the sky over the Netherlands

A meteorite exploded over central Europe

As you can see, the territory of the spread of meteorites is quite vast, this is the whole of Europe and even the USA. Where did all these cosmic stones come from? The answer may lie in a comet called Atlas, which is approaching our planet, or rather moves toward the Sun and the closer it is, the more its core is destroyed. All these cosmic stones can be nothing more than a field of debris coming in front of the comet, and the main concentration of debris and the largest parts of the comet’s nucleus will fly up a bit later. But now, in fact, the debris of the comet Atlas may be streaming to the earth, but what makes it remarkable? The fact that it is poisonous and contains cyanide in its surrounding cloud.

There is such a real-time online flight tracking service – a flyradar and if you look at the data, very strange things began to happen there starting in March.

Maybe they started earlier, but I noticed this at the beginning of last month. Dozens of small aircraft plow vast territories combing the area on low-level flight. These planes make maneuvers that indicate that they are conducting a targeted search for something on the surface of the earth. What? What are they looking for?

Comet C / 2019Y4 Atlas, whose core contains the dangerous substance cyan, will approach the Sun at the end of May and will be visible from Earth to the naked eye.


Cyan, dicyan, (CN) 2 – oxalic acid dinitrile, a colorless, highly toxic and flammable gas with a pungent odor; melting point mp = −27.8 ° C; boiling point tkip = −21.15 ° C; sparingly soluble in water, preferably in alcohol, diethyl ether, acetic acid.

With prolonged heating (400 ° C) it turns into an amorphous polymer – paracyan (CN) x: (x = 2000–3000), which at 800 ° C is completely depolymerized. For cyan, the so-called. pseudo-halogen properties: like halogens (chlorine, bromine), it interacts with aqueous solutions of alkalis.

It burns in the air with a light purple flame. When burned in pure oxygen, the flame temperature may exceed 4500 ° C.

It has a characteristic almond smell.

Cyan was spectroscopically detected in comets, including in our guest from the depths of space – comet Atlas. If we assume that the meteorites that fell to the ground or entered the upper layers of its atmosphere contained cyanide, then it becomes clear what exactly these small planes are doing, purposefully combing the area from the air – they are looking for the places where poisonous meteorites fall. But what about the cyanide that has already spread in the Earth’s atmosphere? After all, the above cases of meteorites falling are only a small part, those that were recorded visually, but how many of them fell undetected or decayed in the atmosphere? Isn’t that the reason for the “pandemic”?

The comet will come closest to Earth on May 23, 2020. Rather, it was planned so until data were received that the comet’s nucleus began to collapse. What is the danger for us? By the fact that the Earth – the planet on which we all live, will enter a strip of debris, among which there will be debris of a very, very large size from the remnants of the core of the comet Atlas.

Accordingly, falling under such a cosmic bombardment, mankind may not survive it. On top of that, everything that falls to the ground will also be deadly poisonous.

And one more thing, what an interesting “coincidence” – the other day on the official channel of one well-known film company, a trailer for a new disaster film called “Greenland” was published, and you see exactly its shots above.

And such a coincidence is necessary – the plot of the film about the comet, which flew to the Sun and the Earth according to the assurances of scientists, did not threaten at all, and suddenly it broke up into many fragments …

And the most amazing thing is that now you will not find this trailer anywhere – the film company hastily deleted it from its channel and, moreover, it carefully looks for where else on the Internet there are copies of it and requires them to be deleted. Why’s that? Maybe the plot of the film is very similar to what is already happening and what is going on?

The plot of the missing movie is:

“They misunderstood everything.” There is a huge mass of fragments! Planet killers …

Director Rick Roman Vogue made a mega-catastrophe film about how a comet approaching Earth suddenly falls apart into pieces that collapse on our planet, causing unprecedented disasters.

The plot focuses on one family, which should safely reach the underground bunker located in Greenland before a large piece of comet destroys the entire planet. Cast: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor and David Denman.

A married couple must take their son and themselves to a safe place after being randomly chosen to enter an underground bunker, since a massive object from outer space threatens to destroy the world in less than 48 hours.

STX Films, which published the trailer, planned to release Greenland in US cinemas and then everywhere since June this year, but now the release date of the film is not known – the teaser has been deleted.

Latest Information on the Atlas Comet

Fresh images of comet C / 2019 Y4 from observers from around the world indicate that its core is decaying or has already decayed into parts. now the remaining pseudo-core has an elongated shape without central condensation. The comet shines rapidly. In the coming days and weeks, the pseudo-core is likely to continue to stretch. The debris of the comet forms a long dust trail and further developments that can affect human civilization are quite simple – it will all depend on whether the Earth falls into the strip of debris of the comet, or the comet Atlas passes our planet and burns near the Sun, or rush off into the vast expanses of space.

Given the extreme toxicity of the Atlas, even getting the Earth into the dust cloud of this comet would be extremely fatal, not to mention what would happen if the debris of the comet began to rain on the surface of the Earth.

Everything looks quite logical and in a negative scenario of the development of the situation with the threat of falling debris of the comet to the ground, the most correct decision is not to raise a panic. Indeed, in any disaster film, the governments of the world learn about the threat in advance and begin hidden preparations for the salvation of what can be saved. We saw this in the movie “2012”:

Can the “mighty” of this world save 6,000,000,000 people? Can not.

If they ask not to panic, then we must RUN !!!

This is what the Chinese mean, I generally thought that it was impossible for such a time.

Everyone who tried to speak was an enemy not only of the country, but of all mankind …

Kate: – Who has the money? They must be bribed!
Gordon: – I have, I have!
Jackson: – Is it really a billion euros?

After I convened a press conference – yes !!! Lord, what did you think everyone would climb aboard and sing “Kumbai” ?! Sit down and fasten your seat belt!

Here is a hypothesis based on an analysis of events taking place on earth and in space. If you have a different point of view or your own version of everything that happens – write in the comments. One way or another, but the overwhelming majority of earthlings are just outside observers who can in no way influence the development of the situation.

It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. One date will unite us all.

If we are not lucky, I really hope that among our readers there is at least one who will get a cherished ticket to the underground bunker, which will become a modern version of the Noah’s Ark, in which those who begin the history of people on planet Earth can survive a clean slate.

We were warned about this.

And don’t forget, friends, the first time you heard from Charlie! 🙂

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