1,500 families displaced after heavy rains in DR Congo

More than 1,500 homes have been washed away in the Democratic Republic of Congo after heavy rains caused flooding in Goma. Authorities in the region cited the recent eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano as the cause of the flooding, as vegetation was destroyed.

Locals also lost homes, crops, and even the main paved road was washed away by the flooding.

“It was raining, we were in our homes and cooking, when suddenly we saw water coming from Mount Mykeno and making its way into our homes. We were frightened and ran away without taking anything with us. We’ve been asking for help ever since,” said one resident.

“We estimate that at least 1,500 homes were washed away by this flood that hit our village of Nyamagana as well as our neighbors. In short, our entire village was affected,” another resident confirmed.

Locals are calling for humanitarian aid and repair of the main road leading to the area.

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