10 climatic records of hurricane “Irma”

Hurricane Irma set a number of climatic records.

– For the first time since 1924, the 5th category hurricane went to Cuba;

– for the first time since 1992 (since the hurricane Andrew), the 5th category hurricane went to the Bahamas;

– for the first time since 2004 (after the hurricane “Charlie”), the 4th category hurricane went to Florida;

– For the first time in history, in one season, two hurricanes of the 4th category (“Harvey” and “Irma”) affected the territory of the United States;

– the accumulated destructive energy of Hurricane Irma corresponded to the norm of the entire hurricane season in the Atlantic (21 tropical cyclones);

– this indicator was a record for one hurricane and exceeded the total energy of all the previous tropical cyclones of the Atlantic this season;

– the continuous duration of the maximum wind of 300 km / h in the hurricane “Irma” became a record among all tropical cyclones of the planet (37 hours). The previous record (24 hours) belonged to the typhoon “Hayyan”, which tore the Philippines in November 2013;

– for the first time since 1966, during the third consecutive day, the hurricane Irma corresponded to the 5th hazard category;

– for the first time since 2010, three hurricanes were observed in the Atlantic (“Irma”, “Jose” and “Katya”);

– for the first time in history two Atlantic hurricanes at a speed of 240 km / h acted simultaneously (“Irma” and “Katya”).

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